Nick Ortner Talks with Dr. Lissa Rankin About EFT Tapping

Written by: Nick Ortner

Most people treat stress like a badge of honor. “I’m stressed out so that means I’m working hard and I’m valuable.” Without knowing it, many of us have that belief on an unconscious level.

We go into stress mode constantly to fit in, to look busy, to feel like what we’re doing and how we feel is important.  But research is showing that this constant, chronic stress mode that most people live in…is WAY more dangerous than people have ever realized.

I want to share a video with you today with Dr. Lissa Rankin, M.D., where she shares just how dangerous stress actually is.

She talks about how several years back she was wondering why many of her seemingly “healthy” patients were getting sick. Why clients who were eating right, exercising and even practicing things like meditation, were getting serious illnesses.

If you think you know what really matters when it comes to being healthy, I suggest watching this video, because it just may blow your mind with what it reveals.

What did you enjoy or learn from watching this video? How has it changed your beliefs about your ability to control your health? Share your thoughts below 🙂

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35 Comments on this post

  1. Karin says:

    Fabulous video clip – really explored the science behind tapping and what makes it work. New information I hadn’t heard before. Stress it seems is the root of all evil! Thanks.

  2. Phyllis Adams says:

    It made me realize were some of my stresses are coming from because I have suffered from panic attacks since I was 17 years old . I’m 56 now and still dealing with them and it made me realize most of it probably came from my childhood of being overprotective and told what to do every minute of the day so now it’s even hard for me even being 56 years old to get up and take a shower because there’s no one there to tell me to do it . I have a very hard time going into public places and I also had something very dramatic happened to me when I was five years old being raped by my uncle and not being able to tell anyone .even though my father was so over protecting me he didn’t know about his brother. Even though I feel scared of everything and hold a lot of resentment of people that are close in my life who I have taken out of my life now I understand where all this is coming from and how it’s affecting my health .I was also never good enough for my mother I don’t feel like anything I ever did ever please her and I was also never good enough for my mother I don’t feel like anything I ever did pleased her or it wasn’t done correctly . I also always felt like somehow it was all my fault . I know now but none of this is healthy for me. She criticize me for being overweight and I look at my pictures and I wasn’t even overweight at all but I think she was scared that I would gain weight . Thanks for letting me vent !

  3. Lise Boisvert says:

    Just finished a session, on the tapping for body pain, as it is snowing today i will be taking out my books on the ‘The tapping Solution.’ and relax to enjoy the moment!

  4. Joanne says:

    Thank you for posting this video. It re-enforces my belief that the mind can heal the body. However i dont know where to body has slid its way into disease with a heart arythmia and diabetes. The decline started when my children died. It is not an awareness of stress that i feel like what you discussed but that my body lives in a constant state of stress due to my loss. I have the tapping solution book…i will re -read it. My biggest fears..i guess they would be …is that I have so many issues I dont know where to begin….

  5. Lynnette says:

    Great information. I have been reading more about tapping, eating well, exercising, meditating, using essentiaI oils, cutting back on medications and the use of chemicals in the home, the mind body connection, and more natural methods of staying healthy. My family does not often agree with my way of thinking, and they balk at changing their beliefs. Despite their skepticism, I will try to stay strong and forge ahead to implement new methods of living my best life. It’s a challenge, but this video supports what I have been reading about through other sources. Thanks!

  6. Krysia Czerwinska says:

    I have finally got round to watching this video!! So very good and helpful. I have known about tapping for a couple of years and really not practised it much because it felt like another’ ” something I should do” , so therefore more stress…….but I have been super stressed forever and particularly the last six or seven years . I want to do but I just don’t do it. I think this interview has reignited my determination and am definitely going to move forward with the tapping. Thankyou both so much and Bless you.

  7. C.overink says:

    excellent presentation of practical ,real life advice for all of us!thank you both so very much!

  8. dawn roberts says:

    absolutely amazing thankyou once again , very inspiring start to the day

  9. Janet Metcalf says:

    Thank you so much. I love the tapping use it all the time in my yoga classes. Have shared with many. Learned from you Nick! Enjoyed here all about your life changing adventure Lissa. Tapping has helped me change my life. Thank you both for all you do. XOXO Janet

  10. Carina says:

    Thank you so much for this video about stress!! I think you two put the finger right on what “all of our mind-bodies” already know – as you mentioned – also ABOUT” stress”! It is like an antidote just watching 😀 <3<3<3

    We almost daily got the messages about how bad most stress is for us, both from the outside world (through news/media and so on) and from within; so now we even know we feel stress over being stressed.. (and so on and so on..)
    Even trying to heal yourself can now be a stressor in our lives!
    To (be able to 😉 go to the root issue.. to (actually) knew.. to (really) accept.. surrender (still with hope).. see the difference (wisely) .. have (just enough) courage (when terrified) .. DO the "right" thing (with what means you have – or not have) .. to live (anything less than) your true purpose.. (Others seem to do that!?!)
    And the epigenetic field ..!

    I use to keep this little question I once heard in my mind
    "How much do you need to know to Belief
    or how much do you need to belief to Know"
    (And depending on where I put my pronouncing the question gives me interesting/different feedback.)

    Better find my blue zone!
    To start with, I really love and appreciate this share option (my first!) WHITOUT Facebook 😀

    Keep up the good work, you are so needed!

    Grateful greetings and lots of love


    I love and appreciate this share option without Facebook ..

  11. Isa says:

    nick, you rock!y, you are awsome and so generous!
    Thanks for this interview with Lissa
    . i had stopped listening to. Lissa because she scared me in one of her tedEx talk where she said :”you either grow or you re going to grow something” That sentence terrified me and still does because I m not sure I know how to grow or how to ask the right question on how to grow..But in todays interview, I felt relieved, I can tap and question my fears and tap more and question my courage or lack of courage..and tap and accept myself for not knowing how to grow yet 🙂 and so on..

    Muchas gracias!,

  12. Nanette says:

    I loved this video and sent it to post on my Facebook. I know so many people who could be so much better if only they would watch this video and learn. Thank you Nick and Lissa for your work.

  13. Linda griffin says:

    This presentation was so awesome..she is such a clear, concise speaker..her insight into what we need resonates so much….thank you all for all your doing to help teach this self care method.
    The Art of Stillness has been lacking in our culture.

  14. Debi says:

    Very appropriate for the times we live and the issues we face. I’m going
    To get yours and Lissa’s book. Thx for helping people help themselves.

  15. teresa says:

    This video was mind blowing to me. I have just retired from my retail job of 35 years. I knew all along that it was a toxic place for me, but since leaving there, my eczema has cleared up, my allergies have not bothered me, even my neck doesn’t hurt like it used to. Stress was killing me. I still have a lot of anxiety about just normal life, but I am trying to learn how to meditate, and do my tapping on a regular basis to allow the healing to happen in this crazy old body. Thank you so much!

  16. Sandy Gardiner says:

    Thank you. I am very interested. Am forwarding this to a good friend also.

  17. Maureen says:

    Excellent information on the stress response, excellent on EFT from Nick. Very helpful. Have emailed to friends. Thanks for all you do.

  18. Cheta Balizer says:

    I really appreciated this interview. What a brilliant woman! Nick I love the way you interview and really get down to the heart of the matter. You really get the important information out there for us. I took stress reduction in college, and I learned more from this video than an entire semester. This info will make a difference in my life, and others. Thank you!!

  19. Naz says:

    Thank you Nick Ortner and Dr Lissa Rankin for sharing this amazing conversation.
    It has been very informative and educational and I really appreciate it.
    I hope I can learn to let go of stress.
    Both of you are good people and many blessings to both of you for sharing and helping others
    Thank you!

  20. kathleen anne killeen says:

    “u r only as healthy as ur roots” !!!

  21. Randi Cherry says:

    I have been following EFT for several years with great gratitude for ALL the curious souls who have been evolving this and related methods.
    For me, this interview is one of the clearest joining of the “scientific” data with the “courage to change” – why and how.
    Nick and Lissa, Thank you for all the years and connection with past generations of healing and healers.
    One interesting such-a-one was Dr. Hans Selye, A Canadian who in the 1940’s did seminal research on the roles of stress.
    Taking in the caring between you both as well as the information and enthusiasm definitely spoke the deep resistant recesses where my traumas hide out and try to continue protect me in a now inappropriate way.
    Thanks and carry on!!

  22. Joan Ferguson says:

    Wow! So much to learn and that there is a way out of stress and negativity…there is “hope” that life can be less stressful and less fearful…I like #6…surrender! Thanx for sharing!

  23. george burrows says:

    First class interview, all Doctors should take time to see and benefit themselves and their patients too – Thank you Nick 🙂

  24. Elizabeth Moen says:

    Brilliant. I changed my life, lost all my friends from the past, I don’t have any wealth any more, but I feel wonderful. It is so important to let go.

  25. Maggie says:

    I believe that you ,Lisa Rankin have found the missing link. That was a great talk and so well explained. I have heard it before and I have read your book,but to hear your explanation illuminated it for me. I have taught yoga and meditation for 30 years and am a shiatsu therapist, among other things. I am also a tapping therapist ,because it works Nick. Our fears ,are what stop us from healing,as we don’t want to do the hard stuff. Most of us, will do the excersises,diet ect.,and that can help us to heal, but you have just explained very well, why it often doesn’t heal us completely. Thank you both, for a great article.

  26. Carole collings says:

    Thank you for this most interesting interview with a medical doctor. Here we have described the exact reasons I got sick with ME/CFS and the very method I have been prescribed by my private clinic THE OPTIMUM HEALTH CLINIC set up by Alex Howard in London. Surely if one medical doctor can explain it the way this lady does then the rest of the medical world can see it too and we can ALL get treatment on our wonderful British NHS. Instead of only the lucky few who can afford it. Good luck to both of you. Keep Tapping it helps the mind to heal the body. Well done.

  27. Martin says:

    Thank you Nick for this conversation with Lissa. I got lots of messages from it, but one idea that I am very attuned to is the power of community that Lissa mentioned. I love that tapping is so accessible, easy to do but has such profound results.

  28. Helle Sørlie says:

    Hei, 4 days ago my left knee suddenly started to hurt and svelled up some. I started tapping and I have listent to you film tapping for pain several times. And unbeliveable to day the pain is gone. I’ve followed you for a cuple of years, now and again. From now on I’ll be a steady Tapper. Thank you so much. Love from Norway.

  29. Mike says:

    Agree with comments made about this “tapping” procedure being talked about. We definitely need some activity with our daily lives that promotes use of our mussels. Getting into a “state” of relaxation fully, requires much concentration in the beginning. It is what you stick with that gives it a chance to work for “you” is the thing people have trouble with. Most people need to get out of the mindset of “instantaneous” relief……..! Greatly appreciate this information….!

  30. stella says:

    Thank you Nick and Dr. Lissa for such wonderful information. It gives much needed hope to people like me who worries all the time. Relaxation I believe does wonders for the body. To learn that EFT is a good means to help us get into the relaxation mode is great. Thank you so much for helping us have a better understanding on how our body reacts to stress. Also for helping us learn how to relax which I believe is a big thing for most of us.

  31. Michele Hurlburt says:

    Loved this video!! Made me feel less anxious just by watching it!!

    Thank you

  32. Annette says:

    Wow, it gives me hope that traditional medicine is opening up to the self-healing powers of the human body! Thank you Nick and Lissa for a very informative, yet very down to earth discussion about tapping and self-healing.

  33. Carole says:

    This is super info, the stress in our lives is too much.
    We need more people believing iN tAPPING AND MORE PEACE IN THE WORLD.

  34. Diane Britcliffe says:

    One of the best interviews. Father was a doctor so need to see that it’s medically sound. Passing this onto a friend as I’ve alreadyI sent her the u-tube Lipton utube interview.

  35. Busi says:

    Hi Nick,
    For me tapping is promising to be a great solution to a multiplicity of problems. I’m just about a week into tapping, I have listened to your videos with your sister, with Louise Hay and today with doctor Lissa Rankin.
    For myself I am detecting some reduction in the pain on the right side of my brain which I would have graded at 6/10 when I started tapping now I would say its about 1 to 2/10. I have many more issues to work out and tapping is doable in the course of whatever I may be busy with.
    As for your interview with the doctor, it answered many many questions and I am yet to down load it and play it again.
    This is a real godsend of information.
    Many thanks Nick. I will keep in touch, Busi

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