Overspending? Get Your Personal Budget Back on Track with EFT

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Do you frequently have shopping bags in your house – little ones, big ones, bags of all different colors?

It doesn’t matter how expensive the contents are; in fact, what’s inside of them doesn’t matter at all. The main concern is that you’re always spending money, especially if it’s laying waste to your personal budget and ballooning your debt.

It also doesn’t matter whether you feel rich or poor, because overspending can affect even the wealthiest among us. These days, you don’t need to look very far for evidence of that.

For some, outlining a personal budget simply doesn’t help, and many people have never worked with a financial advisor either. When these practical steps have failed or can’t be accomplished, how can you hope to end overspending?

In my mind, that’s not the question to ask. The approach worth taking is “why are you overspending to begin with?”

Why the Money Just Goes…

Overspending is commonly regarded as a problem relating to self-discipline, and while that’s definitely a component, there’s often an emotional element to the problem as well.

Over the last 10 years, I’ve been teaching people all over the world how tapping can solve their personal problems, the common ones being debt and overspending. During that time, I’ve come to notice that many people who overspend or find themselves faced with crippling debt are compensating for some degree of personal dissatisfaction with their life.

For example:

  • Many compulsive shoppers feel under-appreciated and unhappy
  • Major debt and hoarding things you don’t need can be an expression of grief
  • Boredom and disillusionment can lead to profuse spending

The list goes on.

How Tapping Can End Your Overspending

If you’ve tried being strict with yourself in sticking to your personal budget, but have found no luck, you might want to try investigating your emotional connection to overspending.

Tapping, also called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), works by tapping on your energy meridian points, some of the same places on your body that are manipulated during acupuncture.

By tuning into and verbalizing your feelings while you do this, you’re able to discover and remove emotional blockages that have been manifesting themselves as behavior you’d like to quit such as overspending.

In case you haven’t tried tapping before, you can learn this simple technique in just a few minutes by checking out this short How to Tap video. Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to dive in.

Begin by thinking about how you feel when you’ve “caught” yourself overspending. Rate the feeling on a scale from 1 to 10, and repeat these phrases while tapping on your karate chop point:

  • “Even though I feel guilty for spending so much money, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”
  • “Even though I feel as if I have no self-control, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”
  • “Even though it bothers me that I don’t seem to notice when I’m overspending, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Next, move through the tapping points.

Eyebrow: “This is so frustrating.”
Side of Eye: “I can’t stop spending.”
Under Eye: “I feel so weak.”
Under Nose: “Why can’t I stop?”
Chin Point: “I’m like a child with money.”
Collarbone: “I just can’t figure this out.”
Under Arm: “I feel so needy; I always want more, even if I don’t need it.”
Top of the Head: “I feel so insecure.”

Eyebrow: “Why do I always do this?”
Side of Eye: “Just when I think I have it all figured out, the money goes down the drain.”
Under Eye: “I’m so out of control.”
Under Nose: “Why can’t I stop?”
Chin Point: “I just want to figure this out.”
Collarbone: “I wish I knew what to do.”
Under Arm: “I’m so fed up and angry with myself.”
Top of the Head: “Why am I so undisciplined?”

Repeat this routine as many times as you need to until the feeling subsides. Be sure to note any feelings that arise along the way, as they may give you some hint as to why you feel the need to overspend. You can use them as phrases while tapping as well.

Once you’ve neutralized the feeling a bit, start again at the eyebrow.

Eyebrow: “I don’t want to feel frustrated anymore.”
Side of Eye: “I am stronger than this.”
Under Eye: “I grant myself the wisdom to understand why I’m overspending.”
Under Nose: “I now choose to release this pattern of overspending.”
Chin Point: “I can figure this out.”
Collarbone: “It’s not that hard.”
Under Arm: “It’s safe to release this pattern.”
Top of the Head: “I can do this. I choose to do it now.”

Something to keep in mind is that there’s a strong chance that your sense of personal power is attached to your personal finances. By doing this routine, you can not only curb your overspending once and for all, but also improve your sense of self. There are few things worth more than that!

What emotion do you think your overspending might be linked to? Let’s discuss it in the comments below!




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Nick Ortner

Nicolas Ortner is CEO of The Tapping Solution, LLC, a company with a mission to bring simple, effective, natural healing into the mainstream through Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) or “tapping.” Tapping is a healing modality that combines ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology. Nick’s goal is to empower people to create healthy, financially abundant and […]




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11 Responses to “Overspending? Get Your Personal Budget Back on Track with EFT”

  1. Patricia Hanney says:

    The majority of my debt has been due to my son, without getting to deep into it, he has unknowingly used my credit cards…how can EFT help with this and further debt…Thank You

  2. Ingrid says:

    You asked what emotion might I think overspending might be linked to?

    over spending = trying to feel good
    trying to get a lift

    I guess its linked to a feeling of boredom that comes with resignation, frustration, not feeling good.. I guess it boils down to….*powerlessness*

  3. Clara Evans says:

    The emotion of fear

  4. Jayne says:

    Thank you Nick for these great articles. For me, since getting into trouble financially several years ago….then losing my job, climbing back up, getting back on track, losing another job….etc….for me, my financial problem is hoarding money and not paying my bills…there’s not enough, what if I lose this job (although, when the money is good – I can spend too!). I just can’t seem to stay on track. I finally broke through my “earning ceiling” by reinventing myself and getting a better job, only to be a poor performer which increases my fear of losing my job – so I hoard my money instead of getting out of debt. I just can’t seem to get started, the mail just piles up….there’s more, but I’ll stop there for now.

    Thank you,

  5. Denise L. Graves says:

    With anticipation, I waited for module 1 release. I found it quite freeing. Thank you for the thoughtful presentation.

  6. Pauline says:

    I think in my case it overspending was due to grief over my daughter’s severe mental illness that I had been dealing with for a decade… now I am dealing with the physical effects of that stress. Also a less than supportive husband during the whole time… just didn’t understand.
    There may also be some boredom there as well!

  7. Jenny says:

    Wow Jayne, someone else with the same issue as me. I have been known not to pay bills in case a bill comes in and I need the money to pay it. Crazy
    Nick and Jessica

  8. Lisa Bowen says:

    Thanks for a great Tap 🙂 I now overspend when I don’t have much money. I used to overspend all the time so I guess that’s an improvement. It’s definitely linked to feeling that I don’t have enough. I’ve been working on this for a while so this is perfect, thank you.
    Stay Special

  9. susan says:

    Thank you for the great insights Nick.
    I would have to say that my overspending is connected to Guilt as that is the feeling that I have when I am in store and no I don’t have much money in my account and I am spending again and the connection to that of being out of control. Times in my life when I have felt I had no control and stuffed things up so I feel hyper vigilant in not letting myself get out of control. My body shows me ways I have not got control and that’s scarey, just like the overspending, as it is like I can’t stop, even though I want to!! It a control issue!!! wrapped in a parcel of guilt and unforgiveness. If I forgive myself I would feel selfish, because I just want to let myself of the hook and I don’t know how to do that, yet I can start now with tapping, so I choose to start with that, as I have no idea how to let go of this insurmountable mountain of guilt except one tap at a time. I am grateful for your help Nick thank you.

  10. Rachel Rasmussen says:

    For me I feel like I am so uncomfortable right now. The weather is cold and the days are so short here I

  11. Rachel Rasmussen says:

    For me I feel like I am so uncomfortable right now. The weather is cold and the days are so short here in Canada. I have been on a major spending bender of online shopping since the temperature dropped. I keep buying “warm” stuff. Like another set of mittens can make me comfortable again. This should help a lot. Thank you.

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