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Benefits of Working With Us

Current Job Openings:

Thanks for your interest in The Tapping Solution! Our mission is a big one, so we need great people like you on our team. See if you’re a good fit by checking out our job openings below.

Analytics Engineer
Funnel Hacker / Digital Marketer
Facebook Ads Manager

Feel the Love...

“Working on The Tapping Solution App has been so fulfilling and rewarding personally as the team here has created a product that has helped so many people improve their mental wellbeing.”

Brad Rossman
App Marketing Manager

“I left my private EFT Tapping practice to work for The Tapping Solution because I felt like I could make a bigger impact by helping to share the incredible power and effectiveness of Tapping with the world. It was one of the BEST decisions I've ever made! Not only has my position allowed my talents and skills to flourish, but also in a way that brings hope, healing, and inspiration to many others”

Andrew Lukonis
Content Manager

“I am passionate about helping people and passionate about Tapping! Working in The Tapping Solution online communities allows me to combine these two. I am happy to share Tapping with thousands of people who want to release stress and live their lives to the fullest! (We are all on this journey together!)”

Nicole Nicholson
Community Manager

“I love working for a team that believes in what they’re doing. From day one I’ve felt supported and welcomed into a community of wonderful people—people who love what they do and love helping others. As a creative producer, I get to share this message around the world.”

Jules Frazer
Creative Producer

Our Mission

Our mission at The Tapping Solution is to empower the world to cultivate a healthier lifestyle by reducing the amount of stress, anxiety, and overwhelm experienced on a daily basis. We've reached millions of people worldwide and are dedicated to continuing to provide this life-changing tool across the globe. We need intuitive and creative minds to get us there!

Our Core Values


We're so lucky to do meaningful work every day. That means we're quite passionate about our jobs and take on each task with great responsibility.

Growth Mindset:

We move fast, but with intention, and are always innovating to support rapid growth.


Ideas flourish and ideas fail. We celebrate successes, and keep moving on to try another way when needed.

Result Oriented:

We're always working to do better. Consistently reviewing our results and learning how to improve is an important part of our growth.


We help one another become the best we can while working toward our common mission together. It takes a village!


We are a team of self-starters who are highly motivated to build or find solutions to every challenge we face.

We're Passionate About...

EFT "Tapping" and the powerful impact it has made in people's lives. Knowledge on Tapping is preferred for anyone wishing to join our team. All of our employees are committed to our mission of helping people worldwide, so make sure to check out Tapping 101.

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Over 4 Million Tapping Meditations Played in Our App!

Get Instant Access to our "Releasing Anxiety" and "Sleep Support: Quiet The Racing Mind" Tapping meditations.

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