Tapping for Courage, Hope, Peace, and Love – Tapping Script

Written by: Nick Ortner

I’m sure you’re feeling the energy of discord that is really strong in the world right now. It’s a tough time – for a lot of reasons.

And that’s why, more than ever, we need YOU to focus on courage, love, hope, peace, and possibility.

In a moment’s time, you can shift your energy into these places. Try this now for 60 seconds (don’t skip it):

Tapping Script
Tapping on the karate chop point (side of the hand) repeat after me, either in your mind our out loud…

“Even though there’s so much discord in the world right now, I choose to feel courage.”

Two more times on the side of the hand…

“Even though the world feels so overwhelming, I choose to feel love in my body.”

“Even though I’m holding onto so much stress and anxiety, it’s safe to relax and feel safe now.”

Then tap through the rest of the points, simply tuning into the energy of each of these words…

Eyebrow: Courage
Side of Eye: Hope
Under Eye: Peace
Under Nose: Love
Under Mouth: Courage
Collarbone: Hope
Under Arm: Peace
Top of Head: Love

Take a gentle breath in…and let it go. One round of Tapping, and now you’ve tuned your energy field to these positive emotions. Now you feel just a little bit better AND now the WORLD feels just a little bit better.

You’ve heard it time and again but… “Be the Change You Wish to See in the World.” That’s why we need your positive energy more than ever. 🙂

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Until next time…

Keep Tapping!

Nick Ortner

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