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Issues Underlying Autoimmune Disorders

People with immune disorders and autoimmune issues often present with an emotional component underlying the physical and mental symptoms. Many severe cases have been treated successfully using energy therapy/ energy psychology tools including EFT/ Emotional Freedom Techniques and NEAT/ Neuro-Emotional Anti-sabotage Technique, among other modalities.


Tapping the “Heart Center” for Autoimmune Disorders

An effective meridian tapping area for deep issues like those involved in autoimmune disorders is at the “Heart Center”. Practitioners may use this point while people are still giving their history. If emotion comes up immediately when thinking of a time of life, situation, person – anything that’s heartfelt, or holds deep emotion, then this area is a good place to start tapping. Whenever you are working on any old issue coming from a deep place in the subconscious or the emotional body, it is a very good starting place that can be used regularly with great success.


Classic EFT Set-up Statement May Help Autoimmune Cases

Working with autoimmune cases shows the high incidence of people who have subconscious emotional blocks causing very low self-esteem, feelings of unworthiness, lack of self-love, among other negative emotions.


Clearing Early Abuse Issues Causing Autoimmune Disorders

When approaching an autoimmune case in a natural, holistic way, where an individual’s body is starting to work against itself, often there is a deep feeling of deserving to be hurt or abused – an unworthiness to be healthy.


Tapping For “Surface” Pain of Autoimmune Disorders

So often in the cases of chronic conditions there is pain. In autoimmune disorders the pain may be exacerbated due to a number of influences, and EFT or meridian tapping can definitely help.


Clearing Mother’s Issues Related to Autoimmune Symptoms

Alicia’s birth parents divorced when she was five. Her mother continued seeing other men even though she married again. Alicia knew that she continued to cheat and lie, so Alicia cut off relations with her mom before she got sick with a serious autoimmune disorder.


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  1. Carla Tapia says:

    Hello, I am interested in thefree monthly Autoimmune Coaching and Energy Therapy Support group. I have several conditions, can I attend your coaching please?

  2. Anne Merkel says:

    Carla – so sorry that I did not receive this comment and your questions until now. Please feel free to join us for the monthly free autoimmune group… in fact, this week (2nd Wednesday of the regular month) is our live call. Sign up at: . I hope to hear you on our call this week!

  3. Dar V says:

    I suffer from psoriasis and now chronic fatigue. I am 51 years old, divorced, got laid off 2 days after Christmas from a job with a verbally abusive boss of 9 years, grew up in an abusive alcoholic family and now since I can’t afford to live on my own financially, I am back under the roof of my alcoholic parents so I know that is playing a huge part in my health. I just found out about the tapping solution and am doing the 11 day course. I will be at an event the 2nd Weds of the month and unable to listen in to the live conference but would absolutely love to hear what I can do to get my life back! I live in Florida and isolate myself from people because when they see my skin they treat me like I have a catchy disease 🙁 I pray that you can help me!
    Many Blessings

  4. joy says:

    Anne been trying to contact you I have scheraderma, mixed connective tissue sjogrens, raynauds, fibro, and in advanced stage of pulmonary fibrosis on 24 hour oxygen. this last stage I started oxygen 2 weeks ago now on transplant list for both lungs. I have been practicing eft on my own and tapping am also in los angeles and a big part of agape for many years so i have a spiritual base but things a re getting much harder and im feeling anguish and dispair on and off would love to talk to you on phone if possible sean

  5. ALEX says:

    HELLO! I thank You for interesting information and I want to ask how best to work with myopia arose in childhood (10-11 years)? may be you have described ? With respect. Alexander

  6. kesavannamboothiri krishnan says:

    Along with Energy meditation and Chakra meditation Tapping and EFT gives a new Spiritual Birth to any one.

  7. Alice says:

    I have osteoarthritis both knees can you help?

  8. Helen says:

    How can I help someone with alopcia?

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