Take the Next Step, Again and Again

Written by: Nick Ortner

A few years ago, I spoke in front of a small audience at an event called, “Passion Into Profits”. This event focused on – you guessed it – turning personal passions into profitable ventures.

I had just finished relaying my story about making the film, “The Tapping Solution” and what an outrageous and incredible journey that had been. I was emphasizing the point that during the process I used EFT with every new challenge that came up. With every new frustration, and every setback that normally would leave me feeling powerless and stuck, I tapped.

If I hadn’t had tapping available to me through the process of making the film, there would have been countless points along the way where I might have simply stopped, given up, or gone in the wrong direction.

Next StepsI also focused my talk on only looking at “the next step”, whatever was directly in front of me and needed to be accomplished next in order to move the project forward.

When I came up with the idea of making the movie, my first question was, “Who can I get to join and support me in this vision?” The next question was, “What kind of equipment do we need to film a movie?” I then took the necessary actions to answer this question and continued to move the project forward.

I wasn’t clear enough on the importance of this, because the first question from the audience completely ignored the ‘Next Step’ philosophy!

A lady came to the mic and said, “I see that you’ve been able to create a physical DVD and I want to do the same thing with a physical CD. Can you tell me how you were able to get that created? Because I’ve never made a CD before and I don’t know how to create it, what vendors to use, etc.”

I replied, “Sure, I’m happy to help. So you have all the content ready for the CD and now you just need someone to create it?”

“No, I’m working on the script for the CD now…I haven’t finished that yet, but I’m worried about getting the CD made.”

Can you guess what my reply was? That’s not the next step! The next step is to work on the script, the next step is to record the CD, the next step is to do the artwork for the CD, not the step she was jumping to.

She felt stuck because she focused on something farther down in her project.

I see this happen again and again with any goal, vision, or dream.

It’s important to see the end goal, the grand theme, the big vision, but once you see that clearly, then you just have to take the next step in front of you.

What’s amazing about using EFT is that it works on addressing just the next step, or the next obstacle. Choose to focus on what’s in front of you right now!

You can begin with tapping phrases like…

Even though I’m overwhelmed by all the project tasks or needs…
Even though I’m not sure what to do next…
Even though I don’t feel confident that I can figure out how to get this done…
Even though I’m out of my league and don’t know what I’m doing…

The lady who asked me that question could have even tapped on, “Even though I don’t know how to make the CD and I’m overwhelmed” etc. Once she did that, she could see that everything is OK and she just needs to focus on the next step.

Tapping diminishes the “noise” that surrounds us and increases the mental, emotional, and even physical responses we produce when faced with life challenges.

Goals, visions, and dreams are complicated by our rapidly moving lives. The speed of email, constant interruptions, etc. can be too much and paralyze us.

Here’s a great Tapping Meditation from our Tapping Solution App that can help!

Turn Your Day Around: Release Overwhelm


Use this simple tool to quiet that noise, move yourself to a place of peace. From there you’ll have the resources to make the best decisions and take the next step.

Until next time…

Keep Tapping!

Nick Ortner

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What’s in your way right now? Have you used tapping to overcome overwhelm or procrastination? Share below!

Nick is the CEO and founder of The Tapping Solution

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  1. Carl Baxter says:

    I need help in working out the tappiong for prosperty. I used tapping to control pain when my hip failed and the vicadin would not kill the pain. So I know it works, just have not solved the money tapping.

  2. Rebecca says:

    Hi Nick

    thank you for this email it arrived for me just at the right time. i have worked really hard towards my dream, but unfortunately financially I have been unable to make any headway, and just in the last few days I have even been talking about giving up. I become a bit overwhelmed and what do I do now?? I don’t know why but I had not thought to tap these kinds of problems. I have been using it in particular for health issues and have seen some improvements. So thank you for this, i will tapping out these issues this week and look forward to some kind of break through in my thinking.
    Kind Regards

  3. Chris says:

    Someone had told me about Tapping a long time ago, but I never checked it out. One day I received an email out of the blue for the Tapping Summit, took the time to watch the video and view sessions during the summit. Please keep in mind that I am a regular person…not a saleswoman, not being paid to promote. I had a major crash/life crisis going on. Had lost my Mom among many other challenges. Basically I quit my job and sat on the couch in a depression for a year. When I received the email it was around the time I was searching for anything to help me push through this dark time. Tapping was the only thing that actually interested me. It seemed logical and what can I say….easy to do!! The only commitment I am making is to myself! Don’t have any great success stories other than I am off the couch and putting the life back into my living. I am now working on opening my own business…something I have wanted my whole life but never had the courage to do. Enough said! “)

  4. Peter Vince says:

    Hi Nick,

    Thanks for this great post. I am working with a client at the moment on weight issues. This post could be altered to read “The Next Bite and the next bite and the next bite”. Literally someone, when they are struggling with weight loss this might be what it takes to break through a plateau.

    Kind regards

    EFT Adv Practitioner/Trainer

  5. Bethany Chos says:

    I have used tapping to overcome the feeling of overwhelm which frequently plagues me. It seems that if I have too much free time, I end up wasting a good portion of it wondering what I should do first (second, next…) Tapping DOES center my thoughts. I often am not sure what to say, though, as I go through the tapping procedure. I feel as though I need more script. It probably does not matter, and I should just keep doing it, right? Bethany

  6. Susan says:

    Even though the next step requires tremendous patience, I know how to do it. Thank you for your encouragement.

  7. joni mountford says:

    Thanks for your story. Been using that approach all my life, just without the support of tapping! I always say, choose your staircase then one step at a time will take you where you need to go. I’m practising my tapping with each step now!

  8. Marcel says:

    I have been tapping for several years –But know it as ‘Reflexolgy’ . Your program is helping me to avoid procrastination. I turned 88 years last Friday June8th. Still have much to learn!
    I am currently reading “Ask and it is Given’ by Abraham-Hicks and am really fascinated by it!

  9. Judith says:

    Hi Nick. this is the first time I have heard or read anything like this about taking the next small step and then the next.
    I am not sure you can help me but hear goes anyway. My daughter passed away last Jan. and I am now the caregiver for my granddaughter. I am stuck in a place of such grief that I can’t seem to get out of this whole I am in. I have a home-based business and I make an attempt to start working my business but Ijust can’t seem to focus. I hear what you say about starting with one step but just doing that seems overwhelming. I haven’t even done any tapping since my daughter passed away. Your help would be appreciated Judi

  10. shabana firdaus says:

    i started the initial tapping and found dramatical change in my thought plus i also do some affirmation for myself and then u know i was full of enthusiasm urge to do something and be quite different from others and i feel to be comfortable on my own created way. Really i am so much thankful to Nick. Tapping give me the new rays of hope shining my life in a very positive way. i want to learn tapping more perfectly and get the most from it. i also share it so that my friends and all other people get benefited from it

  11. yasmin says:

    I am an international consultant in MLM company and as I do my presentations I want to teach tapping, as I am using tapping in my daily life and the results are always positive, can u support me n help me as if I do presentation for many people questions will arise, answering them and I want to get cds dvds but mode of payment can be via cash in bank please?

  12. anomah ezechinyere says:

    I am highly motivated when i go through the mail sent to friend,and Ifeel this is good.

  13. Charles Mbewe says:

    I like your article. My problem has been to take short cuts, over looking the next step and have ended up losing out. I’ll take a leaf from you. The next step! What a wonderful hint.
    I am sure it will help me.
    Thanks, and please keep up the good work which you are doing.

    Charles Mbewe

  14. Eugen says:

    Thank you Nick, now I can defend myself of myself better. I’m looking forward to your cutting-edge HOW to change current financial picture. I love your sister too !

  15. Barbara Ann says:

    Hi Nick

    I’ve used Tapping effectively on some personal stuff and think this is a great tool to move people into a clarity of focus and ‘turn down’ the mental negative ‘static’ that we so often predominantly ‘tune in’ to. In my teaching studio I work to free up people’s confidence and creativity and find ideas from body movement disciplines like kinesiology, 5 rhythms, chi gung and tapping so helpful in short circuiting the blocks and facilitating instantaneous positive change. Looking forward to your next blog!

    Best regards

  16. Ligia says:

    i totally love the part of jumping the steps down the line. Up until now I was doing just that and that’s why I couldn’t accomplish anything, but now the projects are coming out of my ears! and I know exactly what to do, exactly when. It’s fantastic!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you

  17. Dr Anitha says:

    Hi Nick,

    At this time I am overwhelmed by many worries and planning’s. Even though I know this tool is there within me, i seldom reach out to do the EFT and this reminder reached me in the right time.
    To sort out the neurons that’s running haphazardly in the brain , nothing can help better than simple few rounds of EFT .
    Sending love and abundance to this community

  18. Rob says:

    I have successfully used tapping on insomnia and working on other issues. Thanks for all the great info.

  19. Lila says:

    Thanx Nick, I attribute where I am today to being a part of the Tapping World Summit last year. Were am I? Homeless, jobless, broke and divorced after 35 years of marriage. I am so GRATEFUL to be out from under the stress of my former life and just know there is something better waiting for me soon. Still busy tapping trying to figure out what I will do next. Still searching for the right words or phrase that will take me to the next level but ever so GRATEFUL every day for the generosity of all that freely share their gifts with the world. I hope to repay in a BIG way soon. Thank you for all you do.

  20. joyfulsunrise says:

    Began tapping with you on another program quite a while ago ~ have the digital version ~ it is amazing ~ also use it with no thought to correct ~ just as an energy boost ~ it turns ordinary into ALIVE ! Thanks so much ~ would love to have updates ~

  21. Hameed Alwi says:

    Hello Nick,
    I have been tapping for health ever since 6 months with no results. written the objective, used all indicated phrases but in vain.
    Still believe in you and your colleagues. I am deaf, hence cannot benefit from sound videos. I can scarcely afford to buy your products. I can borrow from a well wisher but had I benefited from persistent tapping for health even a little, I would have paid you the asking price. If you could find any way to help me, once I make some money, I promise to pay you in full.
    Hameed Alwi

  22. NUREEN says:

    You used the word “stuck” and that’s just what I seem to be.
    I’ve been tapping for over 3 y ears and have had great success with it. I am a total devotee.
    However, I have been out of wo rk for over a year and going from one financial crunch to another. Thanks to tapping my head is still above water but not much.. I cannot seem to find a job (like so many others). Had a sure thing fall apart on me during the first 6 months of looking. Have been tapping 2-3 times and sometimes more a day. Get some responses but does not seem to go any further than the first few interviews.( Am taking time out from my schedule of resume- sending to respond to the chord you just touched) I tell myself that when it is right to happen it will happen. But my funds are not being very supportive. I tap for a job-hopefully the right job- and I tap for p atience. I am a Sr, and do not have enough $ to retire on without a decent job that will last for at least 2 years. Any thoughts?

  23. Kathy Blevins says:

    Thanks Nick, After tapping on my overwhelming project, I started a ‘one step at a time’ list. Each time I complete a step and tap on the next one, I will receive my next step, write it down and add all the details while I am calm, thinking clearly and intune with my project. Wow! What a blessing, I feel so organized, not overwhelmed.

  24. Anne Hayden says:

    Thank you Nick
    I have found tapping throuogh the Summit and have enjoyed, almost daily, its benefits. I am a new PhD graduate with cancer and am trying to publish an edited book on my subject. I have found the size of the project, the politics, and delays concerning even though I know it is the right thing to do. Your “next step” approach is what I have been doing, but I do tend to worry about things too far ahead. So I will stick to the next step and the project will succeed! Thank you so much.

  25. Naomi says:

    Nick, You have guts! I have to get started on a project and this helps me to just trust and do
    1 step at a time. I’m giving myself 5 days to get the first step done, and then go from there.
    If not now, when? Thanks for all you share.

  26. Darlene says:

    Hello Nick,
    I cannot thank you enough for this. Many possibilities run through my mind before starting anything, so I get bogged down easily. I do this with any small thing – even a trip to the grocery store!
    What’s alarming about this is that, at age 75, an MRI after a stroke indicates the possibility of dementia as i continue to age.The next information I “accidentally” received was that a brain that is too busy often leads to Alzheimer’s. That got my attention!
    To understand, you need to know that what happens when one is dealing with busy brain syndrome (my name for this problem) is the inability to focus or perform tasks in sequence, which most usually results in failure. Then comes the frustration, forgetfullness, guilt, anxiety, depression, anger, and on and on and…! As hard as I’ve tried, I haven’t been able to control this. Now there’s hope for help outside of the doctor’s answer – druggin me.
    I have a very strong feeling I’m not the only one with this dondition, or whatever it is, and, if tapping resolves it, you’ll have a brand new market for your extensive healing arsenal: the elderly and who knows who else – dementia isn’t just for old folks!
    I hope we’ll see more about this from you. Maybe it’s not new to you at all!


  27. Catherine Miller says:

    In my way – avoiding doing the re-write on my book, because i’m afraid it’ll be a flop and rejected.

  28. Lynette says:

    Thank you NIck, I am forever amazed that “The Teacher” appears when needed. My current situation has nothing at all to do with business but I am sure that the “next step, next step” will help me focus and get through the problem that I am faced with.
    To you, Jessica and all the crew thank you for your generosity in sharing you are certainly having an impact on the health of many people.

  29. Eureka says:

    Hi Nick, I also started a huge project recently – introducing South African Schools to EFT. This is a mammoth task – with tons of prep work – before that first email can go out. I would sit here in front of my computer, totally overwhelmed – bills to pay backing up, too much research just for one person…. And then I would get up – go sit outside in the sun (or hudddle under the overhang while the winter gales are blasting away (it is mid winter here in Cape Town). And I would tap,tap,tap. And a while later clarity came and I would take the next step. I’ve now managed a test run of about ten schools – and have had interest shown by three. For the EFT workshop (intro to tapping for kids) I’ve asked them to invite teachers from disadvantaged schools (pay it forward….) I’m not just overwhelmed by research and doing it all myself, I’m overwhelmed by the lack of funds right now, while builiding this remarkable business. So I tap, tap, tap and ask the universe to open the doors for someone to support this gigantic effort even just a little bit. South Africa needs healing, many children (most) are failing at school – the maths and reading literacy is at an all time low. So I tap, tap, tap. Thank you for that wonderful movie and the courage to make it – if I had funds I would buy one for every school! Big hug and gratitude from Eureka in Cape Town, South Africa.

  30. Jeff says:

    Thanks for your summit material. I had a job interview and tapped beforehand using affirmations I conceived based on your experts’ sessions. Normally in that situation I inexplicably lose the power of speech but on this occasion I was fluent and eloquent. A couple of days ago was offered the job and was told they were very impressed.
    Keep up the good work!

  31. Billie says:

    Thanks so much to you and Jessica! This is just what I need. I always enjoy the work you two do. You’re amazing!

  32. chris phillips says:

    Hi Nick
    What a great and timely article. I am practicing exactly what your talking about right now and it really helps keep me focused and in the present moment (where, as Eckhart Tolle says, the power is). It’s about giving your full attention to this step, this moment, having the end goal in mind but not at the centre of your focus.

    thanks for all your wonderful tapping wisdom.

  33. Tara Oatley says:

    WOW Thank you Nick. Overcome Overwhelm Have Done my Son and I a Lot of Good.
    Tara Oatley

  34. Liz says:

    I reckon if it works for back pain, it can work for anything! Liz

  35. Jennifer says:

    Dear Nick, thanks for sharing your journey, and practical tips to move from vision to manifestation—one step at a time, focusing just on the next step.

    I found this helpful as I search for my dream job for this phase of my life, and what this might look like.

  36. Denise B says:

    Hi Nick,
    I have been overwhelmed lately with a new vision and this email came at the right time for me. I have been contemplating the next step and seeing too many steps instead. Thanks for the insight and reminder. I will try the tapping. I have been aware of it for a while now, but never experienced it before. Now’s the time.

  37. Tia says:

    I’m continually amazed when I get exactly what I need at just the right time…big projects and feeling or felt overwhelmed…tapping it out, now…focused on the next step.
    Scale 10 to 3 and moving to complete joy, now
    Tapping Tia

  38. elisa says:

    Perhaps I am not really motivated, but I could use some more cash, our retirement money is less and less worth. I am taping every day but about more spiritual items, I feel a bit guilty about money and can’t get it out of my system;

  39. Pat says:

    I liked your article and I do use tapping a lot at a massage therapist however, I don’t want the e book. since I don’t know how to use one. Pat

  40. Paula Marlatt says:

    Wonderful. I’ve already written your “Even though…..s” on a big Post It.

  41. Sharmel Hegge says:

    I am always excited to read your newsletters and emails as they come in. I have been using EFT for chronic pain. I am having my 8th back surgery this Thursday and we have been waiting since November 2011 for the insurance to approve this surgery. I am in a wheel chair and many of my internal organs are affected by nerve damage. I have always been a very active person and into physical fitness. I just got married to the most amazing man last August and I want to enjoy hiking, trail running, back packing an mountaineering and find myself very angry that I can’t do these things. I have been so focused on my end goals instead of the steps I need to take to get there. You have opened my eyes with the tool I need to get there! Thank you and God Bless!

  42. mitra saniei says:

    HI nick
    I just want to thank you for the amazing technic you show me .I didn’t know anything about tapping .You and your nice sister opened a new door in my life. thank you both again.

  43. Kym says:

    Thank you so much for this!!….. I was just sitting here, tears flowing, frustrated, with £21 in front of me, I need coal, and food, do I feed my children or keep them least we have copious amounts of love…
    I’m new to tapping and am going to do it right away. Thank you.

    I’m wanting to start a business, So this could be my best next step.
    Much Love & Light to you..

  44. Victor S. Braatz- ADS says:

    Nick, what Great timing, I am Executive Director for a non-profit, I have been sitting at my desk today getting ready to work on a much needed grant and all I have been thinking about is what great works we can offer with the grant money and little about writing the actual proposal. I checked my e-mail and there it was clear as day. I tapped for half and hour and started at the beginning, already I have finished the first draft of the abstract. Thanks for your sage advise……PEACE

  45. Lucille Taylor says:

    Thank you Nick. I know what I am EXTREMELY passionate about, have the experience, have some tools, want to activate it, have prepared myself for it, have the creditials, know where I want to do it, have gotten compliments when I ‘play’ with it, is currently on a sabbital & so I have the time now(then I would say I haven’t got the time), but CANNOT leap into it. When confronted/challened as to why I am not doing it (by others who are aware of this passion) I HAVE THE MOST CONVINCING EXCUSES. They are believable !! And I know it’s a lie. It’s beyond FEAR. Have identified it but cannot go beyond it. I get fired up to do it and then it disappears. I lost money in the real estate business and my friend lost a lot doing a similar business as per my passion but different style. Could this be my block? Thank you.

  46. marga says:

    I am translating my own book i wrote in Englisch into my mother tongue – i am pushing it to the back burner every day. thanks ,marga

  47. Emmanuel says:

    What makes a lot of us not to move forwards is the fear of moving the first steep, for lots of us are face with fear of uncertainty. Nick thanks for the massage of (EVEN THOUGH) it’s a total sounds of encouragement, and that is the power of creativity that leads to success. Thanks for the wisdom of wealth that you have initiates in to multitude of people today for tomorrow.

  48. ruth says:

    Can you tap your way to lowering blood pressure?

  49. Nasi says:

    Hi: I learned EFT by downloading a copy of Gary Greg’s book for free, and started tapping, then I signed up for EFT I and II. It is simple and it really helps to release negative emotions and you may use it even on a daily basis if you wish. It is a great tool and I am very grateful to Dr. Greg, thank you!

  50. Shelly says:

    Hey Nick. Thank you so, so much for this it has come at exactly the right time in my life when I was feeling a bit stuck on what to do next or how to do it for focusing on my goals. I had been putting this off but no realize that I should just take the next step and then everything will fall into place after I have taken this step. Thank you again for a fab article! Love and blessings to you 🙂

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