The Tapping Solution Podcast

with Alex Ortner

On The Tapping Solution Podcast we share information, strategies, tapping and at times inspiring interviews, all to help YOU live your best life!.

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Episode 46

How Tapping Can Help You to Create an Abundant and Fulfilling Financial Future

In this podcast you'll learn how break free from your limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from having the money and success you deserve. Tune in!
Episode 45

The Metaphors on How We Approach Childbirth and Parenting

In this podcast, Jessica talks with Rebekah Borucki of BexLife about the miracles of childbirth, parenting and the metaphors within. Tune in!
Episode 44

Overcome Your Fear of Flying – Tapping Meditation With Nick Ortner

The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that more than 20 million Americans suffer from a fear of flying. In this podcast tap along as Nick walks you through a soothing tapping meditation to overcome your fear of flying.... Tune in!
Episode 43

Going Deep with Meggan Watterson

In this podcast Jessica talks with Meggan Watterson. It's an honest conversation about our relationship with ourselves and with our spirit. Can we strip away all the judgements, all the expectations, all the pressure, in order to see who we really are and what we really want?... Tune in!
Episode 42

Getting Unstuck - Making Changes With Grace and Ease

Have you been trying to make a change but you're feeling stuck? In this podcast Jessica will be interviewing wellness maven, Latham Thomas on how to make life changes with grace and ease.... Tune in!
Episode 41

Jessica Ortner Talks With Tara Stiles

Yoga guru and fitness expert, Tara Stiles, joins Jessica to discuss her book, "Make Your Own Rules Diet". Tara shares tips on cleaning up your diet and making positive life changes.... Tune in!
Episode 40

Tapping to Increase Your Energy and Expand Your Breath

Listen in as Nick taps with Kelly on how to increase your energy by expanding your breath with Tapping. Tune in!
Episode 39

Uncovering The Ancient Eastern Philosophies Behind Tapping

Jessica Ortner talks with Gwenn Bonnell about the meridians and what each tapping point represents. You'll learn how to tell when your energy is being disrupted at a particular point, and which tapping points are most significant to you. Plus we'll go through a powerful tapping routine that quickly ... Tune in!
Episode 38

What To Do When You Don't Know What To Do

There is a part of us that thinks our panic is productive, yet when you have that panicked feeling you can't make a good decision. The very first step is to give yourself a moment to let go of the panic. Listen in to this podcast as Jessica talks about how to do this.... Tune in!
Episode 37

Finding and Keeping The Love You Desire with Rachel DeAlto

Today is all about matters of the heart. Jessica welcomes guest Rachel DeAlto to the show. A relationship expert, Rachel will share the top 3 blocks keeping you from the love you want and the top 3 ways to reignite and nourish your current relationship.... Tune in!

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