What a Year It’s Been!

Written by: Nick Ortner

Try the FREE holiday tapping script at the bottom of this page.

I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season! I want to thank you for joining us this past year on this amazing journey of growth, healing, and human evolution. It’s a joy to read one email after another from people who have had amazing breakthroughs, healed old traumas, busted through limiting beliefs, released their physical pain, and so much more!

It is your commitment to change, and to living your best life, that makes what I do possible, and I’m very grateful for that.

We have had a LOT of growth ourselves this past year, here at The Tapping Solution.

We expanded our team to include an amazing group of talented and dedicated graphic designers, social media experts, affiliate & content managers, and process improvement pros.

So the next time you see an inspiring post, the beautiful cover of our latest book, a helpful resource, a friendly response, or an email that just touches your heart, you can thank one of these marvelous folks. 🙂

We started off the year with our 9th annual Tapping World Summit, which had over 600,000 people attend! If you missed it, don’t worry, our 10th annual summit is right around the corner (Feb 26th!), and we’ve got some wonderful surprises lined up for this special celebration (details coming soon!)

After the Summit, we decided that it was time to give our website a makeover, so we upgraded the entire thing for a fresh new look, and to make it even easier to find the Tapping resources you need.

While we were on the web design track, we also relaunched the content-rich Tapping Insiders Club. A powerhouse for all your Tapping needs, it has a vast number of in-depth interviews, tapping meditations, tap along videos, and live masterclasses which you can attend.

I published my latest book this year

The Tapping Solution for Manifesting Your Greatest Self, which has had an amazing response. Even though it was just released this year, I’ve been working on it for a lot longer than that, lol!

It’s just a really great feeling when all of your hard work and dedication pays off, you know? Especially when I receive so many responses about how much the book has helped you. Because that’s why we’re here! 🙂

The Tapping Solution Foundation has raised thousands (thanks to you!) for its continued mission of spreading the word of Tapping, and we’ve made huge strides this year with introducing it into schools worldwide. We even had one of our videos go viral just recently! You can check that out here.

So as you can see, we’ve been busy this year!

And we do it all for you, because it’s what we love to do, and we know how much Tapping can help.

We’ve all used it (and continue to use it!) personally in our OWN lives. It’s a game-changer in the field of healing and personal development, and it’s our continuing mission to spread this amazing technique to as many as possible.

It’s hard to express my gratitude for every one of you out there reading this –  tapping, healing, and growing with us…

So all I can say is thank you, and keep tapping! It works – it works miracles, it works wonders…

But you have to do it. 😉

During this busy holiday season, choose a different possibility for your life. Choose to let go of old hurts and patterns and fill that space with love, hope, and healing.

I’ve included a short tapping script below that will help.

Until next time… Happy Holidays…

And keep Tapping!

Nick Ortner

How has Tapping helped you this year? Please comment below. I would LOVE to read your stories!

Holiday Tapping Script

(If you’re not familiar with the tapping process you can learn it here)

Karate Chop: Even though I’m overwhelmed with everything
that is going on this holiday season, I deeply
and completely accept myself

Karate Chop: Even though I’m stressed out because I have
way too much to do, and not enough time, I deeply
and completely accept myself

Karate Chop: Even though I’m frustrated with the craziness
of the holidays, I chose to relax now

Eyebrow: Way too stressed out
Side of Eye: Too much to do
Under Eye: I’ve got way too much to do
Under Nose: And not enough time
Under Mouth: There’s just not enough time
Collarbone: And it’s stressing me out
Under Arm:  Too many presents to buy
Top of Head: Too many people to see

(continuing through the points again)

Eyebrow: Why do the holidays have to be so crazy?
Side of Eye: It’s nuts!
Under Eye: But I can choose to relax now
Under Nose: I can choose to relax anytime
Under Mouth: I can choose to let go
Collarbone: I choose to enjoy this holiday season
Under Arm:  I choose to notice the love, joy, and peace
around me
Top of Head: I choose to create love, joy, and peace
around me

Take a deep breath…

And let it go…

What came up? If there’s something specific that’s bothering you, tap on that. Remember, the more specific you can get on your issue the better. The script above is just the beginning.

Spend another 5 minutes (I know you don’t think you have the time, but you do, make YOURSELF a priority) and continue to tap down any stress, anxiety, or worry you might be feeling.

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9 Comments on this post

  1. sylvia says:

    I have attended the seminars, worked briefly with an instructor in tapping and tapped on various problems but for some reason Nick, I just can’t believed it works. I find it monotonous to tap, even boring but I wonder if this is my way of resisting change. At this time I am financially in a similar situation that you were in years ago (as you have explained) and it is affecting my health. I would love to release the resistance to using tapping as I know it works. just need to accept and go for it. any suggestions>

    • Nick Ortner says:

      Thanks for sharing, Sylvia. It could be any number of things, including your own subconscious blocks to healing and releasing that you may not even know are there. Sometimes it takes some in-depth work with a qualified practitioner (more than a brief stint) to help navigate through the process. You may want to check out some of the excellent folks on our practitioner list here:

  2. Laurie says:

    Tapping WORKS…..I had an 8 year old foster girl for a year and we did tapping at bed time sometimes as she had been grossly neglected so had a lot of night terrors. Her entire demeanour shifted and changed into a happy, bubbly smart little girl she was meant to be. She loved doing it besides!
    I have used it myself at various times and know personally the effectiveness of using it. Tap on!

    • Nick Ortner says:

      That’s beautiful, Laurie! Thank YOU for being a shining light to that little girl. Your story is inspiring! 🙂

  3. Carmel says:

    I live in Northern Ireland and I am overwhelmed by the tapping solution. Thank you ever so much for all your help. I am not in a dark place no more. Very happy new year .

  4. Oswaldo says:

    I am giving it a try to eliminate A-Fib

  5. Nada Conner says:

    Does tapping help chronic pain?

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Over 2 Million Tapping Meditations Played in Our App!
Get Instant Access to our "Releasing Anxiety" and "Sleep Support: Quiet The Racing Mind" Tapping meditations.