Do You Procrastinate?

Written by: Nick Ortner

Do you procrastinate?

If so, do you know why? And do you know what it’s REALLY costing you?

Wayne Gretzky, the greatest hockey player of all time, said, “Procrastination is one of the most common and deadliest of diseases, and its toll on success and happiness is heavy.”

Is your success and happiness suffering because of procrastination?

If you ever procrastinate and think that you’d like to change, then I have a wonderful video for you today, with Jessica interviewing EFT Master Carol Look on the subject of procrastination, and how to use Tapping to overcome these habits.

Follow along with Carol in the video to get moving right away! 🙂

Watch it now – don’t procrastinate! Haha!

Some of the things covered in the above video include:

  • How to figure out how procrastination is actually serving you or doing something positive for you (even if that positive thing is limiting you).
  • What questions to ask to figure out why you’re procrastinating. (Two questions, in particular, are very important in helping you get right to the cause.)
  • How to start Tapping. (Carol uses a great example of Tapping on the fear of being criticized.)

Until next time…

Keep Tapping!

Nick Ortner

How do you procrastinate? What did you think of the Tapping from the video? Leave your comments below.

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146 Comments on this post

  1. John Rae says:

    I have a block around selling my own services to clients – both in terms of approaching new clients, and going back to existing clients to try to win more business from them. Is there any specific advice you can offer on this ?

    • Nick Ortner says:

      Hi John, great question. There can actually be many reasons for a block like this. Some questions you may want to ask yourself to investigate and tap on could be:
      “Do I feel that my service is worth paying for?” (self-worth)
      “Is making money from what I offer bad?” (money blocks)
      “Do I feel competent enough with the service I’m offering?” (self-criticism)
      “What will my friends and family think of me?” (self-confidence)

  2. Thami says:

    I procrastinate till I get under pressure to do it even on demand sometimes, sometimes out of fear of doing it wrong, I guess now after having looked at the tapping sessions and heard the reasons mentioned, I could see mine being the fear of failure and getting criticized for it, I really have to revisit these sessions on this topic more often till I learn to do it as and when it has to be done, I thank you profusely for tapping on this subject.

  3. Shatha says:

    If I succeed in my business, I am afraid it will take me from myself
    If I acomplished all my wishes I am afraid after that it won’t feel good and I’ll get disappointed
    If I reached the top I am afraid there will be nothing there
    I am afraid of losing safety
    I am scared of being uncomfortable

  4. Dorthea says:

    wow, seems like procrastination is my topic of the day, thanks for sharing this insight.

  5. Helen says:

    How interesting that just before I saw this video, I had made a list of previous procrastinations in order to find a common thread. It’s always about the fear of criticism or ridicule for me. This is wonderful synchronicity. Many thanks.

  6. melania usai says:

    Thanks for sharing. I never did tapping before and I found this experience being effective immediately.
    My fear of finish my work is that I will fail the assignment or if I succeed I will finish my degree and will have to get a job. The comfort of procrastination is that I don’t get tired and stressed. I can relax even though I feel guilty of being lazy.

  7. Eric Bischoff says:

    I am a master procrastinator
    I am also a self improvement courses addict
    I am an experienced fire walker and still I am afraid
    I learn about something, get a good feeling about it, share it with others but I don’t do it for myself.
    I think I have developed excuses for not tapping.
    I feel silly doing it, and then I start doubting that it can work for me since I stop believing.
    I am really good at confusion. Whenever there are questions to answer which I could then tap on I act confused like I don’t know how to answer the questions. That’s perfect for stopping things in their tract!
    I also fear putting myself out there because I don’t want to be criticized or ridiculed. I
    I use the excuse that it’s not ready or perfect so I can’t show it yet. That’s perfect for not having to step up and putting myself out there.
    I could go on.
    I’ve been sitting on this email since July 23rd and never watched it ’till today.

  8. Marge says:

    In the video you used the word criticism, but the word that came to me was Ridicule. Yes, I need to lose weight, set up my website, and scan old photos. apping may be the turning point in my new life.

  9. Sue says:

    My procrastinatioin is getting organized! I realized my clutter protects me from being open to new possibilities which keeps me stuck in my past.

  10. Connie says:

    Huge info – healthy tool for me!
    I just went through major move – now trying to downsize & organize. I feel empowered rather than overwhelmed !
    Thank You for Sharing –

  11. JESSE TAMEZ says:


  12. Frankie says:

    I am regularly judged by my husband and my daughter in pretty much every I thing I do. So I am always procrastinating because I know in the end, they will never think it is good enough. I will give this a try.

  13. david says:

    At the beginning I thought that I too was afraid of criticism. BUT… I found out I am in fact afraid of being successful. When Carol said something about completing the project and feeling good about it I had a strong urge to cry. Apparently I think I am not allowed to feel good about my successes therefor don’t succeed. Very helpful and makes sense. I even remember the first time I did that! Bad habit. I will keep working on that one and allied ones. THANKS

  14. Julia says:

    Wow, this hits all my reasons for procrastinating; probably a main cause for the depression. I will use this tapping daily to end this nonsense and feel good about myself. Thank you.

  15. Fiona Stewart says:

    Somebody was asking about not feeling their emotions acutely enough. There is a specific personality type who have difficulty in knowing what they feel – it is normal for them. It can be difficult to do therapeutic work with such people – I have some experience, so here are some suggestions.
    “If I did know what I was feeling, what would it be, and how strong would it be?” – then go along with whatever comes up for you.
    “What would I be feeling, if I were not afraid that my feelings are unacceptable?” – and go along with it, even if it’s very subtle – subtle shifts can still be effective.
    “If I were to pretend to feel something about this, what would I choose to pretend to feel, and how would I do that?” – and go along with the session, “pretending” all the way!
    And if you’re really stuck, and have no idea what you are feeling, or even what to pretend to feel – try anger (that’s usually what it is, for this type).
    Hope that’s helpful.

  16. Natalie says:

    Thank you for this interview. And for all the others.I find them very useful. With my situation of procrastination (ironing constantly piling up!) I am not able to find either the downside or upside to it, hence cannot find the feeling that would be the base for my tapping. Can you suggest something, please? This advice would be very useful also for other examples (returning a call to a colleague), where identification of feeling is not immediately obvious. Thank you and good luck with your excellent work.

  17. sue wilby says:

    Hmm so all my procrastionation has been about maybe I will be sooo successful, my friends will be jealous. ah ha!

  18. Bobilyn Waite says:

    I just learned about tapping from a neighbor who sent me this link. I have been procrastinating only recently and putting off bills, paperwork and even house cleaning. When I started tapping with you, my dog China who died the end of August came into mind. I have been morning her death and trying to hide my tears from others that I realize now it is after she died that I have been avoiding and procrastinating everything including mandatory education at work. I love my job but I miss my little girl my dog China. I have always been healthy and 2 weeks after she died my parathyroid has been functioning incorrectly and the scan shows them nothing. They want to do surgery and take 1 or 2 glands out but I want to tap first because I think it is also due to losing her.

  19. Lisa Lyle says:

    Such a huge issue for many. Just the kick in the pants I needed right now! I am most definitely going to have my husband watch this one. I think about how I grew up in an alcoholic home and certainly did not want to be in the limelight at all. I completely get the whole “if I don’t finish there will be no criticism” part of it as well. I think this will take some diving into. Thanks for the start 🙂

  20. Susan Payne says:

    You have pointed me in the right direction. Using tapping for all the mundane things in life. The old adage of “take care of the little things and the big things fall into place.” I will be working on my fears.

  21. Leanne says:

    Whoa! This one really hit home and helped me realize how deeply the roots of my procrastinating nature run, not to mention how intertwined with so many aspects of my life. From this one short round of tapping on the issue of fear of exposure, I’ve come up with another handful of emotions that have seemingly been keeping me “safe”, but no longer serve my best interests. No wonder I’ve felt such frustration! I am so grateful to be part of the tapping family and am very excited to grow this skill to benefit myself and so many others in my life. Thank you!!

  22. Mary says:

    That was such an inspiring video. It gave a whole new perspective on why we procrastinate. I’m looking forward to seeing great changes in my life as I tap on the issues that are keeping me stuck in inertia.

  23. Ellen says:

    I have “Procrastinated” for years. I could feel a shift. Not a big one but went from a 10 to a 8. Will keep repeating until I get lower. Thanks for the help

  24. Angie Messenger says:

    Loved this. Totally me! I’ve been wanting to be a closed captioner for 15 years and have been putting it off because the whole world will see my work and judge and critique me! That’s some serious procrastination. Just this few minutes was great for me. Thank you!

  25. Helen A. Lee says:

    What a wonderful story on procrastination! I am so guilty of my “clutter of paper ” in my house, I don’t invite anyone in to visit. I am 78 yrs. old and lost my husband in 2009. Since then, I have not gotten rid of bills, mail, and printing from email. I feel so guilty and sad because as soon as I get rid of the clutter, I will be able to put the house up for sale, and move into a retirement center. I would love to join friends and family there, and do things with them and go places. I know I’m lazy, too, and had some health issues, and now it takes me longer to do any work around the house. I do have the “Tapping Solutions” tape, but have NOT played it yet. I pray about this, too, but spend too much time on the computer. Your video was very good. Thank you. Helen

  26. Lynne Moyer Drummonds says:

    Interesting to explore the true feelings as to why you do not proceed with things and be able to block that emotion hitting on the body’s meridians.

  27. Jeanie says:

    How do I access the video to which you refer?

  28. david says:

    procrastination…..major problem. some how related to being totally focused and as a result I will miss something. Plus going step by step to a goal. It must occur immediately. Sort of I want it all but now.

    If I were to get all my paper work done then I will have no reason to hide in my home. I won’tbe able to use that as an excuse to not do what it is dream about. To actually seehow much I am willing to spent energy to accomplish my goal rather than dream about it

  29. Judith C says:

    I feel my blocked/stuckness (the procrastination piece) comes from not feeling organized/up-to-speed or well paced enough to keep up with the potential success and momentum. Intellectually, I want this; this ties my gifts and passions together and creates an arena for service. It will be successful; I fear it being so successful so fast and being beyond what I can handle right now.

    I am much stronger and better prepared physically/mentally/creatively than I was when I started scheming in earnest in 2006. Some situations around me required my attention (family illness), and the project was put on a back burner for later. I brought it forward a few years later, and had a few personal challenges again cause me to shift and deal with other things. Now in 2013, I have committed— out loud and to people I meet with every week — to revising and updating the earlier plan and actually moving forward. I have created a Plan B that would allow me to help in any future family crisis without having to stop momentum on the business. I believe in myself and this project, and yet I fear getting derailed by something that I can only describe as pacing and stamina.

    (Wow, that was powerful, being so specific about the fear! Surprised by how I worded it….!)

  30. julie hindle says:

    Thank you for showing up via my in box and showing me my HUGE issue with procrastinating. I have wanted to paint all my life and have to this point only dabbled. I thought my issue was because my mother always told me I was wasting time and therefore no use…
    I know I am a perfectionist and just tapping along for the first time enlightened me, that it is really the fact that art is not an exact science and therefore, as with other courses in natural health therapies, it is fear of criticism, or judgement.
    What a wonderful awakening at 68yrs. Thank you, Julie

  31. Judy says:

    My fear is letting go of something I might need in the future and have to buy it again. After a few rounds and side issues coming up I’m ready to take back my space in the cellar.

  32. Sandy Mortensen says:

    I have procrastinated finishing my book for about 8 years. I have decided to use the video to help me say the words while doing the tapping to reduce my fear of actually completing the book. Thank you

  33. Veronica Ceron says:

    I wish the tapping when slowly is like is difficult to follow, thank you

  34. Norma Joyce says:

    The fear of being criticized runs deep for me. It’s my core belief that I’m not good enough – at anything. My procrastination is exacerbated into “you can’t” This becomes my excuse for not performing to the best of my ability. The tapping is helping as I continue to dig down to the feelings level. Thank you for your help.

  35. Aisha says:

    It’s a whole new idea to approach procrastination really. Amazing…

  36. Tami says:

    I am in kind of vicious circle: Procrastinating handling procrastination…
    I am going to give myself a try to move forward.

  37. Basil says:

    That was a very clear and helpful video. My fear went from a 9 to a 2! My fear that is causing me to procrastinate is a fear of failure. And that extends to the failure causing people that I love to be disappointed in me. I guess we will see in the morning if I am moving in the right direction or not. 🙂

  38. Jan Mason says:

    Thank you for your email.i went along tapping with you I was 8 when started went down to 5. What a break throught for me .I will do it again to get it the way I don’t think I would have replied before Thank You

  39. Jill says:

    Hi Jess & Carol
    I looked at the ongoing project of getting my house/home under control, organized. I was surprised to find that as long as I had this hanging over me I did not have to work on my heartfelt projects and dreams. I did not have to expose myself to ridicule or failure. How miserable to never get around to playing in your own life.
    Many thanks! I just picked plaster and supplies to finish an art project that has been on my list for a long time, tapped again and off I go.
    I believe the house will fall into place naturally on my priority list.
    Many thanks,

  40. Gloria Messenger says:

    Something clicked for me with this session on procrastination. I now see why I have avoiding organizing my ‘to do project files’. Surprisingly, I am concerned about appearing too organized to my friends and colleagues. WOW … now I can visualize my work space in a clearly organized fashion that supports and empowers me! I am at a number 1 now and anxious to attach all this paper, etc.
    THANK YOU JESSICA for this video with Carol.

  41. Lorraine says:

    Thank you soooooo much for sharing this video. I picked up Nick’s book a few weeks ago, never having heard about tapping. I am familiar with a modality called naet, and this struck me as having similarities. I am impressed thus far. This is the missing tool from my kit!! This video in particular with Carol Look stuck huge notes with me. When she said “fear that someone would be jealous of you” tears rolled down my face. I thank you for sharing this tool so generously.

  42. Ann Fiscus says:

    I have two major ones — regular exercise and completing a photography course. The photography course has a fast-approaching deadline; I’m afraid that exercising may have, too!! This has been VERY helpful. Thank you. Thank you!

  43. Jolan says:

    Thank you.I liked it very much.This is great.I appreciate this video.

  44. Dana Atnip says:

    Thank you Carol and Jessica! I have always been a procrastinator, and that tapping session helped me a great deal. I’m an artist, and I’ve been procrastinating on getting my work out there not so much for being criticized but for failing altogether; I’ve always felt that it’s better to have the dream than to fail at the dream, but that’s not enough for me anymore. Thank you for helping me move through this!

  45. Prescinda says:

    What do you suggest to someone who finds it difficult to actually feel the emotions that are involved in the issue they are trying to tap on? I have a very hard time even rating my emotions regarding my issues at the time I want to tap on them. I often feel numb even when I think about the situation I would like to change. This has been a sticking point with me and has kept me from utilizing the tapping method.

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