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EFT Tapping Point Diagrams for Kids

Written by: Nick Ortner

Did you know that kids are actually very good with Tapping?

For one, they have a lot less emotional resistance and less limited thinking, so the tapping itself is usually very effective.

They also learn quickly, so they can often remember the tapping points even better than adults, lol!

If you’re looking to teach your kids Tapping, here are some fun diagrams that will help. 🙂

We have lots of other great resources on Tapping for Parents, Teachers, Children, and Teenagers that you may wish to check out.

For adults, parents, and teachers, you may also wish to Learn the Traditional and Alternative EFT Tapping Points to deepen your understanding of the whys and hows of Tapping.

For more Tapping resources for parents, teachers, kids, and teens, be sure to visit The Tapping Solution Foundation.

Until next time…

Keep Tapping!

Nick Ortner

Do you use Tapping with kids? I’d love to hear about your experiences. Comment below!

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3 Comments on this post

  1. Barb Selk says:

    Nick -I just did your tapping one for shortness of breath and anxiety that you just posted and I had tears in my eyes doing it. I have anxiety and panic and an amygdala that is constantly jumping into fight/flight and always on high alert. This makes me think more about breathing deeply and that makes it like a hyper ventilate loop and your videos and sincerity in your voice are a blessing. I do believe we need our faith and a combination of tools to help us through this very challenging and scary time the world is in right now. Reaching out to the public as you are and everyone offering instead of taking away is a way of showing the world and those in it unconditional love. We need more than ever to be connected on a level of faith, hope, love and peace to heal and remain enlightened now and always -every one of us.
    Thank you so much and I shared it and letting go of all those emotions we are carrying you guided us through is akin to lifting a physical weight off our souls. Namaste

  2. Carol says:

    As a pediatric COTA I will try this with my kiddos.

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