A Moving Interview with THE Steve Guttenberg on Tapping, Caregiving, and More

Written by: Nick Ortner

A little while back, our customer service team forwarded me an email that said, 

Steve Guttenberg, the actor, responded to our email about the new Caregiving Support Collection, letting us know how much he loves Tapping and the APP and that he has a new book out about his caregiving journey.

Wait, what…?

Like THE Steve Guttenberg?

Mahoney in Police Academy (1, 2, 3 AND 4!) – Mahoney who cracked Jess, Alex and I up as we huddled around our little TV, all squished together on the couch during our childhood?

Like THE Steve Guttenberg from Cocoon (so beautiful!), Diner (groundbreaking!), Short Circuit (deep and so relevant to our time of machines seeming to come alive now), 3 Men and A Baby (after having kids more relatable and funny than ever) and countless other films?

Jessica, Nick, and Alex Ortner as children sitting on a brown couch with arms around each other.

Yup, that Steve.

So I emailed him back right away, learned that he’s an avid Tapper and credits it in helping him immensely in the past year (turns out he learned about it from another brilliant actor, Jason Segel) and that he’s one of the sweetest people on the planet!

I got to spend some time with him last week and it was an honor and treat for SO many reasons. As I hugged him I kept thinking, “I’m hugging Mahoney!” and my 12 year old self was in shock. Lol. 

Steven Guttenberg and Nick Ortner smiling for the camera

After he got in touch with us, he generously offered to speak with my sister, Jessica. The conversation they shared was touching, moving, and full of wisdom. 

You’ve GOT to watch it. At about 13 minutes in, he shares a hilarious story about a day his father joined him on set, and had the chance to stand in for an impressive stunt… in front of Julie Andrews. 🤩

We are SO thrilled and humbled that Steve is a fan of The Tapping Solution App. 

Want to tap along to some of Steve’s favorite sessions? 

Give some of his recommendations a try:

⭐Tip: You can find these meditations in the app by clicking the links above on your mobile device, or search for the titles in the search bar (🔍)in the app.

Steve also listens to the Daily Inspiration each and every day. Head to the dashboard on your app to listen to today’s audio!

Grab Your Copy of Time to Thank

Book cover of Steve Guttenberg's "Time to Thank" memoir on caregiving for his father

I’m really excited to share one more exciting part of this story with you. 

Steve has written a beautiful, moving, stirring, funny, thought provoking book that I just finished reading cover to cover.

It’s called “Time To Thank” and it’s a profoundly moving and beautifully written memoir that delves deep into his life and his unexpected role as a caregiver.  

It’s a heartfelt tribute to his father, who was diagnosed with kidney failure, and it chronicles the emotional and physical journey Steve undertook to care for him.

This book is a must-read for movie fans, road trip enthusiasts, and caregivers alike. It’s a poignant reminder of the importance of family, the beauty of life’s journey, and the strength we find in each other. Steve’s has created a timeless piece that will resonate with many and leave a lasting impact on all who read it. 

I LOVED this book and I think you will too. 

Pick up a copy here and let me know what you think.  

Until next time… Keep Tapping! (like Steve!)

Nick Ortner

P.S. What’s YOUR favorite Steve Guttenberg movie? Share with me in the comments below.

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