Lissa Rankin Mind Over Medicine

Written by: Nick Ortner

Jessica recently sat down with NY Times best-selling author of “Mind Over Medicine,” Dr. Lissa Rankin, to talk about some revolutionary approaches to healing our bodies. In this short video conversation, you’ll learn:

– Why EFT Tapping works so well on a variety of “physical” issues.

– The vital importance of understanding the difference between our sympathetic and para-sympathetic nervous systems (and how it could be making all the difference in your healing)

– The surprising fact about how your doctor’s beliefs affect YOU!

Join Jessica and Lissa in this candid video conversation:

(and make sure to watch until the end of the video for a few good laughs)

We want to hear from you! Do you believe that your emotions and your thoughts impact your health? Do you think that you have the power to heal yourself? Comment below!

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  1. Terri says:

    Yes,I do believe that emotions have a great effect on our bodies.Tapping is helping! Thankyou for this video too-what others think does affect me too.Looking forward……

  2. Luz says:

    I do really believe that emotions have all to do with the illness feelings that we have in our body.

  3. Julie says:

    yes – have used EFT and emotion code (ancestral emotions cleared with profound reaction and results) –
    Jewel (Julie)

  4. Sue says:

    Yes, absolutely we have the power to do anything! Including healing ourselves. I would really enjoy winning the book. Thanks

  5. Rond says:

    I absolutely believe in the bodies ability to heal.
    We need health workers who are positive, and believe in life style changes, and proper eating, before drugs.

  6. Althea Seitz says:

    Our bodies heal themselves continually. A small scrape or cut is healed without any aid from a doctor. A doctor does not heal us. A doctor may set a bone for us so the bone heals straight, but the bone will heal – straight or crooked. Doctors are wonderful for some things. We need to take responsibility for our health and be allowed to do so. The government and doctors have no right to force their ideas and treatments on us. Thank you Jessica and Dr. Rankin for your courage to step forward and teach us natural options for healing.

  7. Debbie Ronco says:


  8. Pj says:

    Our mind is the most powerful tool we have in healing ourselves. The almighty wasn’t just passing time when he/she created us. There was a lot of thought and self sustaining abilities built into the human mind. As our souls evolve over time the understanding of all these abilities increases. There is a point in everyone’s lives when they are ready to accept other modalities of healing and that time comes at different stages in peoples lives depending on how evolved their soul is.

  9. Sandra Wheeler says:

    I actually had a book on “Tapping” years ago and did a little of it, but didn’t give it a real chance as I have training in various other healing arts and referred to what I knew. Right now I’m seeking other methods to help heal my breast cancer, which I have had for approximately 14 years, and want to “get rid of it” without going to the “cut and sear” methods of healing. I do believe your thoughts and emotions cause much of what goes on within oneself, and I have sought what brought this on, but obviously haven’t found the “seed” that prompted my breast cancer. My daughter passed away from osteocarcinoma my mother of breast cancer, my brother of brain cancer and my nephew of stomach cancer. I am determined to circle the horses and find out what’s up with cancer and me.

  10. sherrie says:

    I do believe that your thoughts can get you in trouble. I have started working on myself but need more help on what to say. One of my questions is How do you feel and ask in a christian manner.
    I don’t want to feel that I am doing this all by myself I feel Jesus has a good part in it and I do include him helping me. How do you feel about this? What is your answer on how using questions not giving yourself all the credit? Please answer I would like to know your thoughts? Thank you

  11. Andrea says:

    Does the Pope wear a beanie? (In answer to the question, does my mind affect my health).

    I worked in traditional medicine for almost 40 years, yet when I became ill, the solutions were not sufficient. Drugs and more drugs.

    My mind has so much sway in my healing.

  12. Regina Clarke says:

    I am totally on board with this. I was especially struck by Dr. Lissa Rankin’s comment that even holistic methods rely primarily on external solutions. But the idea instead that the body does know what to do itself–I find that marvelous. I have what I have been told is a “chronic” osteoarthritis in the knees from knee slippage and surgeries. So I have used that kind of language not only when I talk about the pain in my knees but also whenever I THINK about it. I am constantly hypnotizing myself into the “chronic” state! Well, I have not read the book, but I want to, because I want to change my story and delete the old language I’ve been given to use and have till now willingly used to described my condition. I want to listen to the body. I have the feeling that maybe even the bones can heal themselves, if I know how to listen well enough. I had the tab for this video up on my browser for a week before watching it ten minutes ago. Not sure why the delay–but I am glad to encounter this way of thinking tonight. I can’t express how much this short conversation has riveted me.

  13. Lucia says:

    I am absolutely convinced that our mind has great a power of healing. I really lived the presentation.

  14. Sandi Ashlock - Health and Wellness Plain and Simple says:

    I am a recent graduate as a Psychology of Eating Coach from the Institute for the Psychology of Eating by Marc David, and I truly believe that God has designed our bodies to be self healing. If we treat our bodies with the respect they deserve, we will not only get healthy but stay healthy for a very long time. Stress is huge in this world today and we need all the tools we can gather to keep the everyday chronic stressors under control. Tapping is fabulous for this, and I have only just begun this practice. Thank you both so much for sharing this with us. Thank you God for this beautiful thing that you have given us that we call “the body”.

  15. Nancy says:

    I love Dr. Rankin – heard her story about how she got into EFT and she’s doing such a wonderful work with professional MDs. Thanks so much for this interview.

  16. trish says:

    Without a doubt, I have faith that we are headed in the right direction oh thank you Dr. Rankin. Bring it on!!

  17. Mary Nyland says:

    I have friends who believe there is a pill for evry ailment. My mantra throughout life has been ‘I have a healthy body.’ I am positive we become inflicted with many ills which we are never aware of as our bodies deal with these challanges. Sometimes, howeer, we do need a specialist, we need their guidance and their education. There is definately a place in the world for doctors and thank God for those people who go into that profession. Unfortunately, on the rare occasion I visit a doctor, I get the 5 minute rush, an appointment for blood works and or a prescription. This attitude is not always helpful; instead it makes me avoid going to health specialists. Fortunately, I am a healthy person, but have many friends who become like critters on a tread mill with their perpetual visits, their mountain of prescriptions, and their focus on what is wrong and must be maintained by medicine but never healed. Thanks you for offering the valuable advice that we do not always need to accept this life time burden but can instead strive to have an atitude of health and wellness.

  18. Mary Nyland says:

    I have many friends who believe there is a pill for every ailment. My mantra throughout life has been I AM HEALTHY

  19. George McClelland says:

    I enjoyed the presentation. I wrote a book many years ago in which I emphasized the fact that we must take our health into our own hands. Unfortunately my wife would not listen to me an followed her doctors advice. She now has Alzheimer’s (age 74) and I am extremely healthy (age 76). The book didn’t sell well but I’m consiering updating it and trying to sell it again.

    I am trying to prove the doctors wrong again as I am doing my best to restore my wife’s health through natural means. She had arthritis pains so bad that even the slightest bump in the car caused her to scream. Bumps do not bother her now. Alzheimer’s was diagnosed four years ago. She has a long way to go to recovery, but she can play Rook cards fairly well and I can usually talk her out of living past events as if they are today (Unfortunately many instances occur per day.) She could not stay out of the bathroom, but I have overcome that problem. She still has trouble walking but part of that is from a very painful fungus in her toes which I am now treating naturally and most of the pain is gone. The treatments will last about one more month.

    Yes, I do get frustrated, but I am confident I will win the battle. I can be contacted at

  20. Paula Graham says:

    Yes! I totally do believe my thoughts and emotions impact my health. That’s why I was so thrilled to discover this mind-body tool EFT. I’m 60 years old and have been on a self-healing path for many years but I will never forget my first spontaneous ah-ha moment. I had a difficult relationship with my verbally-abusive mother, so at 19 I moved as far from her as I could staying within the US. 15 years later while participating in a loss and grief workshop after a divorce, I had a spontaneous revelation that I was allergic to my mother. Years of debilitating asthma vanished, never to bother me again. Thank you for this great work Jessica and to all the tappers around the world, and to Dr. Rankin.
    Tap-Happy Me!

  21. la says:

    Thank you for this timely video and book. I’ve been wrestling with depression basically my whole life. I’ve never believed drugs to be the answer. It’s seems to be a constant fight with doctor after doctor. The latest thing they’ve offered is Magnetic stimulation Therapy. You talk about trusting your doctor, I don’t know how to do that anymore. Anyone have any words of advice, I’d greatly appreciate it.

  22. Gail says:

    I absolutely am a believer in the power of our minds to help us heal or to make us ill, and I have been for many years, but without all the validation that is coming to light now. I’m delighted to have been introduced both to Dr. Rankin and tapping within the last year. I am so enthused about the possibilities for transformation in traditional western medicine that I am always starting up conversations about it with anyone who will listen.

    I hope Lissa, Nick and Jessica’s books will soon find a place beside the well-read volumes in doctors’ offices everywhere, and that the PDR will gather dust on the lower shelves.

    Thank you all for your willingness and dedication to improving all of our lives.

  23. armona says:

    No doubt! After suffering two unsuccessful back surgeries, that confined me to bed for 20 months, and the conventional medicine gave up on me, I cured my self with the power of the mind, and emotions. When I became 100% pain free, and active, I changed my career from being a University Professor to healer to help others do the same. and over the last 16 years I evidenced many miracles with the people I work with.
    The power of the mind in healing has been the best kept secret,,,

  24. Margot says:

    ABSOLUTELY. I have been waiting for this since I was 26 years old. Wish I was younger now so that I could get my doctors in my future on board with this philosophy before I die.

  25. Ruth Payne says:

    Yes I do believe that we can heal our own bodies. I have just started to do tapping but I have been in the process of healing my body with other forms of natural healing for a number of years. I do really like tapping and it works in well with the other forms of healing I do.

  26. Jen E says:

    Seems that there’s something about dis-ease oriented medicine’s tendency to slap an official sounding label on a symptom or set of symptoms which leads people to accept whatever they’re told by the “authority” as far as causes or cures or lack thereof and to see the dis-ease as some nasty thing apart from themselves by which they have somehow become victimized. So much more fun, creative, effective to go on a treasure hunt and discover where you need to take better care of yourself — and then do it in joy!

  27. Joyce Bodine says:

    I do believe that our emotions and issues have a direct affect on our health. For instance the term fibromyalgia that Drs. coined fibro=fibrous, my=tissue, algia=aches, since they didn’t know what it really was and what to call it named it fibromyalgia. I believe fibromyalgia is your issues are in your tissue. I do believe that we can heal ourselves however as Dr. Rankin says, when we let that little gremlin voice tell us negative things it stops the flow of healing.

  28. Ushonah Hutchings says:

    Yes we can heal ourselves. I recovered from 3 prolapsed discs and moderately severe canal stenosis( build up of calcium in the spinal canal) through using natural methods. I love the transformation that Lissa Rankin is pioneering in the medical field. A lot of doctors are despairing at the old model and so ready for this change.

  29. tom thompson says:

    aloha. thank you guys and girls for your consistent care in sharing healthy, helpful info. i way enjoyed the clip w/dr. rankin. i have been living the “mind over medicine” philosophy for a long time, (i’m a young, healthy 65). the thing this video, and other info. (i will share in a minute), is doing for me, is to assist me in becoming stronger in my KNOWING that this works and is how i will/am live(ing) my life. interestingly enough, i am also reading a. huffingtons book “thrive”, AND doug marsh’s book “restoring your eyesight, a taoist approach”. these ALL seem very parallel in their thinking, and one more, is joe dispensa’s new book “you ARE the placebo”. i saw him an a similar clip recently. so,….. i am very convinced that only WE are incharge of our bodies, and when we LISTEN to what they have to tell us, we are in the right place. i guess you could say that i hold this to be true in life period. my experience is that when i really come to know and love and appreciate “who i really AM”, i tend to move away from the “authorities”. for me this is especially true w/religion. ….. i’ll stop here. thank you for your sharing. aloha. tom

  30. Jane Garrison says:

    I know for a fact that emotions play a huge role in a person’s health. Stress, even small seemingly non existent amounts, add up and release all the things that are so harmful. Tapping does give your mind and body the chance it needs to release the stress. Not ignore it but acknowledge that stress is in play and give yourself the option to admit it is there and release it. It has worked wonders for me. Thank you Nick and Jessica for all you are doing to help others.

  31. Jo-Anne says:

    I firmly believe that my attitude, my thoughts, and stress level have a direct impact on my health and well being.

  32. Dr Vanya Marinova says:

    thank you for the fantastic video! I follow Lissa almost a year.
    I am a former medical doctor changing my path to life coaching and writing.
    The reason why I am doing this is the answer of your question.
    yes, I believe in self healing and that out emotions and thoughts build who we are and our mindset affect our body.
    I have 13 years of medical practice under my belt and I do care a lot what will be the trend in the future for medicine.
    I love helping people but traditional medicine didnt left room for that.

  33. Leisa says:

    This was very encouraging! Yes! I believe our bodies do have the power to heal when in the right mindset. Working with our natural flow of our body and taking responsibility for it, listening to what our inner voice is saying. Thank you for this great little interview :)))

  34. Lauren Pena says:

    I true.y believe that my emotions and thoughts affect my ability to heal…I have proved it to myself . Thank you so mush for this video

  35. Faye Frewin says:

    Yes, absolutely!! EFT is amazing and we really do create our own reality! As Einstein said, Everything is energy, that’s all there is to it. This is not philosophy, it is physics.

    Thank you for all you do to help us. You are very much appreciated.

  36. Johanna says:

    thank you again for keeping us informed on the advances taking place with western medicine. There is hope that one day we all will wake up to the fact that were responsible for our health and that we have many alternative tools to choose from to keep ourselves healthy and fit. It’s very important that we all understand the importance of our emotions and thoughts have over our well being. This was very informative interview and I wish I had the book right now to really pay attention to the well known facts about information and prevention.

  37. Gayle Chandler says:

    I just watched this video with Jessica and Dr. Rankin.. Amazing!!

    I have a condition called Reynauds, a severe case which is actually limited scleraderma… My doctor, who,has been Chief of Staff of our hospital for a long time, has told me for over 30 years ‘nothing can be done” and I so realized watching you both how crazy that was… I’ve been an RN for that same length of time and looked at many avenues to help this, but did not realize til now how his words have always stayed with me.!! That deep down I’ve felt nothing could be done,,,,, til now!!

    Thanks, I’ve seen a couple of Jessica’s and Nick’s videos and feel it makes total sense. Im going to tap right now and keep tapping! regarding this!!
    Thank you for this amazing little jewel, this shift in thought and actions!! I’ll let you know!! Gayle

  38. Patricia says:

    I do believe in healing oneself because I have done it. I was introduced to Bio Touch an alternative healing modality that helped me to heal myself. I could barely walk after having had three falls plus I was severely depressed and on top of that had PTSD. I had some trauma in December and found myself unable to walk went to the ER and they sent me to get an MRI. The MRI showed two tears on the minuscules on my knee and went to a doctor who said surgery was optional. I lost some weight which helped and I continued with Bio Touch and I have left that problem behind. The depression and PTSD I had most of my life and they too are gone. I am going to take a class on Reiki and found EFT tapping from a friend who sent me a link. So I am trying tapping too, from a free download. I became a Bio Touch Practitioner and it teaches that the body has the ability to heal itself if given the chance, In Bio Touch we touch certain points to wake up the body to healing. The research has shown that it does two things for sure it reduces stress and pain and when the body is relaxed healing can occur. I would love to read Dr. Rankin’s book as I would like to learn more about the things she talked about on the video. Grateful that people are waking up and can see it is within each of us to heal ourselves. Thank you.

  39. Nancy Schlachter says:

    Most definitely, one has to keep a positive attitude, and believe in the possibility in all things concerning the betterment of their health. Always approach a situation with hope an undying belief that there is a way. It is amazing how the universe responds in bringing help to those who seek it.

    People like you, Nick and Dr. Rankin are leading the way to help make many aware that they can help themselves with many of their ailments.

    Thank you so much for your dedication to this cause.

  40. Roy says:

    Great interview Jessica! Yes, I do believe we have the capacity to heal ourselves. Our minds are the game changers. Roy

  41. Jamie says:

    I have always believed that our bodies are the most amazing miracles, from conception on. Due to our imperfection, falling and skinning a knee, etc, we have build in mechanisms to heal us. In a perfect world, eating the perfect food without toxins, drinking the perfect water, we could live forever. But for now we need to be creative and educate ourselves as much as possible to care for our wonderfully designed bodies. We have a wealth of plant life to sustain us and to support healing and we have wonderful people, like yourselves, dedicated to education, to teach us. But the responsibility for our health rest on our own shoulders. We should never give that trust away blindly. I wish more people could experience the joy of working with their bodies and listening and trusting themselves more. They would get much personal benefit out of it as well as the desire to reach out and support others too.

  42. CONNIE says:

    I want to congratulate Dr. Rankin on everything she is doing to change the health of humanity, and also the Ortners. I will be getting Dr. Rankin’s book.
    Thank you to all of you.

  43. CONNIE says:

    The interview of Dr. Lissa Rankin was so hopeful. There is hope of liberation from the pill generation and going back to the healing of the body by itself.

  44. Jeanne says:

    Loved the interview—want to read the book. I have felt this way for a long time and it was exciting to hear that many Medical Doctors are coming on board with this line of thinking. It took me a long time to finally view this interview—I noticed that most of the comments are in June. But it is never too late.

  45. Penny Gabriel says:

    I’ve read this book.. Excellent! I am also a retired RN and have been a wellness consultant for many years and I do believe that we all have the power within ourselves to heal. Lissa has made this all very understandable for the lay person and Doctors and other health care professionals would do well to get on board this very progressive, inexpensive, effective method of caring for patients and indeed each other if we are to survive as a species.The current health care systems are slowoy killing us. Thanks for putting this into perspective for all of us.

  46. Mary Lineiro says:

    YES! I BELIEVE I CAN HEAL MYSELF AND WISH MY ONCOLOGIST WOULD BELIEVE IT TOO!!!! Thank God for Lisa and I would love a free book. Every time I go into fear about the cancer growing, I think of Anita Moorjani and her near death experience and that helps. Now I will try the tapping more often for the pain and fear.

  47. Julie-Anne says:

    I have MS and the doctors tell you that you can’t get better but I am very strict with my diet, I try to be positive when I can, I make myself do things to tell my body that it can. For example I have trouble standing unaided by myself so every morning I stand and see how long I can do it for. I started off making 7seconds but now I am up to 3o seconds. I realise that it won’t happen overnight but I keep on trying. My husband is very supportive too he praises me when I do it. I also do tapping and I feel that I have improved in some ways and it is only since I started tapping. I am very determined and I won’t give up even though sometimes it seems the easy way out. I was very interested in your interview with Jessica Ortner and it gives me hope that there is some help out there. Thankyou Julie-Anne

  48. MPLee says:

    Jessica does such an awesome job of interviewing too…EFT came into my life when I was at my wits end with chronic neck and back pain. I was living an incredibly unhealthy, stress filled life in L.A. and have been able to turn my LIFE completely around. They were ready to do surgery but with the beautiful, gentle, Divine guidance I have avoided it 3 times over the last 20 years.
    I now live in Oceanside, California and have bought a beautiful little house, work as a teacher- which I love, have the body I feel amazing in with little to no pain, money in the bank, a Spiritual relationship with God I understand and trust and feel peaceful and empowered with the many tools I have been blessed to discover! EFT helped me find that direct connection which has allowed this balance to transpire. If you open your mind and truly allow and trust your body, mind and soul connection, you actually can create miracles and manifest your very best life! Keep up the great work you do and know that you have touched the world with your authenticity and simple absolute gratitude for every part of the journey!

  49. Dave Charnley says:

    The trouble goes all the way back to 1641 when Renaissance philosopher René Descartes wanted to dissect the human body to find out how it worked. The powerful Catholic Church, however, strongly objected to dissection claiming it was sacrilegious. So to do his research Descartes needed Church approval and so they reached a compromise; the mind and body were seen as totally independent substances which could be studied separately.

    Matters of the mind were the concern of the Church. Matters of the body were the concern of physicians and were to be studied by objective, verifiable methods. The Church would handle the mental and the physician would handle the physical. This mind-body dualism was necessary to liberate science and medicine from dogma.

    So it was René Descartes who separated mind and body, and his influence (Cartesian dualism) still remains today as the model for contemporary medical research and practice. Unfortunately, this artificially created Cartesian mind-body model is increasingly being seen as naïve, limited and inadequate!

  50. Soraya says:

    I want to believe my body has the power to heal itself but I feel like my health issues are too big and too serious. Nobody else with the same health issues that I know of has been able to heal themselves. My doctors have told me that if I choose “life” there is only 1 choice and that choice is surgery now. I have the BRCA1 gene mutation and I have seen many of my family members die from ovarian cancer. My preventative measure is to get a hysterectomy at age 35. I’m not married and of course I wanted children. Something in the deepest part of me won’t let me move forward and get the it fear or my bodies intuition? I don’t know but everyone around me thinks I’m crazy. I’m fearful of not doing the surgery and of doing it.

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