A Tapping Meditation to Release Frustration and Overwhelm from Physical Pain

Written by: Nick Ortner

One of the most common things I hear from people who are physical pain is…

“I’m so overwhelmed and frustrated by this pain. I just want to be able to live my life.”

The reality is that the higher and more frequent your physical pain level is, the more difficult it is to live a normal life.

If this is the case for you, I have another Tapping Meditation from my book “The Tapping Solution for Pain Relief” for you that I think can help.

This Tapping Meditation is specifically for anyone who is frustrated and overwhelmed by physical pain in their body:

Audio Length: 20 minutes


Take a few minutes to listen, tap along, and release your pain.

If you have additional questions about how the book might help you, please don’t be shy in reaching out.

Until next time… Keep Tapping!

Nick Ortner

After you listen, comment below to let me know how you feel after the Tapping Meditation!  🙂

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6 Comments on this post

  1. Joan says:

    Thanks once again Nick for your free scripts, I did the tapping with you for pain, I am feeling more free and the pain went down from 7 to 4! I am currently waiting for your book “Tapping for Pain” I paid for on a book site in Australia, unfortunately coming straight from you, the postage is very expensive, so I am looking forward to receiving the book, which I will follow stringently.
    Thanks Joan

  2. Brunhilde says:

    Thank you for this beautiful meditation. I feel very calm after this session. It is hard to say how much the pain is reduced, but I feel that the blood flow is super good now.
    I wonder if I can get these bonus meditations without the book (I live in Belgium and the shipping costs are quite high, so I better buy it here). Much love! Brunhilde

  3. Celia Lewis says:

    Huh – came up with fear and self-pity [it seems to be everywhere with me!] – and fear of managing my life independently with the pain and limitations in my life. I will be focusing on this daily, I’m determined to get past the challenges of all the arthritis I am managing. Merci!

    • Nick Ortner says:

      That’s great, Celia! Keep tapping to release those emotions and beliefs that may be holding your arthritis in place. 🙂

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