EFT Tapping Articles

Are you stuck with a phobia?

The anxious voice at the end of the phone told me she was 38, pregnant, had a phobia to needles, and while her doctor was desperate for her to have a blood test, she couldn’t even set foot in the medical centre. “ No problem,” I thought, and asked her when she needed to have […]

The Power of Perspective

I used to stand at the edge of the ocean watching my grandfather skip stones across its surface. Always in awe as I watched the stone’s interaction with the surface of the water; slowing down after each sequential rise and fall until it was out of sight. Unbiased to the “imperfect” ones, it was likely […]

How Big Is Your Beach Ball?

When I teach or present EFT, I can always count on one question:  “Why do we emphasize the negative in the setup statement?  Isn’t that just keeping us stuck in what we don’t want?” It may seem that way, but this part of the tapping routine is really critical to success.  Here’s the simple explanation […]

Narcissus Was a Jerk

Recently I had a Skype session with B., a client who had gained a pound and was having a bad hair day. When we explored the roots of her body-image discontent, we discovered a little girl inside B. who learned it was ungodly to wear nice clothing or have beautiful hair. Her mother, a strict […]

EFT for Coping with Infertility and Enhancing Fertility

Infertility can affect every area of life, impacting not only a couple’s health and relationship, the persistent inability to conceive can also eat away at their self-esteem. Careers can be affected by having to take time away from work for tests and treatment and, as the majority of fertility treatment has to be paid for privately, the financial strain can add to the burden.

Breakfast: The Key to a Happy Life

Though my mother’s parenting skills weren’t great, she did always make sure I had breakfast in my little belly every morning. Her “smoothie” was one of my favorites: whole milk, vanilla extract, raw egg (no salmonella in those days), and frozen overripe bananas whirred in the blender. I drank these down, wiped away my milk moustache, and held out my empty glass for more.

Clearing Early Abuse Issues Causing Autoimmune Disorders

When approaching an autoimmune case in a natural, holistic way, where an individual’s body is starting to work against itself, often there is a deep feeling of deserving to be hurt or abused – an unworthiness to be healthy.

Classic EFT Set-up Statement May Help Autoimmune Cases

Working with autoimmune cases shows the high incidence of people who have subconscious emotional blocks causing very low self-esteem, feelings of unworthiness, lack of self-love, among other negative emotions.

Tapping the “Heart Center” for Autoimmune Disorders

An effective meridian tapping area for deep issues like those involved in autoimmune disorders is at the “Heart Center”. Practitioners may use this point while people are still giving their history. If emotion comes up immediately when thinking of a time of life, situation, person – anything that’s heartfelt, or holds deep emotion, then this area is a good place to start tapping. Whenever you are working on any old issue coming from a deep place in the subconscious or the emotional body, it is a very good starting place that can be used regularly with great success.

Issues Underlying Autoimmune Disorders

People with immune disorders and autoimmune issues often present with an emotional component underlying the physical and mental symptoms. Many severe cases have been treated successfully using energy therapy/ energy psychology tools including EFT/ Emotional Freedom Techniques and NEAT/ Neuro-Emotional Anti-sabotage Technique, among other modalities.