Manifesting with EFT: How Tapping Can Help You Get What You Want

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You know what you want, don’t you?

If you’re reading this article, there’s a good chance you do, but if you’re like a lot of people, your big question is how to get it!

Over the last few years, the general public has been introduced to the law of attraction through a variety of speakers and films such as “The Secret”. Millions have worked with its principles in order to attract what they want into their lives.

You might even be one of them.

If that’s the case, how come you haven’t been able to get what you want?

The Missing Key to the Law of Attraction

This is by no means an attempt to disparage the law of attraction. It’s a universal principle that works wonders, and I say this from experience. The law of attraction has brought me so much joy and abundance in my own life.

The problem is that many people skip a key step, one they may be totally unaware of to begin with.

You want to align yourself with the feelings that will arise once you’re successful, but that can be difficult to do if you’re still mired in old patterns and subconsciously clinging to limiting beliefs.

In short, you have to get rid of the bad stuff before you can fill up on the real goodies!

That’s where manifesting with eft tapping comes in.

Think of it as your personal garbage removal system, but you can also consider it a magic wand for calming your brain. Now that being said, it’s important to note that tapping has research and science behind it as well. Studies show that tapping actually helps you reduce stress by calming the amygdala, the part of your brain that is responsible for your emotions and reactions.

EFT is an amazing tool because it allows us to manage our emotions in a powerful and direct way, doing away once and for all with whatever has been holding us back.

Tapping those negative feelings away creates emotional space for the positive thoughts that we want to tap into, the ones that will tune us into exactly what we want.

This is likely what you’ve been missing if you’ve been unsuccessful with the law of attraction.

How to Get What You Really Want With Tapping

If you’re new to EFT, then this short video will teach you the steps of tapping. It’s so ridiculously easy that you might second-guess how powerful it is. However, once you’ve mastered it, there’s no way you’ll question how much it can do.

Once you’ve done that, check out the routine in this article, “Manifesting Quickly With EFT”. It will walk you step-by-step through how you can address your blockages to the positive and powerful thoughts that will attract and manifest that which you’re seeking.

You are so deserving of everything you’ve dreamed of, and it’s just waiting for you to catch up with it. Tapping can help you get free of the emotional deadweight that’s been holding you back. You’re so much closer than you think!

Do you have a good story about how law of attraction has worked for you? Share your story below!

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Nick Ortner

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3 Responses to “Manifesting with EFT: How Tapping Can Help You Get What You Want”

  1. Sandi says:

    Hi, thanks for all your work and everything you have given. I have been tapping for several years now, and still cannot move on. Yes I feel peaceful, relaxed etc. and I am always surprised at what comes up.
    But I still cannot ‘press the button’ for the things I need to do.

    So I went through the process above and from ‘what’s the point’ and ‘why bother’, I went on to, ‘I am fed up with doing things for other people’ !! Most of my life I have done things for others, often without charge, and with a great deal of skill and expertise, even to successfully challenging lawyers. I give to charity, I heal people and I write letters for people, and I want to do more. But I think that I need to do it for myself and not with helping others in mind, cos I need to do it for me for a change.

    I got really angry and rebellious, so watch this space. However, I have to say that immediately I finished tapping someone came along and took up the next hour or so and I promised to help her son ! Well I suppose I cannot expect it to change immediately .

    Thanks again for all

  2. Ted says:

    Hi. My son turned me onto tapping a few days ago. Have not tried it yet. Although if you believe as I do that opportunities appear for a reason, then I will start today. Your email came to me for a reason.

  3. Lenore Israel says:

    I have been using EFT for years. When Nick and Jessica upgraded the whole process to a new level. I have been tapping about my Lymphedema once or twice a day for the last week. Already the swelling in my legs have gone down 3-4 inches. It is amazing the difference tapping can make. I truly believe that we hold our negative emotions in our body. Thank You So Very Much. Lenore Israel

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