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Three Things You Can Do to Make 2013 the Year of Your Financial Breakthrough Using EFT Tapping

If you conducted a survey of people who have achieved great financial abundance, quite a few of them would probably be able to tell you the very date that everything changed. They almost certainly would be able to tell you the year where things shifted for them. Could you decide to make 2013 that year for yourself? Here’s how tapping can help.


How to Use Tapping to Get Some Much-Needed Me Time and Recharge Your Life

Many of us charge into the New Year on a mission to revitalize our life, whether that means losing weight, boosting our finances, or hitting a personal goal that has eluded us for some time. We write up our to-do lists and schedules and hit the ground running. Before long, however, you might find it […]


Overspending? Get Your Personal Budget Back on Track with EFT

Do you frequently have shopping bags in your house – little ones, big ones, bags of all different colors? It doesn’t matter how expensive the contents are; in fact, what’s inside of them doesn’t matter at all. The main concern is that you’re always spending money, especially if it’s laying waste to your personal budget […]


How to Really Get What You Want, and Why Tapping for Patience can Help

Have you heard this one before? “I’ve tried everything and I’ve done everything, but I just can’t get what I want!” It would be shocking if you hadn’t heard it, as it’s sadly an all-too familiar cry. Actually, because you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you feel that way yourself. Why can’t you get […]


Manifesting with EFT: How Tapping Can Help You Get What You Want

You know what you want, don’t you? If you’re reading this article, there’s a good chance you do, but if you’re like a lot of people, your big question is how to get it! Over the last few years, the general public has been introduced to the law of attraction through a variety of speakers […]


How To Use EFT to Get Rid of Your Resentment

I’m sure you’ve seen this quote from the Buddha floating around the Internet before; maybe it popped up on your Facebook feed or a friend emailed it to you: “Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.” It’s clear why these particular thoughts about resentment have become so popular: they contain a profound and inescapable truth.


Getting Focused and Curing Your Facebook Addiction with Tapping

Do you have a Facebook addiction? It’s surprising how many of us are. Even if you don’t quite have a Facebook addiction, there’s a good chance that you spend a lot of your day focused on things that are hurting your productivity. It’s so common that many people don’t see it as a problem…


How Keeping a Personal Journal Can Deeply Enrich Your Tapping

Do you sometimes find yourself at a loss for words when tapping? Whether you’re new to tapping or have been tapping for some time, you’ve probably studied tapping routines from some amazing EFT practitioners and made a great deal of progress on any personal issues that have been bothering you. When you start getting more in touch with the roots of your personal issues, you’ll probably want to start creating tapping routines of your own…


How to Save Your Relationship With EFT

There are few things more depressing than relationship troubles. In fact, depression is just the least of it. Heartbreak is one of the deepest pains we can know in this lifetime, and it’s even worse when we’re in a failing relationship where that heartbreak comes and goes. You just don’t know what to do or where it will end. You may feel like all hope is lost, but if there’s one thing I know that can help you save a relationship, it’s tapping. Here’s how…


Enjoyable exercise? How Tapping Can Lead You to Workouts You Actually Look Forward To

Let’s be honest about something: working out can seem like a real drag sometimes. For many, it feels that way all the time, but is it possible to shift that and make it so that you actually enjoy exercise? Since I’ve been working with tapping, I’ve seen firsthand how the health and wellness industry has spread the gospel of setting and achieving fitness goals to everyone from teenagers to grandmothers, not just athletes…


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  1. Goolcher says:

    Thank you so much Nick for your most valuable tool of EFT.
    Gratitude and blessings.

  2. Carol-Anne Tan says:

    Your book has finally come to New Zealand and have purchased a copy. I cannot wait until it comes in the post. Thanks


    I use EFT every day to free myself of many feelings such as stress and fearful thoughts. It has been the best discovery for my health and well being

  4. patty says:

    Hi Nick,
    I’ve been interested in EFT for about a year now. Last night I sat in on your webinar and am quite interested in taking part in your 7 week session. Since I do not have the funds at this time, I wonder if you would ever consider letting me participate and once I realize my financial breakthrough, I will repay the registration cost. I know this session will help me immensely to move past this state of poor financial health that I am in.

    Thank you for considering my request.


  5. Suzann says:

    Regarding the webinar broadcast on Sept 5, 2013 I understood that there would be a pdf. available for me todownload. I didn’t see where I would have access to it so I did not get it. Is it possible to still have access to it?

  6. tammy says:

    do you have anyone in Salt Lake–doing tapping?so i can go to see them…

  7. Hannah says:

    I’ve attended lectures on tapping in the retirement home where I live. I’m very impressed with the claims that EFT makes on healing. I have a varicose ulcer on my leg which hasn’t healed in 7 months. Will tapping do the trick?

  8. jess says:

    I did some tapping today for the first time and then I started laughing quite a bit, I think this is going to be very interesting, who knows what’s going to happen !

  9. Moe says:

    Blessings and thank You All for the wonderful gifts you are sharing!!! I have purchased many copies of the “original tapes and Summits” and have given them as gifts, I so enjoy spreading your good news…
    I wanted to buy the Seven weeks program, and I am unable to find it. Is there a place on your sites that still have it for sale?

  10. […] to heal my stress, guilt, and anxiety. I tapped. The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) hails from Nick and Jessica Ortner (two unleashed bad-asses) and involves tapping the fingers on various pressure […]

  11. Jaspreet Sekhon says:

    Hi Nick,

    Just wondering if we can tap as proxy for someone else.


  12. Andrea says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed the Tapping world summit and am finally halfway through reading your book which just makes me want to know more and learn to actually practise EFT – thank you!!

  13. Andrea says:

    Any tips on how to delve deeper into finding the real reason behind my husband’s back pain would be much appreciated…thanks!

  14. esther cassino says:

    I ordered the book the tapping solutions more than a week ago and I haven’t received . thanks Esther Cassino

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