Spiritual Spring Cleaning (5 Simple Steps)

Written by: Nick Ortner

The start of spring is always exciting. New life is all around, and there’s that faint promise of summer in the air…

One of my favorite parts of spring? The forsythia bushes that bloom brilliantly every year, coloring the end of our driveway with sharp, vibrant yellows for a few short weeks. I can’t wait for them to pop up again soon.

Every time I drive by them, I do my forsythia impression for my wife Brenna. Would you like to hear it? It’s better in person, but you can imagine it…

Brimming with confidence and joy, forsythia shouts…”YELLOW!!! I’m so YELLOW!!! Spring is here and I’m so YELLOW!!!!”


With that on my mind today, I want to share 5 Simple Steps For A Spiritual Spring Cleaning.

At the start of spring we often clean our houses, garages, and yards. What if we took a little time to clean out our REAL insides—our hearts and minds?

Step 1: You have to see the “dirt” before you can clean it.

In a video interview I did with the amazing and inspiring Louise Hay a few years ago, she talked about why in tapping it’s important to focus on the negative before moving to the positive.

She likened the process to cleaning a turkey pan. Just as you have to see the dirt in the pan before you can clean it, she explained, we have to acknowledge and feel our negative emotions and limiting beliefs before we can use tapping to “clean” them out.

What spiritual “dirt” has been accumulating inside you? Pick one issue that feels most relevant right now and tap on releasing it.

(if you’re new to EFT Tapping, learn the process for free here)

Step 2: Clean out your mouth—no, not with soap, but by clearing out gossip.

Do you notice yourself saying negative things about neighbors, friends, co-workers, even family? When you catch yourself gossiping, stop and notice how you feel. Are you angry at this person? Do you feel resentful toward him/her? Be honest about how you’re feeling, and tap on it.

Step 3: Dust off your thinking.

What are the habitual patterns of thinking you want to change? Do you criticize yourself a lot? Do you have a hard time focusing when something needs to get done?

Pick one change you want to make, and tap through the points while asking yourself a relevant question like, why am I so hard on myself? Or, why is it so hard to focus when I’m doing?

See what you discover and then use tapping to release the underlying causes of any way of thinking that you want to change.

Step 4: Cleanse your heart.

Who haven’t you forgiven? You can go way back, or focus on what happened over the winter. What emotion has built up inside you that you’re ready to clear out?

Take a few minutes now to tap on it.

Step 5: Polish!

Once you’ve cleared out the “dirt” that’s accumulated, you’re ready to shine.

Take a few minutes to tap through the points while imagining a future filled with abundant possibility and positive change. If you experience resistance, take a few minutes to tap on releasing that.

For example, if you imagine a future career move, but then feel anxious that you’ll never get your dream job, do some of rounds of tapping on releasing that anxiety. Once you can envision getting your dream job without feeling anxious, continue imagining your amazing, abundant future as you tap through the points until your vision feels complete.

Even by completing one or two of these steps, you’ll feel spiritually lighter and brighter, more ready to make the most of spring and summer.

Tell me below about any spiritual spring cleaning you’re interested in doing. Do any of the “5 steps for “spiritual cleaning” resonate with you?

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4 Comments on this post

  1. Donna says:

    I have become a tapping fan and an ambassador to everyone I know about its effectiveness. I have a question around a specific topic. I have looked through all the World Summit material but can’t see anything that addresses this although it may be covered within one of the recordings. I did not realize it but I seem to have some recurring guilt and shame over some of the things I did in my past and am finding it hard to release it and forgive myself. I have tapped about it but hoped you had some advice or a recording you could direct me to that might speed up the process of clearing it as I think it is the root of a lot of things in my life.
    Thank you so much for being part of changing my life and the lives of many people I am sharing it with. You are both amazing ( Jessica and Nick) and I am not easily impressed.

  2. Virginia Reeves says:

    Good tips Nick for spring cleaning the attic of our body. We store all sorts of stuff up there and some of it definitely needs to be dusted or moved out. Something to consider when removing the junk is to replace it quickly with ‘good stuff’ that you’ve polished so it doesn’t re-fill with ick again.

  3. Tanda Ainsworth says:

    Every time I see our forsythia bush I will think of you, Dear Nick. You do amazing work which has touched so many lives. I love your article on spring cleaning, and would deeply enjoy learning how to dust my thoughts, to remove self-criticism. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Vera Cerávolo says:

    Great! I loved this as everything you teach us. Thank you so much.

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