The Keys to a Happy and Productive Brain

Written by: Nick Ortner

Head Strong - Dave AspreyMy sister Jessica sat down with our mutual friend Dave Asprey a few days ago, and had a GREAT interview about how to get the most out of your brain! It’s something I think many of us take for granted, and I certainly did for years.

But the latest scientific research is CLEARLY showing that we can improve the functioning of our brain, our levels of happiness, and much more. You can listen to it right here:

It’s funny… during the interview, Jess keeps asking specific questions about Dave’s latest book and at one point he says, “Wow, you really read this front to back, didn’t you?!” Many interviewers either don’t have time, or don’t even take the time, to go so in-depth, but Jess (as many of you know), goes all-out in her research – and it shows.

I’m also reading the book myself (about a third of the way through it; we got pre-release copies), and it’s incredible. I’m buying copies for everyone I love, including our team at The Tapping Solution. I highly recommend you pick up a copy today.

It’s being released in a couple of days, and you can pick up a copy right now on Amazon here. And if I haven’t made it clear yet what a huge fan I am of Dave and his Bulletproof company, let me share two more small items:

1. I invested in his company a few years back because I was so blown away by his products, especially the coffee.

2. I drink Bulletproof Coffee every morning and share it with everyone I know.

A quick story: I’ve always loved the taste of coffee, but all too often found that it would give me headaches when I drank it. I thought it was the coffee, but Dave explains what is really happening in Jessica’s interview (it’s the mold toxins in most brands). With Bulletproof Coffee, no headaches, and sustained energy.

Bulletproof CoffeeIf you want to try the coffee, you can here.

As an added bonus, my friends at Bulletproof are offering our readers 10% off of their coffee products!
To apply this discount, enter the discount code “tapping” at checkout.

Alright, there’s my “I LOVE BULLETPROOF” rant.

Try it all out and let me know what you think.

Until next time…

Keep Tapping! (And drinking only the best coffee on earth!)

Nick Ortner

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8 Comments on this post

  1. grace says:

    Thanks for sharing a thought-provoking interview. I cannot believe the info about LED bulbs- I thought they were supposed to be the next best thing!! Luckily I haven’t bought too many !!

  2. Mari says:

    Eye opening info…will put to use..want the book…thank you for introducing us to Dave Asprey.

  3. beryl says:

    my eyes are going and i am having trouble reading your infomation

    • Nick Ortner says:

      Hi Beryl. We are sorry to hear that. We hope you feel comfortable doing some tapping on your own when there are issues seeing what we have here. You may be able to change the size of the font or the page on your computer to help as well. We wish you all the best. 🙂

  4. Dana says:

    Best explination of mitochondria I have heard. The led/blue light also new information. I bought the book and look forward to learning about more bio hacks I can use.

  5. Jocelyn Munro says:

    It’s a great relief to hear what Dave has to say. Mankind survived a long time without the ‘benefits’ of modern processed foods (especially fats). It’s heartening to hear this commonsense, science based discussion. Many thanks.

  6. Dotty Hoepner says:

    Great interview with Dave! Can’t wait to get his new book! Jessica is a wonderful and fun interviewer.

  7. Barb Hughes says:

    Excellent interview with Dave Asprey on his new book Head Strong. Thank you so much for this information. I had brain surgery in December so you can imagine how important this is to me. I will be getting the book. I love your podcasts You inspire me

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