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Suddenly the Sole Provider

Written by: Nick Ortner

worried-boy-with-motherTeresa Mallon didn’t expect to be the sole family provider. It just happened one day, when her ex-husband stopped working. What happened a year later came as a genuine surprise.

Teresa’s income grew, and she was able to begin paying down her credit card debt while supporting herself and her three teenage sons. It was a huge turn-around, not just financially, but in how she saw herself, her work, and her family.

Just months earlier, Teresa had been in a state of a financial crisis. As a part-time therapist, she could not support her family alone.

Before this new, large financial responsibility, her life shifted. She just divorced and moved herself and three sons to a new house. To suddenly stop receiving any financial support from her ex-husband was shocking and devastating to her sense of security and sense of self.

Have You Experienced This?

Suddenly faced with major changes in your finances that rock the entire foundation of your life?

So many people I’ve worked with have had similar experiences, and it’s incredibly stressful!

Knowing that she needed to make significant changes, Teresa joined the Tapping Solution for Financial Success & Personal Fulfillment 7-Week Program.

Using Tapping, she “took a brave leap to look at my relationship with money.”

Her relationship with money stemmed from her relationship with herself.

After years of struggle, Teresa’s value whittled down to almost nothing. But while tapping, she was able to release years of anger, sadness, shame, and blame. Once that incredible burden lifted, Teresa’s life began to transform. Her self-appreciation began to blossom, her income increased, and along with it, her financial security and peace of mind. For the first time, she also began to feel comfortable with money.  As she explained,

l am working more, earning more and paying off my credit card debt at the same time as l pay for 3 teenage sons. l am so grateful for all l have learned so far. l now write in a gratitude journal nightly as my boys are in bed sleeping, giving thanks for the good that occurs each day. Tap, tap, tap… everyday l am growing in pride for my achievements. l needed a helping hand, and still do, so thank you for giving out a hand for me to grab hold of and become able to lead to a life of thriving, not just surviving from my wounded places.”

Teresa was so excited about Tapping, that she asked me to share this photo below. It hangs on the wall in their home, a reminder to her that she needed to turn her life around not just for herself, but for her sons, as well. 🙂

Teresa Mallon and three sons
Teresa Mallon and her three sons | Melbourne, Australia

Even after all these years, I’m amazed at Tapping’s successful transformation stories. It’s an amazing experience witnessing people as they experience a higher level of abundance from a life that feels good. That’s why I’m thrilled to announce that we’re offering this 7-Week Financial Success Program again.  I hope you’ll join us!

Teresa is just one of the thousands of people getting results from this program. And when you join, you’ll also get these bonuses:

“Supercharge Your Business Relationships with Tapping: How to be able to bond with anybody at any time to create lasting relationships.”

“Maximum Energy for Success with Tapping: How to get the highest level of energy out of yourself at any time.”

“Doubling Your Focus and Concentration with Tapping: How to get twice as much done!”

“This course will truly change your life if you let it!”

You can find out more here.

Until next time,

Keep Tapping!

Nick Ortner

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  1. Randi says:

    Does this program work for people who work in a salaried job? Do you have examples of those who have less direct ability to rise their salaries?

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