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The Tapping Solution podcast is where we share information designed to change your LIFE. Whether you're new to EFT Tapping, or an old hand, you'll find SIMPLE, inspiring information to BRIGHTEN your day, motivate you, and help you live your best life.

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Episode 57

Tapping for a Cancer Diagnosis & Treatment

When you go to the doctor and hear the word "cancer," it can be downright scary. And when you choose to undergo chemotherapy or radiation treatment, it can also take a toll on your emotions as well as your body. In this clip from Hay House Radio, Nick chats and taps with a caller who has experienced... Tune in!
Episode 56

Your EFT Tapping Questions Answered by Nick Ortner

Description: There are SO many questions I get from folks about EFT Tapping and for a good reason! While Tapping is a simple technique that can literally take less than 10 minutes to learn, its effectiveness can be profound. But how? And why? In this short podcast, I'll answer some specific question... Tune in!
Episode 55

Tapping Meditation: Quieting the Voice That Says, "You Are Not Enough"

Do you sometimes hear a little voice inside you that says, “You’re not enough”? I sure do. And I used to hear it a lot more before I used Tapping to acknowledge, quiet, and transform that voice. Today's podcast is a short 15-minute Tapping Meditation that will help you release this critical vo... Tune in!
Episode 54

Tapping for Loss & Grief

On the upcoming anniversary of the Sept 11 tragedy, the thoughts of many people will be found drifting back to that emotionally heavy day of loss and grief. In our Tapping Solution Documentary film, one of the participants experienced a similar trauma through an accident involving the loss of hi... Tune in!
Episode 53

Bruce Lipton Speaks about EFT Tapping

Epigenetics is the study of how the environment affects gene expression. Just like how the brain is now know to be changeable and non-plastic (the idea was absurd not too long ago!) it is now being proven that our genes and our bodies can be influenced by our thoughts and emotions. In this podcast, ... Tune in!
Episode 52

Who are you? Captain Kangaroo?

We all have that vivid memory from back in elementary school where we remember being joked at, picked on, embarrassed, or deflated. It may even be a minor incident, but that memory still doesn't feel good to our self-esteem, does it? In this short podcast, I'll tell you about mine and what I did to ... Tune in!
Episode 51

Dr. Ed Osburn Talks with Nick Ortner

Did you ever hear about how I first discovered Tapping and how I came to create the documentary that started it all for me and my family? In this podcast with Dr. Ed Osburn, the Chiropractic Philanthropist, you'll find out all about it, along with some great info on how Tapping works.... Tune in!
Episode 50

Tapping Meditation to Unlock Your Creativity

Creativity isn’t just about painting a picture or writing a book – it’s about opening your mind to thinking differently, to seeing different ways of fixing problems, and finding solutions. No matter what line of work you're in, engaging your creative side will help you to succeed. Here's a gre... Tune in!
Episode 49

Sticking To Healthy Habits With Jessica Ortner

Are you someone that wants to incorporate healthier habits in your life, but think that you don't have the time, or just don't know where to start? Listen in to this podcast as Jessica Ortner talks about how to make changes in your life without criticizing yourself every step of the way.... Tune in!
Episode 48

Tapping Into Forgiveness with Nick Ortner

Is there someone in your life that you want to forgive but you're having a hard time doing so? Listen in to this podcast as Nick guides you to acknowledge your feelings, and then let them go, so you can move into forgiveness. ... Tune in!

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