Tapping the “Heart Center” for Autoimmune Disorders

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An effective meridian tapping area for deep issues like those involved in autoimmune disorders is at the “Heart Center”.

To access this area you place your index finger at the Thymus Point (in the center of your upper chest, along the central sternum) and then put the middle finger two or three inches below that, (where a woman’s cleavage would be,) then the other two fingers directly below that in a vertical line, right on the sternum, on the middle of the ribcage between the breasts. [If you are female and wearing a bra, make sure the tapping can actually get to the bone. Not necessarily skin to skin, but if there’s a bra that’s being held away from the sternum with strong elastic, it may cause a bouncing off of the location rather than a grounded tap. In this case you may be getting some energetic benefit, but probably not getting all that you might if you had a different kind of bra or no bra.]

Practitioners may use this point while people are still giving their history. If emotion comes up immediately when thinking of a time of life, situation, person – anything that’s heartfelt, or holds deep emotion, then this area is a good place to start tapping. Whenever you are working on any old issue coming from a deep place in the subconscious or the emotional body, it is a very good starting place that can be used regularly with great success.

It is best used when you are thinking of or telling a story or sifting back through memories, or you are in the center of a wave of emotion. Allow yourself to feel the emotion and then lead yourself through parts of your history or story that hold charge. Scan your feelings and go more deeply into these while tapping at the Heart Center. Sometimes this is the only area that needs to be used in an entire session – with great results.


This exercise may take several sessions to complete the steps listed. Do not try to take on too much at once. Go at your own pace and focus on the aspects that you can, clearing them as you go. Try to complete one step at a time, feeling the issues while tapping until the feeling neutralizes. Gauge your energy level as you go. Then, remember to nurture yourself after performing the exercise by taking it easy and drinking lots of water for at least 24 hours. A calming Epsom salts bath is also helpful.

Focus on your own immune or autoimmune issues while tapping on the “Heart Center” area as described above.

  • Feel the sensations of the physical symptoms you are currently experiencing. BREATHE OUT the pain or other sensations and continue tapping here until you start to feel a lessening of the sensations. Remember to drink water between each of these tapping issues. Now go to the next line.
  • Think back to the beginning of when you started feeling the symptoms of your disorder. What was going on in your life then? How did the symptoms begin? How did they feel? BREATHE OUT the emotional charge and/or physical sensations and continue here until you start to feel these neutralizing. Now move on.
  • Replay the memories of any consultations with doctors or other practitioners where you were given “bad news” about your condition. Focus on any areas where you feel an emotional charge. BREATHE OUT the emotional charge or feelings and continue tapping here until you feel these neutralizing.
  • Focus on all that you have lost during this illness. You no longer have freedom in certain areas of your life. You may have lost a job or relationship or other. Remember how it used to be before this condition occurred in your life. Look for the hidden sadness, anger, resentment, grief, etc. TAP and BREATHE OUT the emotions, the loss, the angst, anything you feel.
  • Think of the reactions of others toward you since you started showing symptoms of this condition. Focus on any negative reactions, remarks, losses in friendships, shifts in relationships, etc. BREATHE OUT the negatives and emotional charge.
  • Focus now on your feelings for the future. These may be dismal or hope-filled. Either way, feel and tap. BREATHE OUT any negatives and BREATHE IN the positives.

You may wish to use this exercise several times in order to focus on different issues, memories, aspects of your life and experience with autoimmune. Each time you approach the exercise, scan for any feelings, emotional charge, inner resistance of any kind related to your condition, past, present, future. Tapping will provide positive benefits and will allow your body to feel freer to re-balance and strengthen its own self-healing mechanisms.

Also, this exercise, or even parts of it, may bring up memories, cause you to have dreams, or trigger flashbacks of memory from your subconscious mind / limbic brain / electro-magnetic bio-field. If anything seems upsetting, then use your tapping tools to just neutralize and clear the emotional charge.

You have the power to change your patterns and to let go of hurt now and for good! It is up to you to use the tools!

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    what if the person with the auto-immune disorder is a child? Type 1 diabetes, for instance? No child abuse, no family death, no apparent major trauma.

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