Clearing Mother’s Issues Related to Autoimmune Symptoms

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Alicia’s birth parents divorced when she was five. Her mother continued seeing other men even though she married again. Alicia knew that she continued to cheat and lie, so Alicia cut off relations with her mom before she got sick with a serious autoimmune disorder.

Just before our session Alicia’s mother had requested that they go to a counselor together, saying that she promised she would change. Alicia noted that she was skeptical, and also noticed that after that request was when she started to see autoimmune symptoms return.

I asked Alicia to focus on when she was a little girl and her mother was doing things that she knew were wrong. Alicia said she felt pressure in her chest.

I asked her to put one hand where she felt the pressure in her chest with the other hand across her forehead in an Applied Kinesiology hold – while she thought of the issues during childhood related to her mother. (This technique can easily be used with EFT as it naturally releases physical reactions brought on by emotional stress. The forehead above the eyebrows provides natural “emotional release points” that gently relieve the physical pressure as the energy dissipates.)

Alicia held those points as she related that as a young sensitive child she often felt guilty about her mother’s actions. (Guilt is often present in autoimmune disorders.)

I asked her to tap the points Above and Below the Mouth (together) while she focused on feeling guilty. She felt the guilt lower in intensity to about a SUDS 3 from a 10.

Alicia still felt a fear of being lied to again, and again she felt the sensation in her chest. She created the energetic circuit using the kinesiological hold with her hands across her forehead and on her chest. I asked that she go back to the negative emotions she felt about her mom during the most traumatic memory she could think of, with the worst repercussions related to her mom’s lies. She chose a memory with a charge of SUDS 10 out of 10 on the 0 to 10 scale – related to abandonment.

She tapped the Karate Chop Point on:

  • “You’re feeling all alone.
  • You can’t even trust your mother.
  • Who can you trust if you can’t trust your mother?
  • That hurt you so much.
  • Why couldn’t she tell you the truth?
  • You felt so alone and so responsible for other people.
  • Who was taking care of Alicia?”

Alicia felt the energy shift and the charge came down from a SUDS 10 to a 4, and now she felt angry about the abandonment.

She tapped at the End of Eye EFT point on that

  • “I was abandoned.
  • I was lied to.
  • Where were you when I needed you?
  • I was always there for you, but where were you when I needed you?
  • You were supposed to be the mother.
  • That really hurts.
  • That really makes me angry.
  • I feel angry about it.
  • Mom, I’m so angry that you did that back then.
  • I’ve been carrying that for so many years.
  • That hurt.
  • I choose to let it go.
  • It’s nasty energy that I’ve been carrying.”


The emotional charge on that nasty memory went down to a zero so she went to another traumatic memory where she was lied to by her mother.

While tapping Above and Below the Mouth,she felt disgust, shame, and embarrassment that she had felt for her mother since she was a little girl.  She soon felt better.

When Alicia thought back now about her mom wanting to be in her life, she said the fear of being lied to which had been a SUDS 10, was now a 3 or 4.

Many people have others in their lives, and they just can’t carry any more of the “emotional baggage” for these people.  In fact, they’ve got stuff in their aura and energy field that doesn’t belong to them, and that can lead to ill health.  Tapping the Under the Eye Points is very therapeutic on a regular basis just to clear other people’s stuff.  We started by tapping on the following:

  • “It’s unbeneficial for me to still be carrying my mother’s emotions.
  • This stuff really hurts me.
  • It never benefitted my mother either.
  • It’s time to clear this energy.
  • I choose to let go of her energy now.
  • I choose to cut the cords to my mother.
  • I send them back with love and gratitude to where they came from.
  • I choose to be cleared totally of my mother’s influence and her emotions.
  • I choose to be cleared totally of my mother’s emotions and baggage and influence.
  • I choose to reclaim my personal power.
  • I choose to let go of my mother’s influence.
  • I choose to let go of my mother’s pain.
  • I choose to let go of my mother’s trauma and abandonment issues.
  • I choose to allow my body to heal itself.”

On a scale of 0 to 10 Alicia reported the SUDS charge was down to a 0 or 1 and that she felt much lighter. She also said that the thought of her mother coming back into her life no longer caused her to feel panic inside.

So, if you can relate to still physically feeling emotional charge around someone else’s issues, use some of these tapping examples and delve into the root causes to clear your stress and allow your body to re-balance and heal itself!

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