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Nicolas Ortner - Producer of The Tapping SolutionNicolas Ortner – CEO & AuthorNick is CEO of The Tapping Solution, LLC, a company with a mission to bring into the mainstream a simple, effective, natural healing method known as Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) or “Tapping.” Tapping is a healing modality that combines ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology. Nick’s goal is to empower people to create healthy, abundant and stress-free lives through his books, films, CDs, online events and speaking engagements attended by participants from all over the world.

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Jessica Ortner - Assistant Producer of The Tapping SolutionJessica Ortner – Author & Tapping ExpertJessica is the NY Times bestselling author of “The Tapping Solution for Weight Loss and Body Confidence” and producer of The Tapping Solution, the breakthrough documentary film on EFT tapping.. She has led more than 5,000 women through her revolutionary Weight Loss and Body Confidence online program, and she is also the host of The Tapping World Summit, an annual online event that has attracted more than 1,000,000 attendees from around the world.

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Alex Ortner - Chief Operating Officer and Affiliate ManagerAlex Ortner – Chief Operating OfficerAlex works day to day on managing The Tapping Solution and it’s subsites to help spread the word about Tapping. He also manages the Tapping Solution Affiliate Center website and is constantly connecting with affiliates and other Tapping supporters.

He’s working on the third book written in the family, a children’s book about Tapping. Alex lives in Newtown, CT with his wife Karen and 3 young children.

Kelly PlummerKelly Plummer – Talent AcquisitionKelly brings her background in Human Resources Management and Talent Acquisition to The Tapping Solution and is focused on finding just the right people to join and build our team! Kelly is passionate about relationships, the power of kindness and helping others. She believes that, with the right people in the right places, work can and should be fulfilling and enjoyable for everyone. Kelly lives in Newtown, CT with her husband, 3 little girls and more pets than she’d like to admit.

Martin Ortner - Chief Financial OfficerMartin Ortner – Chief Financial OfficerMartin moved from his native Argentina with his wife and three small kids (Nick, Alex and Jessica) in 1986. After successful careers in the aviation industry and then in real estate investing, he got caught up in the excitement and joined “the kids” in helping spread the amazing message of Tapping and self-healing. He currently runs the back office for the businesses, including most administrative, financial and legal functions for The Tapping Solution.

Jessica Herring - Customer ServiceJessica Herring – Customer Service Jessica handles everything from providing information, handling orders, mailing and shipping, to answering any customer questions or concerns. Jessie loves working with people and making sure that their needs are met. She lives in Oklahoma and is a proud mother of 3 small children with whom she loves sharing the benefits of healthy lifestyle choices.

Shalane Larango - Multimedia ProducerShalane Larango – Multimedia ProducerHaving received a BA in Communications from Marymount Manhattan College and studied at the NBC School of Digital Journalism at the New York Film Academy, Shalane went on to work at NBC Nightly News for 3 years. After embracing her love of journalism at NBC Universal, Shalane went on to follow her soul-driven passion for creating inspirational, life changing stories by joining the Tapping Solution team. Shalane thrives off of seeing others’ lives transform and grow before her, and she has seen first hand the impact a simple film can make.

Lori Hansen - Affiliate ManagerLori Hansen – Affiliate Manager Lori has transitioned into her role taking responsibility from Alex Ortner who previously handled Affiliate communication for the business. She will manage the Affiliate Center and help our amazing Affiliates and Tapping supporters spread the Tapping message. Lori is passionate about health and wellness and feels like she has found her ideal job combining her love of marketing and relationship building with a company whose mission she believes in. Lori lives in Charlotte, NC with her husband Jack and their daughter, Sadie Rose.

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Kris Carr

"EFT has vastly improved my quality of life and my work, and I can't think of a better person to bring this profound practice to you than Nick Ortner."

Kris Carr

New York Times
best-selling author

Wayne Dyer

"Put away your skepticism, this really works. I have worked with Nick and had great results with tapping in my own life"

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

author of Wishes Fulfilled

Christian Northrup

"I heartily recommend The Tapping Solution! Read this book and start tapping your way to better health and a
better life."

Christiane Northrup, M.D.

author of Women's Bodies,
Women's Wisdom and The
Wisdom of Menopause

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Jack Canfield

"EFT is the most powerful new transformational technology to come along in years..."

Jack Canfield

co-author of
Chicken Soup for the Soul

Cheryl Richardson

"The Tapping Solution takes a ground-breaking look at a technique that has changed my life."

Cheryl Richardson

author of The Art of
Extreme Self Care

Arielle Ford

"Nick Ortner is a master at EFT who offers a practical and easy-to-learn process that will easily guide you toward a life of healing from negative emotions, physical pain, anxiety, and so much more."

Arielle Ford

author of The Soulmate Secret

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Louise L Hay

"I believe Nick Ortner's teachings are easy to use and practical but work like magic. He certainly has taught me to magically release or dissolve problems of all sorts through the process of tapping."

Louise L. Hay

author of You Can Heal Your Life

Chip Conley

"In my darkest year, I discovered tapping, and, miraculously, this unorthodox approach to making sense of my life moved me out of the fog and into the sunshine."

Chip Conley

founder of Joie de Vivre Hotels

Joseph Mercola

"Nothing comes closer to 'magic' than the positive results I have personally witnessed using EFT on thousands of my patients who suffered from physical and emotional pain and illness..."

Dr. Mercola

founder of Mercola.com

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Eric Robins

"The Tapping Solution is extremely thorough in its explanations of how tapping works, the science behind it, and how to apply it to myriad problems..."

Eric B. Robins, M.D.

urologic surgeon and mind-body healing expert

Eric Leskowitz

"As a practicing psychiatrist with over 25 years of clinical experience, I see EFT as the most promising new treatment I've ever encountered..."

Eric Leskowitz, M.D.

director, Integrative Medicine Task Force, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital

Joe Vitale

"Wow! The Tapping Solution reveals how to address both the emotional and physical problems that tend to hamper your life."

Dr. Joe Vitale

author of The Attractor Factor

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Gay Hendricks

"Nick Ortner gives his readers a wealth of information on the history of tapping, the proper way to tap, and personal accounts of the ways tapping has successfully enriched lives."

Gay Hendricks

author of The Big Leap and co-author of Conscious Loving

Carol Tuttle

"As one of the foremost teachers and leaders in the method of meridian tapping, Nick empowers people worldwide to expand their minds and lives."

Carol Tuttle

author of The Child Whisperer

Kevin Gianni

"The results for those who use tapping... are nothing short of amazing and always seem to bring perspective, clarity, and calm to whatever the issue is at hand..."

Kevin Gianni

health author, www.RenegadeHealth.com

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Lisa Garr

"Not only does Nick Ortner have an enormous amount of integrity as a person, his book is filled with that same integrity with his true desire to make people aware of the healing impact of tapping."

Lisa Garr

host of The Aware Show

Paul Scheele

"Nick Ortner has arguably done more to promote the art and science of EFT tapping than anyone else on the planet - and his new book seals the deal."

Paul R. Scheele, Ph.D.

developer of Paraliminal Technology

Lissa Rankin

"For those seeking a prescription for eliminating limiting, self-sabotaging beliefs that lead to fear, anxiety, and chronic illness, look no further than The Tapping Solution."

Lissa Rankin, M.D.

author of Mind Over Medicine

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Agapi Stassinopoulos

"This book is a real gift! Nick has made tapping accessible to all, showing us how easy it is to use this tool to let go of patterns that no longer serve us - and experience more freedom and joy."

Agapi Stassinopoulos

author of Unbinding the Heart

Mastin Kipp

"And I am forever grateful to Nick Ortner for introducing me to tapping. This book is a must!"

Mastin Kipp

CEO/founder of TheDailyLove.com

Jennifer McLean

"Nick Ortner has taken a unique system of transformation and made it available to everyone."

Jennifer McLean

author, healer, and host of Healing with the Masters

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Carol Look

"With this thoughtful guide through EFT's history and its everyday applications, Nick demonstrates how profound healing is possible for millions of people..."

Carol Look

author of Attracting Abundance with EFT

Donna Eden and David Feinstein

"Nick Ortner has opened more than half a million people to the power of tapping on acupuncture points to enhance their happiness and well-being."

Donna Eden and
David Feinstein, Ph.D.

co-authors of The Promise of Energy Psychology

Margaret Lynch

"Nick Ortner is a man on a mission to change the world, person by person, in a direct and very personal way."

Margaret M. Lynch

creator of "The 7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation" and CEO of NESC, Inc.