Best. Wedding. EVER!

Written by: Nick Ortner

Jessica Ortner Wedding FireworksAs many of you know, I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and moved to the U.S. when I was 7 years old (thus no accent when I speak!).

My younger brother Alex was 4 and baby sis Jess was just a year old. We’ve lived here ever since, with the majority of our extended family still in Argentina.

I’ve been able to go back every 3-4 years to visit, but Jess has made a much better effort and gone back almost every year, especially the last decade or so.

I think this was because a part of her knew one day she would marry… a fellow Argentine! So she knew she had to find him and keep her Spanish up to speed! LOL! (Though they found each other in California… oh, it’s all a long story for another day!)

Because Jess married an Argentine and has been to a few weddings in Argentina herself, several Argentine traditions were central to Jess’s wedding reception. I think they are simply wonderful, and you might want to know about them. I’m sharing them with everyone I know who has a wedding coming up because they are so great!

The key ingredient to the whole wedding being spectacular was the joy and love that Lucas and Jess emanate. You have to get that right FIRST. But after that, here are some fun things to try:

1. The Waltz

The Waltz is an Argentine tradition where the bride and groom get to dance with (almost!) everyone at the party. Traditionally, the bride and groom begin to dance together to a waltz, then the parents cut in, then the uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters, cousins, and friends.

Once you finish dancing with the groom or bride, you stay on the dance floor and dance with your partner. It builds beautifully, and there’s something so special about “cutting in” and asking to dance with the bride (for men). I know I found it to be a special moment when I cut in and danced with my beautiful sister.

Jessica's Wedding

2. The Cotillion

Near the end of the night, a bag is placed on the table filled with masks, funny hats, necklaces, and silly things that light up. This is called “cotillion”. Just think of it as a little bit of Mardi Gras at the end of the wedding. It was an absolute riot and brought a new surge of energy, dancing, and laughter to the wedding.

Jessica's Wedding

3. The Group Picture

At the end of the wedding, when everyone is dressed up and having a blast, they all pile in for a group photo. As you can imagine, it leads to quite a memorable pic! Simple but fun!

Jessica's Wedding

I couldn’t be happier for Jessica, her husband Lucas, and for all the joy and love they bring to each other and the world!

Here are a few more stunning pics from her wedding. Enjoy!

Jessica's Wedding

Jessica's Wedding

Jessica's Wedding

Jessica's Wedding

Jessica's Wedding

Photos by Cameron Ingalls –

The wedding was at Moon Palace Cancun –

Do you know of any wedding traditions you love? Comment below and let Jess know what you think of the traditions and her pictures!

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119 Comments on this post

  1. Ida Gammon says:

    Thanks for sharing your families and this joyful occasion enriched by traditions that delight the heart and invite the generations to play together.
    Ida Marie Gammon

  2. G. Rogers says:

    Thanks for sharing this joyous loving occasion with us?❗

  3. Diane Dennis says:

    Dear Jessica and Lucas, What a lovely wedding and your photos are wonderful and such a lovely happy family. I wish you both a long and happy life together. Thankyou also for the tapping I am so pleased to have learned about that and all the wonderful work you and Nick do

  4. Donna says:

    Dear Nick, thank you for sharing the joy and the beauty of your “little” sister’s wedding. Thank you also for letting us see your beautiful family. If anyone deserves all this love, joy and beauty it’s you two, for you both are the kindest and the most generous people I know of.

    My heartiest congratulations to Jessica and Lucas!

  5. Donna Dean says:

    The pics were just stunning. Love was everywhere. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Lucille says:

    Wishing the happy couple a very wonderful future filled with love, prosperity and happiness. The photos are beautiful – thank you for sharing! Your family has been an asset to my life when you introduced me to tapping several years ago. So very happy for all of you

  7. Susan says:

    Loved seeing the pictures. Jess you are a beautiful bride. May you and your husband have a wonderful long life with many children to carry on your traditions.

  8. jean gruhn says:

    I really enjoyed watching Jess and Lucas…they are very beautiful together. Your traditions seemed to pull everyone into the merriment and what a wonderful family with all the parents, aunts, uncles, children and music. I congratulate you, Nick, and thank you for sharing that special time with Jess.

  9. Name (required) says:

    I LOVED the pictures! Thanks for sharing. It was beautiful energy! Deb

  10. Gaby says:

    Jess, congratulations on your wedding and may God continue to bless you two with all the happiness you deserve! The pics are adorable and everything looked stunning! You brought a smile to my face, i can see you shining! I’m happy for you!!

  11. Jeanette says:

    Thank you for sharing all of this love – absolutely beautiful.

  12. Avril Morris says:

    Great photos. Thanks for sharing. everyone looks sooooo happy.

    Blessings to the lovely couple and the entire family and friends

  13. Cindy Grochowski says:

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful and happy event! Love and best wishes to the bride and groom!

  14. roselyne says:

    Thank you to share this moment of happiness. Congratulations Lucas and Jess .With your link with Argentina , i understand now your warmth and charming smile which delighted me.
    Warm greeting and blessings
    Roselyne from France and California

  15. Janet says:

    What a beautiful wedding& the flower girls were so adorable thanks for sharing this with us.

  16. Ruth Pidick says:

    Thanks much for sharing a beautiful and loving time with all of us. Jessica looked beautiful and everyone looked so happy to celebrate this beautiful union.

    The flower girls were precious as well.

    A tradition celebrating vows with those you treasure is a wonderful tradition. Wanting to share that you are committed to each other and want to share you life journey with a special person. What better gift is there? Share the joy and love with all you connect with. May the new couple attract many joyous times together and pass it on to others as well. Wishing you both a happy life and a wonderful adventures time along your journey.

  17. ChristinaName (required) says:

    What a neat place to have a wedding, and little kids always remind us of the innocence and joy we all have available to us. Wishing the newlyweds all the success, happiness and aliveness they can contain. i imagine Lucas knows how to tap by now, but if he doesn’t…lol It has been so neat to follow Jess on this journey to the altar. Hearing her talk about it on Twitter has been really cool, and so happy that the time finally came to start your lives together. You are the voice of the tapping world summit, and as a blind woman, I can’t see these pictures so I can imagine, knowing what your voice sounds like, how radically happy you must have sounded when saying your vows. I hope you and your husband share the best of everything life has to offer! <3

  18. Andryia says:

    Congratulations to Lucas and Jessica and to both families. A Jewish expression is …Mazol Tov and Much Nachus in the life you are beginning to build and share together. ???

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