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People with autoimmune disorders and autoimmune issues often present with an emotional component underlying the physical and mental symptoms. Many severe cases have been treated successfully using energy therapy/ energy psychology tools including EFT/ Emotional Freedom Techniques and NEAT/ Neuro-Emotional Anti-sabotage Technique, among other modalities.

When the body decides to start beating up on itself or going in and attacking itself, which is what happens when you have an autoimmune disorder, there is usually an inner reason that the body is doing that. The body doesn’t naturally know how to be sick. The body doesn’t naturally ever go against itself. The body is a fine-tuned instrument that knows how to be in balance and knows how to keep you healthy and alive. It doesn’t know how create dis-ease, which is a symptom of being out of balance, usually caused by an energetic or emotional, chemical, toxic, or structural force, substance, or issue creating the imbalance. The discomfort, dis-ease, or condition occurs as the body compensates for the imbalance in its normal system.

Sometimes a subconscious limiting belief or stored emotion due to an earlier emotional reaction can create the imbalance that leads to an inner attack on the immune system.

This might be a limiting belief that you don’t deserve to be healthy, or a belief that at a certain age the body is supposed to start falling apart or getting old or dilapidated. All inner beliefs and traumatic things that lead to beliefs can definitely cause the body to start imploding on itself. That is why energy psychology work is so potent when it comes to looking at the autoimmune.

Look back into your beliefs. Note those that came from your primary caregivers. Do you consciously agree with these beliefs? Maybe you don’t now go along with the same ideas of your parents and others with whom you spent your early years, however, the old belief system may still hold power within your energy field or subconscious. When you think you believe one thing and yet the inner self is holding onto a different way of looking at life, then you can have a major inner turmoil.

Examine your early religious training. Do you still believe all that was said to you as a young person about God’s relationship to you, and vice versa? What if somewhere inside you believe that you are evil because you are human. Maybe part of you believes that God or the Supreme Power does not wish for you to be healthy, happy, nurtured, loved, etc. Maybe part of you feels that you have failed to live up to the teachings of the Bible or other holy scripture and that you are destined to damnation because of your perceived failings. These may not be at all logical, however the subconscious or limbic, emotional mind is not logical, and you cannot expect it to be. So, it is up to you to examine your inner beliefs or to find a practitioner who may be able to ask your body and energy field to provide keys to the incongruencies which may be causing the imbalance causing your condition.

In many cases of unplanned pregnancies the child (which might be you) takes on the shock as well as all other emotions felt by the pregnant mother. If a pregnancy is perceived at the time to be a hardship, hassle, painful experience, frightening situation, financial burden, or shameful condition, then the baby may take on feelings of guilt, unworthiness to live, shame, fear, among other self-defeating emotions which are held inside and gradually manifested in life as result of outside stimuli or triggers.

You may know somebody who suffers from chemical toxicity, but they may have been affected by that later in life. Toxic contamination may have been the “last straw” that finally triggered inner, earlier weaknesses leading to auto-immune disorder. “Why was the body set up to run into that situation and then trigger that complete breakdown?”, or “Why was the body ready to fall apart, and then was pushed over the edge?” are the kinds of questions a practitioner asks as she searches for emotional causes for the whole breakdown of the system. A traditional medical doctor puts labels on the condition, which we don’t do in energy therapy. We look at what’s actually happening and address the cause of the symptoms as well as the symptoms themselves in order to clear the root cause rather than mask the symptoms.

With autoimmune issues it’s important to become a detective looking for causes for the subconscious to deem itself unworthy of good health, survival, success, abundance, happiness, hope for a positive future.


Examine your own “story” and how it relates to the issues described above. Listen for that inner critical voice; if it is regularly loud and berating, then this is also a place to do some tapping work.

There are many places to begin EFT tapping when focusing on your autoimmune issue. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Symptoms
  • History of your Illness
  • Contributing Factors (Issues listed above)
  • Diagnosis and Physician visits & interventions
  • Lifestyle Changes & Losses
  • Inner Critical Voice based on Beliefs
  • Relationships & Interactions with Others
  • Expectations/or Hopes for the Future

Remember that wherever you begin, you will benefit!

Just do it!

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