Getting Rid of that Holiday Weight Gain with EFT

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Are you a little heavier than you were three months ago? Many of us are, and it’s completely understandable. Who doesn’t indulge a bit over the holidays?

That doesn’t make you feel any better though, right?

That’s just the problem.

For many people struggling with holiday weight gain, the embarrassment and disappointment that follow in the New Year can set the tone for the next 12 months to come. Any fitness progress that was made before the holidays can become seriously and even permanently derailed.

Far more than any diets or workout plans, the solution begins with a simple outlook: you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself. Next, you have to believe you can lose whatever you gained and keep going.

Still, getting this through our heads and manifesting it by resuming our healthy activities can be difficult, and that’s where tapping comes in.

Making Peace with How You Feel

Before you hit the gym, you need to get your mindset in order. You can do that by acknowledging and tapping through exactly what you feel right now. Here’s a tapping routine to help you do just that.

Before you begin, rate your frustration on a scale from one to ten, then begin by tapping on the karate chop point, saying:

  • “Even though I’m so frustrated because I got off track, I deeply and completely accept myself.”
  • “Even though I’m downright angry because I ate so much over the holidays, I deeply and completely accept myself.”
  • “Even though I’m so disappointed in myself, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

Next, tap through the points.

Eyebrow: “This is so frustrating.”
Side of Eye: “I was doing so well.”
Under Eye: “And now I messed it all up.”
Under Nose: “I worked so hard for nothing.”
Chin Point: “I feel like a failure.”
Collar Bone: “I gained weight.”
Under Arm: “And it happened so easily.”
Top of Head: “How did this happen?”
Eyebrow: “I’m so frustrated.”
Side of Eye: “I’m sick of it.”
Under Eye: “I’m sick of the battle.”
Under Nose: “This battle to loss weight.”
Chin Point: “I’m so mad at myself.”
Collar Bone: “I totally lost control.”
Under Arm: “There’s no way I can do this.”
Top of Head: “All this frustration.”

How do you feel? What came up as you were tapping? EFT gives rise to feelings and thoughts that are rich with insights that can help you go deeper into the feeling. Write them down if you have to, and keep tapping until your frustration subsides.

Getting Back on Track

Once you’ve stopped being so hard on yourself, you can begin to focus on what you really want to do, namely, turning that holiday weight gain into New Year’s weight loss!

Take a deep breath, and go back to tapping on the karate chop point:

  • “Even though I fell off the wagon, I choose to get back on.”
  • “Even though I’ve gained some weight, I choose to love myself anyway.”
  • “Even though I’ve gained some weight, I’m okay.”

Next, tap through the points, allowing yourself to envision and feel

Eyebrow: “I choose to appreciate my body”
Side of Eye: “I got out of a routine.”
Under Eye: “I gained some weight.”
Under Nose: “But I can still appreciate my body.”
Chin Point: “Things are different now.”
Collar Bone: “I recognize that I got out of my routine.”
Under Arm: “But it won’t hold me back.”
Top of Head: “And I’m excited to start again.”
Eyebrow: “I don’t need the struggle.”
Side of Eye: “I don’t need the pressure.”
Under Eye: “I just need to love myself.”
Under Nose: “And I’m doing that now, more than before!”
Chin Point: “Yes, I got off track.”
Collar Bone: “So what?
Under Arm: “It happens to the best of us.”
Top of Head: “I’m ready to eat healthy again.”
Eyebrow: “I love to move my body.”
Side of Eye: “I love my body so much.”
Under Eye: “The more I love it, the better it feels.”
Under Nose: “And I’m treating it better every day.”
Chin Point: “This is so much easier than I thought it would be.”
Collar Bone: “It’s even fun.”
Under Arm: “I love my body so much.”
Top of Head: “It’s loving me right back.”

If you’ll pay close attention, you’ll probably notice that up until now, your sorrows about your holiday weight gain are what have been keeping you from working out, or getting in the way of preparing meals that you know you should be eating. By using EFT to reframe what’s in your heart and head, you can find the inspiration to get back on track once more.

Before long, you’ll wonder what you were fretting about, and you’ll be thrilled how much lighter you feel!

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