Classic EFT Set-up Statement May Help Autoimmune Cases

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Working with autoimmune cases shows the high incidence of people who have subconscious emotional blocks causing very low self-esteem, feelings of unworthiness, lack of self-love, among other negative emotions.

These inner stuck energetics lead to the outer manifestation of oftentimes debilitating physical conditions. At this point the medical community is baffled at what causes autoimmune conditions, and can only treat the symptoms. One regularly applied intervention is to suppress the patient’s immune system so that it no longer hurts its own body. This seems to go against natural balance and leaves the body susceptible to even more serious ailments that it can no longer fight against.

Energy therapy modalities including EFT tapping have worked dramatically to help clear the emotional causes of some of the worst conditions facing our society today including: arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, thyroid conditions, psoriasis, among many others. Often the body starts to let go of symptoms after just 3-5 energy therapy sessions when deep emotions are the root cause of dis-ease, so this is why living with a “Life Sentence” of pain and discomfort need not be necessary.

In approaching the use of EFT tapping to support clearing the symptoms of your condition, you need to be able to use the setup statement for Classical EFT, which includes, “Even though this feels bad,” and you name it and feel it, “I deeply and completely love and accept/ appreciate myself.”

Your intention is to clear potential deeply hidden feelings about yourself, searching for stray emotions, traumas both experienced and witnessed second hand, and it is necessary for you to start a dialogue with your subconscious that gains its trust. In order to identify why the energetic biofield may be hanging onto abuse-based criticism, self-hate, shame, low self-esteem, and the sense of worthlessness, you must first get beyond your obvious blocks to saying “I love myself,” “I accept myself”, “I appreciate myself,” as used in the original EFT set-up statement.

If you have any doubt or resistance to using this statement, then focus on the reluctance and how you feel about it, and tap on the Heart Center area as you feel and say the following statements out loud: [This is a powerful tapping area to connect with deep subconscious issues. Put your index finger at your Thymus Point, which is in the center of your upper chest, on the midline of the ribcage. Then your middle finger goes where a woman’s cleavage would be and the other two fingers directly below that in a vertical line between the breasts.]

I love myself.

I respect myself.

I deeply and completely accept myself.

I know that in each moment, I do the best that I can do.

I know that I’m human and I sometimes make mistakes.

I know that in every moment, I do the best that I can do.

I love myself.

I always do the best I can do in every moment.

I choose to love myself more.

I choose to talk nicely to myself.

I choose to turn down the volume on that self-critic.

I choose to love myself.

It is good for me to love myself.

God wants me to love myself.

It is my birthright to love myself.

I choose to feel love.

I choose to clear all obstacles keeping me from loving me!

I choose to clear all obstacles keeping me from feeling love.

I choose to accept that I’m not perfect.

I choose to recognize the good in me.

I deserve to be loved.

I choose to be loved.

I deserve to accept love from others.

I deserve to feel love coming from others.

I love and accept myself.

I love and appreciate myself.

I love and respect myself.

After tapping on these statements until each feels more comfortable [SUDS goes to 0-2], then go back through the statements while tapping on the Nose and Chin points – above and below the lips. [You may place your index and middle finger horizontally above and below your mouth for this tapping position.] This helps you to balance your body as well as your “persona” with this concept of self-appreciation and love.

After becoming congruent with being able to use the EFT set-up statement, now you can start addressing the specifics of what may be causing the autoimmune issue in your body.

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    Would like to know if there is a video by you Dr. Anne Merkel, as I have 3 autoimmune disorders affecting me, all related. Any website for Group Tapping/Skype, online? Thank you, so ready to rid myself of all this baggage.

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