The Problem With Patience

Written by: Nick Ortner

“Patience is a virtue.”

“All good things come to those who wait.”

“If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking.”

We’ve all heard these ideas again and again…(the third one isn’t as famous, but it’s good!)

We KNOW these things to be true, there’s a part of us that understands it, believes it, feels the wisdom behind it…

Yet… Many of us have a problem with patience.

When push comes to shove (i.e. daily life) it goes right out the window!

We need it NOW. We need to be skinnier NOW, healthier NOW, richer NOW, happier NOW.


I know, annoying to even read it, you can feel the urgent energy of it (that’s why I capitalized it!)

You can feel how exhausting it is…

But what do we do?

How do we practice patience?

How do we make it a reality?

What do we do about the part of us that is screaming like a toddler…

“But I don’t want to be patient!!! I want it now!!!”

Two steps:

1. Acknowledge that this part of you exists. Just saying, “Yup, I’m not being patient…” can be enough to trigger change.

2. Tap to release those anxious feelings.

Here’s some quick tapping you can do right now.

First, identify what you’re being impatient about. Give it a number on the 0-10 scale, for how impatient you’re being. Now tap along!

(If you’re new to the tapping, you can see a demonstration of the process by going here.)

Through the points…

Karate Chop: Even though I’m being so impatient, I deeply and completely accept myself

Karate Chop: Even though I can’t relax, and it has to be done now, I deeply and completely accept myself

Karate Chop: Even though I don’t want to be patient, I deeply and completely accept myself

Eyebrow: I can’t be patient
Side of the Eye: Need it done now
Under the Eye: I don’t want to wait
Under the Nose: I need it now
Under the Mouth: Patience drives me crazy!
Collarbone: No time for patience
Under the Arm: Who has time to be patient?!
Top of the head: All this stress about it happening now

Back to the eyebrow, with some positive statements, but only if you feel the positive statements “land” or feel partially true. If not, keep tapping on the negative or “my truth now” feelings until those shift.

Eyebrow: Patience IS a virtue
Side of the Eye: I wonder how I can cultivate some patience
Under the Eye: It feels good to be patient
Under the Nose: It feels safe to be patient
Under the Mouth: It’s time for me to be patient
Collarbone: I choose to be patient now
Under the Arm: Feeling calm and patient
Top of the Head: Feeling calm and patient now

That’s just two rounds, so keep repeating either with this language or with your own until you find relief.

You may also wish to tap along with some of the meditations in The Tapping Solution App. Three categories I’d recommend are the “Turn Your Day Around” series, the “I’m Stressed About…” series, and the “Instant Boost” series.

The truth is… Patience IS a virtue…

A beautiful one, that can guide your life and bring with it an inner peace that we all crave.

Tap to find that patience and then cultivate it.

Feel it… BE the patience… Flow with patience…

Experience the magic of patience!

Until next time…

Patiently yours… 🙂

Nick Ortner

Download The Tapping Solution App today!

How do you feel after doing this quick tapping? Comment Below!

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44 Comments on this post

  1. Nudrat says:

    Nice feeling

  2. Kathy says:

    I absolutely love your tapping app and all the different options. My anxiety decreases, my energy level rises, my mood improves and just feelings of overall well being, all after tapping with you!!
    Thank you so much –
    I will continue this practice daily for as long as I’m able. It’s a life changer!!

  3. Andrew says:

    Hi Nick, thanks so much the tapping about patience. Have been trying to stay patient about a difficult situation I’m facing at the moment and has been very challenging, will do some more work on this, Thank you, Andrew.

    • Nick Ortner says:

      You’re welcome, Andrew! I know some situations can be very challenging. But Tapping throughout the process really does help to alleviate a lot of the stress and frustration around it. 🙂

  4. Jane Block says:

    Thank you for being who you are in this predatory capitalistic world

  5. Patricia says:

    Our timeline isn’t always what the universe has in store….trust divine timing!!!

  6. Maria says:

    Thank you for the tapping for patience, just what i needed at the moment.
    And thank you for your patience as well.

  7. Patricia Atchison says:

    I am so glad i received this. Patience is one of my down falls. But i know with this i can tap & i will conquer it? Thank you so much.

  8. Linda FOrbes says:

    The only reality is now. So it is the only thing we can actually perceive. The stress is now. The need is now. The pain is now. We are all in it together now. that is the reality. .and that is why we are impatient. I don’t want the resolution.after the fact.. This impatience is not immaturity it is fear I large doses . We has human beings are totally fear based. Linda

  9. Connie says:

    Hi Nick,

    Thank you for this patience tapping it is the area I am struggling with and willing to work on, much appreciated, thank you

  10. Jennifer says:

    Thanks, Nick, you are a blessing. I am enjoying the course very much and all that you offer, thank you for your patience! God Bless you.

  11. MaLa says:

    this is a fun tapping. I am the world’s most impatient person which is, of course, based on fear of not having what I think I want and need. Even without tapping just deciding from moment to moment to have the necessary patience is calming and assuring, but thanks to your tapping suggestions it can be more powerful, still.
    keep sending your good stuff my way, I really appreciate it.

  12. Patricia says:

    Thank you! The timing of this couldn’t have been more perfect. As I move my business forward with an expansion I am caught between the fear of growing bigger and the impatience because its not happening fast enough. I have always trusted in the process, thank you for the reminder, I needed it now more than ever ☺

  13. Katherine says:

    Perfect timing! I’ve passed a strengths test, passed a face to face interview, passed a second phone interview, sent in requested references and now I wait until TOMORROW to hear the words I long to hear, “You’re hired!” Tap, tap, tappity, tap, tap… Thanks Nick, Jess and the support crew!

  14. Audrey Lloyd says:

    This article and tapping script is very timely for me right now. I am dealing with a physical healing issue, and patience has been a challenge. This tapping felt very good. This thought that patience can feel peaceful (good), hadn’t occurred to me, but it is true. It’s about trust.

  15. Nicola Clarkson says:

    Wow!, talk about perfect timing:@)

    I have been recovering from ME/CFS for 6 years now & I am starting to feel impatient because of the people around me who are putting their insecurities onto me when I am on a different path to them.

    I have been feeling worse because of the added impatience I have. I did some tapping before my last hospital appointment & it really did help me stay calm & not get annoyed at the medical staff.

    Thank you for your free tapping!

  16. kimmern says:

    thanks for ur work nick !

  17. Christine says:

    “Tap to find that patience and then cultivate it”

    Thank you for this beautiful session that we can use in big and little moments …

    Let’s cultivate that beautiful flower to reflect the beauty of God’s creation !

  18. Viveca Chatlein says:

    Just tapped my way through becoming patience. I just read this article and it had to be this way for me to read it on this sunday morning while I was feeling extremely impatience, crying about nothing and feeling very anxious. Thank you All is well and I am at peace with myself.

  19. sonja says:

    Thankyou, Its been a real game changer for me…my family is wondering how I have become so relaxed and motivated.

  20. Michael says:

    Remember tapping when you need it most…

  21. nimal fernando says:

    Thank you nick got this message in the exact time

  22. Mei says:

    Little did I know about myself , tapping on the virtue of being patient I went from 3 up to 8 then gradually come down to 2.

  23. Yes, EFT is the best way to get some Patient. says:

    Thank You Nick.

  24. Inga Schneider-Gardner says:

    This topic of patience has come in such a perfect timing. I have been learning a new job and need
    patience with myself and trust that in due time I will learn it. Thank you so much for sharing the
    tapping process to overcome this challenge. I was at a 10 on the scale and now about a 5 and hopeful that continuing tapping will bring it from 10 to 2. Thanks again…

  25. Theodora says:

    Thank you dear Nicolas for the wonderful patient tapping words.I really needed this and I am so grateful that I saw it…… I love tapping, but I never know what to say and find the right words to go with the tapping. the points are easy for me.It is like I have a mouth full of teaath but have a blockage to speak or find the needed words to go with the points. I feel so silly. I very much hope to learn it in the near future.Do you have a training how to learn to speak fluently during the tapping movements and different points?How can I learn that?do other people have that too that they have difficulties speaking and moving together at the same time? you do it so natural and calm, very wonderful and relaxed, so patient, hahahaha.You are a very great person, I admire you a lot.All the best and keep doing your wonderful work.
    warmest regards and Thanks again. I also love your sister…..God bless you, yours Theodora

  26. Karyn says:

    awesome….thank you!

  27. paul says:

    Thank you for this wonderful enlightening message. i love the idea of viewing everyone as being your teacher and all little irritations in life as well. It does give you a reason for patience to examine it and look for the lesson…

  28. Joyce Carrell says:

    Thank you very much! I’ve been going through a rough time and felt so though my soul is being sucked out of me. My mom passed away in Jan 2015 . I’ve been struggling to achieve my high school diploma since 1982 and the relationship that I’ve been holding on to for seven years was not a relationship at all

  29. mary says:

    Great information, but how can I be patient with finding a partner; been asking for 9 years?

  30. Blagovesna Naumovska says:

    Thank you so much for this tapping exercise, Nick!
    After only few rounds I feel very calm and I can breathe
    fully, my nose is totally open.. NOW! 🙂

  31. mary says:

    Thanks for this , but I’d like to know how can I bring patience when I’ve been trying to patient for 9 years of wanting a desired relationship?

  32. Arlene Eisenbise says:

    Another great tapping guide. I can use this one when I become impatient with myself for not doing enough to promote my novel. Many thanks!

  33. Esther says:

    Patience is something I’m constantly working on….tapping begins NOW!
    Thanks for the insight.

  34. DONNA COLLINS says:


  35. W says:

    this wisdom should be spread to people who drive cars, as it is often impatience that leads to hurrying, and car accidents

  36. Joyce bales says:

    Good deal mr. tapping

  37. Thanks so much dear for all the sharing n caring says:

    Grateful to u nick dear

  38. Lynne says:

    Hi Nick
    Really enjoy all the emails I get from your tapping solution. Awesome stuff just wish someone could come and teach us here in Cape Town, South Africa. LOTS ARE INTERESTED.

  39. Marie long says:

    What a great quote this is. Just think deeply about it and you realise that that is all you need in life.

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