EFT Tapping Articles

How to Really Get What You Want, and Why Tapping for Patience can Help

Have you heard this one before? “I’ve tried everything and I’ve done everything, but I just can’t get what I want!” It would be shocking if you hadn’t heard it, as it’s sadly an all-too familiar cry. Actually, because you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you feel that way yourself. Why can’t you get […]

Overspending? Get Your Personal Budget Back on Track with EFT

Do you frequently have shopping bags in your house – little ones, big ones, bags of all different colors? It doesn’t matter how expensive the contents are; in fact, what’s inside of them doesn’t matter at all. The main concern is that you’re always spending money, especially if it’s laying waste to your personal budget […]

How to Use Tapping to Get Some Much-Needed Me Time and Recharge Your Life

Many of us charge into the New Year on a mission to revitalize our life, whether that means losing weight, boosting our finances, or hitting a personal goal that has eluded us for some time. We write up our to-do lists and schedules and hit the ground running. Before long, however, you might find it […]

Getting Rid of that Holiday Weight Gain with EFT

Are you a little heavier than you were three months ago? Many of us are, and it’s completely understandable. Who doesn’t indulge a bit over the holidays? That doesn’t make you feel any better though, right? That’s just the problem.

Three Things You Can Do to Make 2013 the Year of Your Financial Breakthrough Using EFT Tapping

If you conducted a survey of people who have achieved great financial abundance, quite a few of them would probably be able to tell you the very date that everything changed. They almost certainly would be able to tell you the year where things shifted for them. Could you decide to make 2013 that year for yourself? Here’s how tapping can help.

Why Can’t I Lose Weight?! How It Might Be Protecting You

We’ve all heard quite a bit about using EFT for cravings and asking questions about feelings around food when you eat – and then using tapping instead of overeating. That’s all good. Losing Weight Isn’t Always About Eating But many times not being able to lose weight is not about eating. What if your subconscious […]

Powerful Tapping: Five Tips You Should Know When Using EFT

There are so many EFT tapping scripts out there, so many different ideas on how to use them, and so many different opinions on the right and wrong way to tap. During my healing adventure through chronic illness, I had an opportunity to try it all—and discover what helped me clear the fastest, and the most completely.

Now, as a professional energy therapy practitioner, I can confidently say EFT works for a wide variety of issues from; but if you don’t know these crucial tips, you could be missing out on deep and complete healing.

EFT For Action and Success: The Ugly Truth

This is something virtually nobody wants to hear: You will need to be willing to feel some uncomfortable feelings if you are going to achieve your ultimate goals. Why? Because in order to become successful you will need to get yourself to do some things that you don’t currently like to do.

Understanding and Overcoming Addictions and Cravings with EFT

What do you do if you just can’t stop? Overcoming addictions isn’t easy. Sometimes you’re able to ignore your cravings, but what do you do if you just can’t stop overeating, drinking, drugging, spending, gambling, smoking, sitting at your computer watching porn, cruising bars for one night stands, text messaging or some other addiction that only makes you feel good temporarily?

How Long Does It Take For EFT To Work?

EFT works instantly. If you focus on the negative feeling and tap, the feeling will lesson. I use EFT daily; when the dog is barking next door for too long, when I get an upsetting email, when I’m worried about something or someone, when I’m waiting to hear a result of a test, when I’m under a lot of stress and even when I’m on a long trip and can’t get to the restroom.