Wayne Dyer Woke Me Up This Morning

Written by: Nick Ortner

Rumi quoteI’m pretty sure Wayne Dyer woke me up at 5 a.m. this morning.

The last couple of months, with a newborn in the house, it’s been our daughter June waking me up, but today was different. Two days after Wayne’s passing, I feel his influence in my life more strongly than I ever have before.

So as I found myself stirring at 5 a.m., I could hear Wayne’s voice, quoting Rumi:

“The breezes at dawn have secrets to tell you

Don’t go back to sleep!

You must ask for what you really want.

Don’t go back to sleep!

People are going back and forth across the doorsill where the two worlds touch,

The door is round and open

Don’t go back to sleep!”

After a bit of silent protesting (but Wayne, sleep is precious these days…5am?), I listened to the message and got up. And now I sit here joining you.

And I sit here joining you in another of Wayne’s beloved practices: Writing. Wayne penned all his books by hand, writing them out on yellow sheets of paper, a practice which while incredible and admirable, I will politely decline to partake of this morning. The results of that would be illegible handwriting that never saw the light of day, and a left hand smudged with ink. 🙂

But in honor of Wayne, I wake at dawn

(it’s actually pitch black out right now, overshot it a bit… oops), and I write.

I thought all day yesterday about how Wayne would want to be remembered, and while I can’t say for sure, I’m quite certain that he would want nothing more than but for us to commune once again with his millions of wise words. He would want us to love more deeply, to give more freely, to forgive more fully.

So yesterday I loaded my iPod back up with all the amazing lectures of his that I’ve heard again and again and again and asked, “What do you have to share with me today Wayne?

I was struck as I listened to him yesterday and this morning, that this is a man, who in his passing, TRULY lives on. We often say that about those we love, and it’s true, they live on in our memories, in our hearts, and with Wayne, he lives on in the legacy of thinking he left behind.

So today, as you go about your day, I invite you to practice just one of the things he often talked about:

Making Conscious Contact

This idea can mean different things to different people. It can be religious, or secular. It can be profound or it can be simple. Sit with your eyes closed for 30 seconds at a traffic light as you commute to work (as Wayne joked, there’s always someone behind you kind enough to let you know the light has turned- lol!)

So today- Make Conscious Contact.

Find one moment, or ten, where you pause, breathe, and connect to the deepest part of who you are. Personally, when I do this I pay attention to, and wait for that moment of “connection”.

It feels like something is syncing up like there’s a greater awareness, breathing slows down, perhaps you feel a tingle in your spine, perhaps some love in your heart. It’s a moment when you know you are closer to the divine, to your true nature than you were the moment before.

Even now, as you’re reading this, you have the opportunity, don’t let it pass, to take even 10 seconds to make conscious contact.
Do it. For yourself. For your family. Do it for the world.

And of course, do it for Wayne. 😉

Much love!


P.S. Share with me below, what does making conscious contact mean to you? Did you actually do it just now? 🙂 What happened?

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