Getting Focused and Curing Your Facebook Addiction with Tapping

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Do you have a Facebook addiction?

It’s surprising how many of us are. Even if you don’t quite have a Facebook addiction, there’s a good chance that you spend a lot of your day focused on things that are hurting your productivity. It’s so common that many people don’t see it as a problem.

But it is.

You may not have noticed it, but there’s so much more going on around you with each passing day. Via technology and the Internet, the world around us is speeding up, leaving us with so much more to mentally digest on a day-to-day basis.

Not sure what I mean? Beyond a Facebook addiction, you might be regularly tuned into any of these things:

  • 24 hour news stations
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Smartphones
  • Youtube

The list goes on and on.

I don’t know about you, but there are times when I find myself in the middle of an information overload. There’s so much to process that it can become a little difficult to focus on the one thing I have to get done. If I tune in for too long, my productivity plummets. Sure, I can just unplug from it all for a bit and force myself to get focused, but that’s much easier for some of us than others.

Sometimes, it’s just too tempting to stay on top of it all and that can become super distracting.

Thankfully, tapping can help us fine-tune our attention levels. The result? Laser-like focus that will help you eliminate your social media and Facebook addiction and double your productivity!

When Social Media Becomes Addicting and Overwhelming

When I’ve talked to people about this, there’s a recurring theme that comes up: an overwhelming desire to stay on top of everything and in touch with everyone.

The problem is, this desire to stay informed and connected can become overwhelming, building into a media fixation or a Facebook addiction – essentially, some form of escapism that indirectly allows you to procrastinate on a project at hand. The first thing to take a hit is your productivity.

On top of that, there seems to be a surprising connection between a degree of insecurity and Facebook addiction. Sometimes, this deep need to know exactly what’s going on with everyone we know reflects a sense that everything that everyone else is doing is more important or more interesting that what we’re up to.

This is not to knock Facebook or any form of social media, especially if it’s your primary method of staying in touch with family members and close friends or even doing business. However, if you think you’re spending too much time looking at whatever pops up every day, you’re probably addicted. It could be insightful to find out why.

How EFT Can Improve Your Focus and Productivity

If you need to recap the basics of tapping – or even if you’ve never done it before – take a quick gander at this short How to Tap video my sister Jessica recorded. It’ll get you up to speed in a flash.

Once you’ve done that, you’re ready for this routine. Envision yourself at your computer or in front of the television – wherever you think you’re spending too much time. Next, begin tapping on your karate chop point.

  • Even though I feel the need to stay connected to everything, I deeply love and accept myself
  • Even though I have a daily Facebook addiction, I deeply love and accept myself
  • Even though I can’t seem to stop [name your media fixation] I deeply love and accept myself

Eyebrow: I can’t stop tuning in
Side of Eye: I always have to know what’s going on
Under Eye: Why can’t I stop?
Under Nose: I am so undisciplined
Chin Point: I have no concentration whatsoever!
Collar Bone: I have zero focus!
Under Arm: What’s wrong with me?
Top of Head: It’s getting in the way of everything I have to do

Back to the eyebrow:

Eyebrow: It seems like it’s the first thing I do in the morning
Side of Eye: And the last thing I do at night
Under Eye: Why do I need to know what everyone is doing?
Under Nose: Why do I need minute-by-minute updates on everything that’s happening outside my door?
Chin Point: I wish I could focus
Collar Bone: I could get so much more done
Under Arm: Am I really so weak?
Top of Head: This [television/cell phone/social media/Facebook addiction] is so much stronger than I am

How do you feel? Have any insights into your habits showed up? Has the feeling that leads you to stay connected subsided any? Repeat the above rounds until it has subsided, and then continue by returning to the eyebrow:

Eyebrow: I know I can get focused
Side of Eye: I know I am strong enough to get past this [television/ cell phone/social media/Facebook addiction]
Under Eye: I have the ability to concentrate on the tasks at hand
Under Nose: I really can get it all done
Chin Point: Who am I kidding? I get distracted so easily!
Collar Bone: I used to, but I can end that habit
Under Arm: I have it in me to focus
Top of Head: I can concentrate on what I have to do

Back to the eyebrow:

Eyebrow: I can get it all done a lot faster than I realize
Side of Eye: What I have to do is important
Under Eye: I’ll have time to catch up on everything later
Under Nose: Everything else can wait
Chin Point: I don’t really have a [television/ cell phone/social media/Facebook addiction]
Collar Bone: I’m a lot more disciplined than I realize
Under Arm: I’m going to be a lot more focused from now on
Top of Head: My productivity is going to shoot through the roof!

It’s really that simple. This is one of the easiest and quickest tapping routines you can do, and the effects are astonishing. Your days are going to be so much different.

Furthermore, an interesting thing is likely to happen once you get past your Facebook addiction or whatever’s been such a distraction: there’s a good chance you and your work are going to become a lot more interesting, not just to you, but to everyone else you were previously tuning into!

Are you a Facebook fiend? Do you spend way too much time online instead of being productive? Let’s discuss a way past your addiction below!

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