Tapping Meditation for Financial Anxiety and Overwhelm

Tapping Meditation for Financial Anxiety and Overwhelm

Published by:
The Tapping Solution

Written by:
Nick Ortner

Press Play Below to Listen to Jessica’s “Tapping Meditation for Financial Anxiety and Overwhelm”

This Tapping Meditation is our gift to you, free to listen to on this page. If you’d like to download it, to be able to listen to on your iPod, iPhone or other mobile device, just click the “Download Now” button below.

Free Webinar – Financial Success and Personal Fulfillment: If you’ve struggled either to make the money you want, or to feel deeply fulfilled and passionate about what you do (or both!), then this webinar is for you:

Tapping for Financial Success

If you’re new to tapping here is our short “How to Tap” video that walks you through the Tapping points and gives you a good refresher on Tapping. Enjoy!

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  1. Nick Ortner says:

    Hi Richard. We hope you will get some feedback on your comment here. We find that removing the anxiety and overwhelm around your financial situation helps you find more clarity on your current situation but also opens you up to more creativity and new opportunities that you may not have thought of before. We wish you all the best!

  2. Richard says:

    Lovely. Can anyone rapport back on what effect this has had in their financial lives? I’m sure it is powerful in helping people relax which is amazing but does it actually affect one’s bottom line?

    Thanks 😉

  3. Stephen says:

    I am so very new to Tapping.
    I just did the one for financial overwhelm. Not sure what I was meant to feel?
    I feel very relaxed and peaceful though ??????

  4. CONNIE says:


  5. Sharon says:

    Very interesting video. I am going to try it for anxiety

  6. gwen abzatz says:

    this was a very good lesson but it only referred to financial problems which I do not have . I would very much like to have a lesson on coping with general anxiety,and loneliness. I hope that you would be able to help with this matter.
    Kind regards

  7. Linda Haddow says:

    I enjoyed the experience of tapping and really listening to the words spoken. Many thanks and have a great day! I know I am
    going to have the same.

  8. Ali Burns says:

    This is exciting – this is my first attempt at tapping for finances. Thank you. I’ll repeat.

  9. Elaine says:

    I feel relief from the tension in my body related to feeling overwhelmed about money. Jessica’s calm and soothing phrases allowed me to be honest with myself about how I was feeling overwhelmed regarding money and let those thoughts go. This is one of the first times I’ve been honest about my true feelings without trying tot mask my feelings with something’positive. I feel relieved.

  10. Velda Beckert says:

    I absolutely believe this. THANK you for bringing this to help us.

  11. Christopher Scarbeck says:

    Feels so good each time, I do a guided session ! Bless your heart and soul, including your brother ! You do a lot of good through sharing the “science of tapping”

  12. Sheila Robinson says:

    Amazingly Powerful! I so needed this…Thank you Jessica! You and Nick are awesome!!!

  13. LINDA says:

    this made me feel so warm and to find comfort is what i needed

  14. Cheryl says:

    I have known about tapping for a while but never tried it because is seemed confusing to me. For some reason tonight I decided to open up my email and listened to the tapping for financial issues. I have felt insecure about money since I was a small child and the pain and guilt and fear it causes often consume me. This was very helpful to me. For some reason I kept yawning through the whole session. Not sure if that is normal. I will save this email and listen to it daily.

  15. Mel says:

    thankyou, you guys rock..this helped heaps!:-)xx

  16. Paula le Sueur says:

    Such a relief, thank you!

  17. Pam Renew says:


  18. Judith Mills says:

    Empowering, centered.Possibilities!

  19. Pat says:

    Thank you and Jessica, for having such soothing voices and posting these meditations. i am giving my hard copy of the tapping solution to my 35 year old son, and I just purchased 2 copies of your new book, Barnes and Noble sent me an e-mail this morning to let me know it was shipped. I am giving one copy to my daughter and the other is mine. I followed Gary Craig for years, and then found you. What a wonderful gift you have given humanity. I sleep much better and wake with a smile on my face. Living in the present moment is all that I want from life. You have helped me quiet several of the voices in my head. And you are correct if you do not write down a number it is hard to remember how out of sorts you used to be before taping on an issue. I feel like Ebernizer Scrooge on Christmas Morning. Love to all the Ortners

  20. Nancy J. Yale says:


    Jessica, one quick ?, aren’t you glad you listened to Nick (just this once) and tried this process. I ALREADY KNOW THE ANSWER, I’M ALWAYS GIVING YOU MORE CREDIT THAN NICK, BUT THOUGHT IT WOULD BE NICE FOR A REVERSAL. LOL

  21. Anne Manderson, Geneva Switzerland says:

    Thank you Jessica. You find the perfect words to make a powerful process so easy and natural. And your voice is so pleasant – always great to hear you!

  22. Chris says:

    Thank you. I feel better now & will keep tapping.

  23. catriona says:

    I feel hopeful thankyou Jessica thankyou

  24. Silvana says:

    This was great! I know I’ll be doing it again… I feel so released.

  25. Penny, Acupuncturist, Southampton, UK says:

    Thank you so much – and very helpful

  26. Karen Denning says:

    Very helpful, thank you.

  27. usha says:

    just when i needed it most i came across this med.for finances.i feel more confident now that i will be better off financially,thank you so much jessica

  28. Paula akennedy says:

    Lots of yawning from me too, hoping this all helps me move forward!

  29. Lois Byron says:

    Thank you both so very much! I love the tapping and this one sent many chills throughout my entire body. I am very grateful for the tapping solution! Blessings.

  30. Beth Ann says:

    I like both meditations by Nick & Jessica because they are
    quiet, slow, and all encompassing. I’m a fan of Tapping and
    believe the world would be a much better place if we
    were all Tapping. I hope to include Taapping when I organize
    our tenants association. THANK YOU for these two meditations
    in particular, I have been struggling financially for a very long
    time, and look forward to a new financial future.

  31. Terri says:

    Thankyou for the words,the relaxing music,and the statements.I needed it all,and am feeling better.

  32. Quilla Perkins says:

    Thanks to Nick and Jessica and your company for what you do spreading the word about tapping and educating us!

  33. Eva Wilhelm says:

    I’ve just commented on Nick’s tapping meditation on feeling overwhelmed while sitting here with a protruded disk and as I could get up with less pain and sit for 10 minutes, this mediation felt right and I thought, I could sit for a little while longer… For the past 6 years of constant tapping, I have experienced some miracles and there was another one just this very moment! After 4 days of extreme pain and almost being immobile, I could get up and not scream!
    I will now go back into all the tapping CDs I have from the world tapping summit, as you Jessica said: The changes are now! Thank you thank you thank you, Jessica and Nick!!1

  34. manohar says:

    wonderful experience. thank you

  35. marie parry says:

    The tears rolled down my face throughout the first half of the tapping for financial anxiety and in the second half I felt a huge relief. Thank you AGAIN!!!!!

  36. Sudha Mudaliar says:

    this tapping audio was so good , i was just wondering how to do tapping for finances. I felt so good after listening to it , just imagining how will i feel when i implement it . I am going to start this first thing tomorrow morning . Thank you so much Jessica !

  37. Rose Hargrove says:

    Jessica is a master!!! I felt so much better after her tapping session. I am very grateful to both Nick and Jessica for all you both do.

  38. eileen says:

    Financial tapping sequence was relieving, relaxing and helpful. Will continue to use

  39. Leonie says:

    For the first time I have heard an explanation that makes sense. Thank you.

  40. Dot Cooper says:

    Very powerful….I”m using it every day to get past my bad attitude with money!!!

  41. Eleanor says:

    That was powerful and empowering. I feel that I can move forward and towards my goal of making money as a Real Estate Investor. Thank you just does not seem to be enough for what Jessica just gave me. Thank you.

  42. Sharon says:

    Felt awful before i did this session im running my own business and even though its starting to take off and orders are coming in i still feel sick about it. i did this and felt so much better – thank you Jessica. (i’ll come back to this again)

  43. Wanda says:

    This was really powerful. I felt better and more calm immediately. I now feel empowered to move forward and accomplish my goals of making more money. Thank You!!

  44. Alejandrina Wilson says:

    I love Jessica’s tapping meditations, at this time, especially this one. “Tapping Meditation for Financial Anxiety and Overwhelm” is a God send. Is this meditation available for purchase?

  45. Ez says:

    It was my first time tapping. After I finished the audio I was so relaxed and peaceful, I could have gone to sleep. Truly amazing, I shall continue to utilise this tool for sure. Thankyou for sharing it. May you be Happy and well. Cheers 🙂

  46. Hoor says:

    Thanks a million for all your free tapping audio and videos. I have started tapping daily and am feeling so much stronger mentally and emotionally. God bless you and Nick for sharing these tools with us.

  47. m says:

    im clear new belief i can make money in a happy way
    limiting believes overwhelming like clouds disappeared (father not giving money – working harrrrrd to get money – money will go out of me

  48. Gail says:

    Blessings to you Nick and Jessica for your wonderful gifts that you are sharing with the world. All that the two of you have gone through in your lives has brought you to these amazing points of love, health and happiness in your own lives and guiding us on our own journeys. 🙂

  49. Maria says:

    Thanks, great meditation especially today that I am on my way to my (lost count) job interview.

  50. Susan says:

    Thank you Nick and Jessica. It was just what I needed at this moment. You both bring so much to so many people – how blessed are we.

  51. Ida says:

    Thank you for the financial tapping session. I felt such calmness and peace midway through and after the session. Nothing is too great for us to handle and I thank you for the tools that I need to help myself.

  52. Oliver Darvin says:

    Thank you Jessica for this tapping session. My mind just opened up some new ideas on how I can overcome my current difficulties. Next step should be – how to get the drive, the motivation to execute, implement these ideas – and make them work! Perhaps you can have a tapping session on this.

  53. Valerie says:

    Just started reading Jessica’s book 2 days ago, also started tapping yesterday both morning and evening. thank you for those tapping sessions but. I have to tell you because of my financial situation the first financial meditation brought me to tears which seems to happen to me often, then continuing with the next one has lightened the load somewhat and I feel a sense of hope. I will continue and thank you so very much.

  54. Mary says:

    Wow – this was very powerful. And also very timely! Synchronicity – an email from a personal training coach recommended Jessica’s book on tapping for weight loss which brought me to the Tapping Solution and here’s a tapping solution for finances – which is a huge struggle at the moment. Even after listening to it once I feel lighter – so thanks very much!!

  55. Carmen says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am filling grate and I am not overwhelmed, I can breath now. Thank you Jessica, thank you Nick.

  56. Cheryl Mitchell says:

    I just finished two weeks of what felt like the 8th canto in business hell, losing computers, business, etc. etc. And while everything resolved, and I got more busienss back than I lost (hmmm…could it be something to do with Nick’s 7 week course?) i still felt wound-up, with tightness in my chest, distracted, angry and unable to focus on anything but doing all the work I missed, when I needed more than anything to slow down. While uploading software I had lost, I checked my email and found one from Nick. I just finished the mediatation with jessica, and feel like I can handle what comes my way Monday, but that I will leave work till Monday, and take a beautiful walk in the Riverdale woods. I feel more like my confident self, and also wiser. I used to make fun of one step at a time…no more! Bless you, Jessica! And Nick of course.

  57. Chairma says:

    Thank you jessica. I’m new to tapping.
    I’m looking forward to the 7_week to Financial Success
    And Personal Fulfillment program.

  58. Joan says:

    Thank you Nick & Jessica,
    I am new to tapping, but what a difference it has made in just a few sessions!! Bless you both. I am spreading the word. I love your voice Jessica and I really enjoy your guided tapping sessions! Have you thought of creating a Tapping Library?

    Thank you both

  59. James says:

    Jessica I love these meditations. Is it possible to download this one on financial anxiety and overwhelm like the one you provided on weight loss. I use it often.

  60. shirley jones says:

    its funny how some of the things jessica mention resonates in my head. like when she says how did it get to this. and the part where she says about taking time to pay it off. i was a responsible person. had good finacial abundance. i was just blinded by love by two people i commited my heart to. i gave them what i never had .love nourish ment and encouragement. took them on holiday etc. they got spoiled. when they had thier own money they kept thiers and still expect me to pay for them. Now one does not speak to me. and the other takes from me financially and emotionally. oh he eventually pays me back. but expect me to sort his mess out all the time.

  61. S. McLeod says:

    I just wanted to thank you for this tapping meditation on financial stress. It is something that I have struggled with all my life for a variety of reasons. When I went through the meditation exercise it brought forth much emotional pain and sadness, which I expected but just not to the degree and intensity. Acknowledging my feelings was incredibly powerful and freeing. After I felt like a limp rag, Jessica’s suggestions of positive thoughts to replace those negative ones was absolutely amazing. The overwhelming feelings of failure had been replaced with hope. I can’t begin to tell you what a gift you’ve given me, by empowering me with tools I can use daily, I can now ,see possibilities where there was only darkness. This was after only one session, so I plan to try this meditation again to continue changing my thoughts and feelings around money. With gratitude 🙂

  62. den says:

    Thank you so much for this.

  63. Michelle says:

    As I began to start tapping into the positive beliefs, I became emotionally overwhelmed and unconvered how I always felt I had to please my parents in needing to work for the corporate world and because I am not, I am stuck. Now I realize I can continue to move forward and allow my creative energy and entrepreneurship cultivate and no longer feel judged or feel like I’m disappointing them as I create my own passion and purpose. This is amazing and I am so excited to see the next chapters unfold before me to guide me to my passion of helping people with their health and wellness. Nick and Jessica…you two are blessings. <3

  64. Waxi says:

    Thanks Tapping Solution, have let go of some of my negative emotions surrounding finances and will continue to do so if they crop up. Thanks immensely, this is similair to a tapping program I sent to my son for his birthday last year, helping the whole family!

  65. alison says:

    Thank you Jessica
    You are a wonderful tapping guide. Money and my financial situation is a critical stumbling block. I want to access this guide daily. From your heart and soul to mine, I am so grateful.

  66. Miyahuatl Moreno says:

    I feel deep love and compassio for myself.

  67. Eli Mama says:


  68. Suzie says:

    Thank you Jessica this was perfect, your timing between the tapping points allowed me to realise my negative feelings around money and include these into the process to release them

    Love and happiness to you all at the tapping solution and to the extended tapping solutions family

  69. rebecca says:

    Thank you Jessica! That just hit the nail on the head. I have been so stuck I couldn’t even tap on my overwhelmed issues around money.

  70. Louise Knapp says:

    I feel free & clear. This is the first time I could listen to Jessica’s voice, which here is slower, lower, calmer, easier to receive. The music is perfect & makes all the difference for me.

    This week is crucial to saving my home and re-entering as professor, speaker, consultant.

    Wonderful timing; great help!

    Thank you so much.


  71. Annette says:

    I love this it helped a lot.

  72. nancy says:

    Thank you Jessica and Nick for all your unconditional compassion helping me and so very many bring the truth of who we are to each other. Because of your generosity I love tapping for myself and all my clients. Tapping is like singing, it makes good.

  73. Jan says:

    Thank You So Very Much…I’m sure you hear this all the time, but this is exactly what I needed at this exact moment in time…I’m so grateful you shared this with me…it is a beautiful and profound tapping meditation.

    I wish you all peaceful day!

  74. Kiko says:

    I felt even physical pain diminish as I tapped through this script. THANK YOU! 🙂

  75. Ellen says:

    I feel so relieved, like I’ve really taken the first step towards financial freedom! Thank you!

  76. kc costa says:

    This was awesome for me becasue money and anxiety have always gone hand in hand in my life. I felt some emotions coming up through the tapping, almost to the point of tears, and then a slight sense of lightness and joy and — maybe faith and trust. I believe in the power of tapping – I need to commit to give myself this gift of freedom from old belief systems on a daily basis so that I can finally move on in my life, abundantly, confidently, and able to give back to others in a consistent and worthwhile manner. Changes are coming this year of 2014, for all of us.

  77. Anita says:

    I loved Jessica’s tapping meditation for financial anxiety and overwhelm. It made me feel calmer, stronger, and more centred within myself.

    I have also done the tapping mediation for stress and anxiety many times, they have helped me get through my day, as I have suffered with anxiety problems all of my life.

    God Bless you both

    Thank you.


  78. I feel much calmer and sure everything is going to be better says:

    Tapping works! I feel calmer and sure everything is going to be better.
    Thanks a lot!

  79. Lakshmi says:

    Thank you Jessica for your tapping meditation re anxiety and overwhelm around money.
    I feel so much better and empowered after your tapping lead. On my own I don’t know what to say. You are very insightful and imbued with psychology of humans to come up with the words for meditation. It is a very wonderful way to start the New Year. Just where I need to steer my attention as though higher power directed me to this particular recording.
    Thank you and God Bless You and return of your kindness to you in multiples.

  80. Carmen says:

    This is exactly what I needed at this time!!! Thank you so much! I have been on the spiritual plain for many years now with Reiki, Reflexology, and the Sylva Method meditation. For the last several years I have placed all of these gifts on the shelf as my life got in the way. Now I am trying to reconnect with all of them at once it seems as well as learning tapping, Quantum Jumping, and how to be a great entrapeneaur with my business. I am greatful for this tapping meditation, therefore, even for the one step at a time factor…sometimes we just need to be reminded and I am greatful to receive your emails so that when the time is perfect…I am reminded :). If you have any other advice that you think would guide me at this time it is always appreciated.

    Thank you again and God Bless,
    Carmen Sisson

  81. sonya says:

    Thank You Jessica, that was BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  82. Sibylle Jasinski says:

    Thank you, Jessica, for this beautiful and powerful meditation. You really have a gift for connecting with people, and you touch me deeply every time I listen to you. Warm wishes to you and your family for 2014 – keep doing what you’re doing!!

  83. Michael Howley says:

    Thank you Jessica! I think i love you. 😉

  84. Lucinda says:

    Thank you Nick & Jessica. After listening to Jessica I feel like I could do anything.
    I have so many negative beliefs and overpowering anxiety that has been keeping me stuck for so long. Jessica I enjoyed the World Summit from Hayhouse you are truly inspirational. I have a long way to go, I will keep on tapping thank you both.

  85. chet says:

    Great. I substituted other problems on addition to money. This seems to be able to be used universally by just changing a word or two. Thanks Chet P S wish I could download this one.

  86. Jenny Breining says:

    I just did this and plan on sharing it with my husband tonight! This will be PERFECT for him. I just hope I can get him to do this!

  87. Phil says:

    Thank you so much Jessica for this tapping meditation. I am in such dire straits that I even thought of ending it all. This session along with your stress-tapping have given me a new outlook.

  88. Michele Nelson says:

    Thank you Jessica!!! I love your tapping recordings, they are a wonderful way to get familiar with tapping:)

  89. Merle says:

    this has been amazing. Thank you

  90. david says:

    I listened to Jessica about money and overwhelm. What came up was NOT BEING WORTHY.
    THAT I HAD TO GIVE AWAY MY EFFORTS. That I could not charge what others charged for the same thing. This was very helpful. Thank you

  91. Dana says:

    That was great! I actually used it for another issue, about e-mail overwhelm. Lots of feelings came up that I wasn’t aware were so strong! I felt a big release and a shift in my awareness of this issue. I have hope that I can get control of it now rather than feeling overwhelmed and controlled by it. Thanks!

  92. Dee says:

    I have downloaded Nick’s audiobook from I tunes to my iPhone I love listening to it. Jessica thank for this really helpful audio and when you both come to Dublin I would love to meet you both. Tapping is just fantastic as we all get overwhelmed at various times in our busy lives. To tap it like time out to spend working on myself privately. Thank you both. Dee xxx

  93. Sharon says:

    This was VERY good!!! I have the weight loss tapping program already. I use it every time I get stressed out!!!! It has helped me a lot!!!!!! I don’t know how I would have coped without the program!!! Many thanks you to for all the work you do. God Bless you and yours, Sharon

  94. Anne says:

    I really enjoyed this tapping meditation session. I felt as though I was getting one to one tuition and ended up feeling confident, happy and relaxed. Thank you so much Jessica – I will certainly continue tapping.

  95. rlmiller says:

    The cause of the financial situation that causes so much stress is that three financial people have made Big money for themselves while losing more than 2/3
    of the investment money I had to live on.
    I’m 68 and have a vision situation that keeps me from working.

    Most tapping/selfhelp sites focus on people getting more money from increasing their work incomes.

    I’m sure I’m not the only one in my situation.
    How do we tap ourselves into more income?

  96. mandy says:

    I have just tried my first tapping experience using this audio and feel a lot lighter, I will persevere and hope to see more positive results !!
    i also wish to thank you for such special information and for sharing this with the world

  97. Teodora Schembari says:

    Hello to All from Down Under…. This latest journey/process that I obviously chose, has taken me into witnessing the illusion of losing my family, my health, my home and last but no means least, any financial support…
    I did purchase your book three weeks and am still waiting for it to arrive and in the midst of this chosen way of experiencing my physicality, I have been blessed to keep receiving your emails with Jessica’s wonderful and empowering meditations and of course Nick’s most encouraging and powerful support.
    Alas, I cannot afford the 7 week course but, I thank you guys for still having and allowing for the support to come through in so many other ways….
    Thank you all for living your purpose and I too hope that after all of this stripping of my illusion, I will slowly find my way to mine and the true “I AM”.
    always with much love and light xoxoxoxo

  98. Joni Larlee says:

    This was wonderful and right on Jessica! Thank you and Happy Birthday, What a blessing for us that you were born. I’m looking forward to the upcoming course with Nick. I really have enjoyed being a part of the Tapping Solution and all you have had to offer.

  99. C Masani says:

    Awesome & truly calming immediately! Thank you for the enlightenment.

  100. PATRICIA says:

    I really needed this – Financial Anxiety and Overwhelm. Is there a download version.

  101. Ellen says:

    Jessica’s meditation is a great prelude to the upcoming course! I am really looking forward to dissolving my issues around money and learning how to make the progression through the verbal parts of the tapping process so I can use this effectively as other issues arise. I honestly feel as though my answers are going to be available to me as we move forward. Thank you.

  102. Ernie says:

    Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for a great session.

    I changed some of your wording a bit to fir my particular circumstances. For example. I sometimes substituted “powerless” for “Overwhelmed.”

    Is there any difficulty with me doing this?

  103. Kim Wise says:

    Had goosebumps the whole way through! Thank you!

  104. Rich Ritchie says:

    I live a new financail life today

  105. Gary says:

    That was the best result I have felt since I started tapping. Thankyou Jess and happy B-Day.

  106. Jacquelyn Brown says:

    Doing the tapping meditation gave me a sense of joy, freedom and hope in the belief that all is indeed well. I look forward to doing it again.

  107. gillian says:

    I was crying the whole way through. What a healing experience! Thank you so much for this <3

  108. Noelle Meade says:

    Jessica……..thank you…….

  109. Kathy C says:

    Wow, That is an amazing process. I already feel different, this is changing as we speak! Is there any way to copy this and listen to it again and again?
    You are marvelous to share this!

  110. Stephanie D says:

    Slowly the penny is beginning to drop and I see how empowering this can be. Need to “tap to make tapping a priority” on a daily basis.
    Thank you, I feel a “humming throughout my body” like something became unstuck.
    Has anyone tried tapping on animals when they are afraid,ie fireworks, thunderstorms.
    It would be interesting to know if this had any applications for frightened canines!

  111. Cammie says:

    dear Jessica, I am in the Netherlands and just listened to this tapping meditation,wonderfull ! thank you, you have such a nice voice ,zo clear and warm ,it is a joy to listen to you and tap along,even though it is not in my mothertonque ,hartfelt greetings !

  112. marty whittle says:

    Lovely , simply lovely ! Thank you Jessica : >

  113. engemi ferreira says:

    This tapping on letting go my overwhelming feelings about zigzagging finances, was bliss; more so with the gentle background music. Wonderfully invigorating

  114. Nancy Adams says:

    Jessica and Nick, Bless you both for taking the leap and offering so much to those of us who are yet toddlers in Tapping. It’s simply Amazing you can Heal your life, all of it the whole bunch of nonsense we once believed were our truths and they were some one else’s lies and troubles passed onto us and a life time to try and heal; that was what I was doing before and never getting any where… TaDa now it’s really working my Trauma my lack my aloneness it’s all just melting like a ice cube in the sun…get it it will never be an ice cube again it’s gone and it feels like I’m reinventing my childhood now and it’s fun. I laugh way more I sing way more it works if you just do it. Blessings Dear Ones!

  115. mary toohey says:

    Jessica, I have listened to so many tapping sessions both in person and on the computer. This is the very best ever! thank you so much It was thorough and detailed and your voice was perfect!

    Thank you, please do more!

  116. Rita says:

    Very powerful. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

  117. Jase says:

    Thank you so much for the exercise as it was timely and very effective in relieving the heavy burden.


  118. joyfulsunrise says:

    Beautiful Jessica ~ very poetic ~ and your voice is becoming better and
    better ~ truly angelic ~ thank you so much ~

  119. Barbara says:

    Thank you so much ,you are so nice for what you put out there for all of us.Many Blessing and thank you so much Jessica and Nick.

  120. la says:

    That was really great. Thank you for walking me through that powerful session. It helped me to get clear that I do have the power to change and to focus on just the next step and not to be overwhelmed by the weight of the debt. I will get free and prosper. I will keep tapping. Thank you.

  121. Sharon Crow says:

    I really enjoyed it. I thought the words were good, appropriate, & powerful. I’m going to make a note of them & repeat this tapping solution. I felt quite tense at the beginning of the tapping, & more relaxed about my finances afterwards.

    Thank you Jessica

  122. Karen Attwood says:

    wow just done this session and feel great – wording so relevant to what I was feeling – thank you

  123. Erena lall says:

    Thank you so much for this, I have been tapping for about 1 year and it has help me in so many areas of my life. Today I was feeling overwhelmed about my financial situation and doubting myself as usual what I needed showed up.

    Thank you for the wonderful work you do.

    Blessings Rena

  124. Beth says:

    I loved this! So thorough and targeted, it covers so much more than I would have done on my own.
    Thank you!

  125. Delia says:

    That was very helpful in learning more about how to honor the negative feelings before moving on to the positive ones. Thank you!

  126. Marie edinburgh says:

    Dear Nick and Jessica thank you both so much for all the posts re tapping. I reflect on them frequently and since I started to tap many great changes have occurred in my life. I have just followed Jessicia,s tapping exercise on money it was so good it relieved a lot of pressure.Blessings to you both. Ps I tap each morning after my shower

  127. Shirley says:

    I just loved your tapping solution on money and overwhelm. I am always worried about money. This tapping sequence has made me feel less overwhelmed and more calm and relaxed about money. I am going to make a point of doing this tapping sequence every morning for a week and see what happens. You are truly gifted and I just want to say thank you for making my day less stressful.

  128. Robin says:

    Up in the middle of the night… worried. This meditation completely calmed me down, & shifted my mind from overwhelm to solution. I so look forward to the day that you guys have a financial workshop like you did for weight loss. The level of clarity and peace you guys give on such difficult topics is such a wonderful blessing… Thank You!!!

  129. Sharon says:

    I can’t thank you enough for sharing your tapping, especially when one does not have the finances to purchase the material. I struggle with depression, financial issues are also a concern and I have anxiety that has created restless legs at periods of rest. I have stopped taking most of my meds in hopes that tapping will help me work through my emotions. I am also a survivor of cancer, one year last month and want to be happy and enjoy life. I pray for love joy and finances to increase within me so I can truly appreciate all that I have. Jessica you are a joy to listen to and watch. may you continue to blessed.

  130. Elena says:

    Happy Birthday Jessica ……I JUST DID YOU TAPPING SESION FOR THE FIRST TIME …… WOW !!!!!!! I was crying before , I went to my facebook page , and have Dr wayne D. page he was talking about tapping , and he had the link ….That’s how all started …Amazing …Tahnk you .I feel a lot better = )

  131. Bindu says:

    THANK YOU SOOOOO SOOOOOO MUCH 🙂 That was amazing Thank you 🙂

  132. Fadith says:

    happy birthday Jessica.
    Finances is what I am working on at the moment.
    I would like the meditation in Spanish. Please can you help me with this? Thank you

  133. Thank-you, I always looked to my husband to help me feel better about finances. Now I can help myself with this tapping. Thank-you so very much. Much gratitude.

  134. Neil Munro says:

    Thank-you for this tapping solution, it was well crafted,and to the point.
    VERY helpful. A very happy birthday to you Jessica.

    Kind regards

    Neil Location ( Loch-Ness Scottish Highlands )

  135. Jessica you are allways great. Its a plasure to tapp whit you. Thanks

  136. Robin says:

    Today had a magnificent outcome to opening emails, thanks to the Tapping link. I felt my emotion change drastically while tapping through Jessica’s audio. Grinning big time right now. Thank you sooooo much. Aloha, Robin

  137. Rhonda Wagner says:

    Just wanted to let you know that 3 minutes into Jessica’s tapping around financial angst I received a call that I am to receive full OSAP financial aid for returning to school. How’s that for timing?? Thank you both!!

  138. Susan says:

    This has really helped me eventhough I only got to use it once. I would like to use it again several times but for some reason I cannot get audio and I tried it several times still having no audio. Anyway this can be re-sent to me or anyone have an idea as to why I have no audio with this?

  139. Mary says:

    Great stuff as I start my new green energy business! thank you.

  140. Kamala says:

    Jessica and Nick, thank you very much its very kind and generous of you to give these free tapping lesson which make great changes in peoples life’s who are in need, Keep up the good work. love, peace and God bless you all.

  141. Leslie says:

    Thanks for the tapping on finances. I got up feeling lighter.

  142. Thank you, Nick and Jessica, for this financial relieve tapping! Many of my clients and friends need this as well! As being in a long journey from rugs to riches and from riches to rugs when building my family for 18 years and through 7 years of divorce to gain my identity back, now when the kids are older and I am building my business, I highly appreciate the empowering financial tapping so I can take control on my ability to go to riches again and to do my best for my kids and for the world.
    Thank you, Nick and Jessica!
    Maria N. Angelova, CFP, CDFA

  143. Diane says:

    I’m relatively new to EFT. I think it’s a wonderful technique and have started to use it, however, I am not sure how to set up my statements. I have been doing much soul searching and discovered I don’t like, love or respect myself very much at all. I want to, of course, and would like to use EFT to get there. How can I set up my tapping routine?

  144. Nick Ortner says:

    HI Heather- glad to hear it! You can definitely bump it against something. 🙂

  145. heather says:

    I have to say, I tryly enjoyed listening to Jessica’s narrations. I have a hearing deficit due to a stroke but found her voice clear and easy to follow.and the detailed instructions are great. I do have a question. I am paralyzed on one side and cannot use my left hand to tap the meridian on the side of my right hand. Can I tap it, by just bumping it against something or is the skin contact essential?

  146. Kandi Eden says:

    This is the 4th time I have taken part in this particular session on Finacial overwhelm. Each time I become more powerful. I have put in place some actions to assist my recovery from debt and when I feel like I am drowning in the problem I tap again. Thank you for keeping this meditation available fro repeats, it is very helpful – even vital.

  147. Kandi says:

    The second time of doing the finacial overwhelm really brought up possitive thoughts. I felt much clearer that I could have more power over my finacial situation and even over other situations. Thank you.

  148. THIRUMARAN SP says:

    I could not play or get the tapping solutions for financial anxiety as indicated. Please let me know how to proceed with as there was no button to have appeared to press and play.

  149. Pauline Webb says:

    I have clicked on the start button for the audion ( it just looks like a thick black line) and when I do the only thing that happens is that the word “Oooops” appears on the start button and there is no audio at all. I hve tried this four or five times with the same result. I am paying for a virus searcher on my PC (Godzilla) but nothing seems to work. Pity about that, because I could do with some help.
    Best wishes.

  150. Visma says:

    Thank you.. I am ready for the next 7 week sessions.

  151. carmen says:

    i was looking forward your personal history you said was going to be out last week, but could not find it. is it was out?

  152. Carlos says:

    I bought long ago your great movie, but this audio from Jessica is wonderful, thank you sooo much! Is there a way I could downloaded to hear it again with my i-pod??
    That’d be awesome!
    Many blessings!

  153. nancy schiliro says:

    For me Jessica is “the voice of love” and I missed her from the end of the world tapping summit. Luckly Nick gave me again this opportunity and I’m profoundly grateful for that gift to both of you. Connecting to you makes me feel connected to peace and myself, no matter the subjec. Again Thanks
    Nancy from Venice-Italy

  154. Cathy Coombe says:

    Hi, For those who say the link isn’t there, try to be patient, it takes a couple of minutes to load and it is right where Nick says it is. Thank you Nick and Jessica!

  155. This is the first tapping session that I have attended. It will not be the last. I enjoyed it, and I hope to listen to the tape that I bought which is sitting in the box it came in. This was a beginning, and I needed to know how to begin.

    Thank you.

  156. ritamifsud says:

    THANKS A BUNCH! It was really a relief.this tapping meditation hit all my emotions.I CRIED and felt calm at the same time.

  157. kathy francis says:

    I felt a little more peace with my money situation..I struggle with social security income and not being able to find work to supplement…but after “tapping” this a.m. I don’t feel so overwhelmed..I feel a bit more in control, and more inpowered that I can take control and have untapped abilites to bring income my way…I don’t feel finances need to be a total focus for my day…that I now have the patience and knowledge to wait and approach it in a more calm and peaceful way.. thank you

  158. Margie M says:

    This tapping sequence has been a life saver for me. I have played it many times since it was published. I would love to get a copy to listen to…I’m working through some intense emotions about finances and this has helped me deal with them each time they build up.

  159. Kandi Eden says:

    This is my second time of using this meditation, more impact on the 2nd time. Thank you for keeping it available for more than a week because I am not always able to find a quite, undesturbed spot in my home. 6.30AM seems to work today. Thank you again, I feel that it is working…I am a slow prossessor, hence the repeat treatment.

  160. linda says:

    I have been tapping daily for 6 months, I meditate everyday, I go to Zen every week.I work really hard, study the law of attraction and have done for 10 years.I have done EVERYTHING possible to try and change my life I am so self disciplined and dedicated in my practice , but my finances get worse and worse.I am at the point of real financial collapse, I have nowhere to turn no one to help me.I have nothing left.

  161. Valentina says:

    Hi Nick and Jessica,
    I love this exercises. Is it possible that you make a CD with all the tapping meditation that you have?. I will like to bring with me anywhere.
    Thank you.

  162. Barbara says:

    There are no words to thank you for the work that you are doing to help us open up to new possibilities through tapping. I can’t wait for the time to come when I can give to others and give back to you as a way to express my gratitude. I know that everything is happening at exactly the right time including my connection to tapping. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. You are appreciated so much more than you will ever know.

  163. Cynthia says:

    WOW! It was wonderful the way my emotions were cleared, the flood of tears felt so good. I will use this tapping again to conquer my financial limitations emotions. Thank you so much Nick and Jessica. I just love Jessica’s voice, it is so clear, soothing and calming.

  164. Cynthia says:


  165. Renata says:

    Thank you so much Jessica and Nick, this is amazing. I had some revelations, as tears were
    streaming down my face during the tapping. I feel so much better and empowered.
    God bless you both and thank you for sharing so much freely,

  166. Kristin says:

    Hi Nick/Jessica, et. al.
    well…. the ‘votes… (certainly)… are not in yet’…. ! but, wow, I just yawned through that whole bloody audio! my eyes were watering, I kept tapping, and throwing in a few of my own little ‘asides’, while running subliminal Mind Movies in background…
    so if yawning equals some energy shifting, I will keep you posted. still YAWNING my head off!
    and I DO commit to continue to tap (which I seem to do automatically anyway) every time an anxiety, fear, etc. comes up… also on the feelings I want more of.
    thanks for all your work

  167. big mike says:

    Happy birthday Jessica! Wishing you continued health, happiness and success! God bless!

  168. Ken says:

    Please add more Audio affirmations on different topics like the one here:
    “Listen to Jessica’s “Tapping Meditation for Financial Anxiety and Overwhelm”
    Loved it and want more like it…..if you could put together a bunch of these covering lots of topics. It makes it so much easier……..more please!!

  169. Cisco says:

    I just did the tapping session, thank you Jessica…it was the best gift. Happy birthday

  170. marina caroulias says:

    thank you Jessica .. during the tapping meditation I kept on yawning and yawning .. realizing how much stress I have gathered lately about my financial situation. I will try again on my own on a daily basis and let you know how it goes … Thank you again. Marina.

  171. lynn says:

    Thank you so much for the tapping experience on finances. I have been overwhelmed with my finances for many years, but today was the right day to begin tapping. I have been working on myself with spiritual self development in all areas of my life so find this sort of thing easy. I am a EFT Practitioner for approx 7 years now, and used tapping until I had a burglary 3 years ago, 2 weeks later I had a fire and 3 years on, my house is still not refurbished. I was stuck in emotional upset until tapping along with Jessica. I truly believe in Tapping and know that it works I just didn’t feel well enough emotionally to continue in bad circumstances until I missed the Tapping summit. I was so disappointed I I began tapping and now with Jessica’s 16 minute session I am beginning my road back. THANK YOU

  172. Yvonne Lovejoy says:

    Thank you, Jessica for your clear, helpful instruction on tapping. Now, I need to do my part and practise this technique every day to receive the worthwhile benefits in my life. I look forward to noticing the changes in my life as I tap. I also believe one needs to be in a state of readiness to actually benefit from tapping, as I was presenred with this information in 2009 and did not see the value in what had been offered at that time. Being ready to accept change is, to me, an integral part of the process, as most of us resist change, which is often where we become stuck. I am excited to be on a new, progressive journey, where I know I have the power to make changes in my life,changes that will create a brand new future and a life full of new possibilities. Thank you once again for this powerful tool of change.

  173. Mag says:

    This was so perfect and came at the perfect time – THANK YOU! I especially loved listening to Jessica’s guiding voice. Her choice of words and timing were impeccable!

  174. Ida Subaran says:

    Thank you for this tapping –excellent idea.
    Whenever I listen I yawn a lot—is there i reason?
    I know it is not tiredness.
    Keep up the good work.

  175. dbratt says:

    Amazing how this tapping on finances has taken my emotions out of my current situation. I saw results immediately after the first time doing it.

  176. snowy says:

    OMG… it’s as though you created every word especially for me! Tapping has changed the way I think about some previously dis-empowering aspects of my life. For some strange reason I hadn’t thought about tapping for this particular situation. Things are changing and I’m heartened to receive this at a very crucial time. Thank you very sincerely. Hope you enjoyed your birthday and have a wonderful year ahead 🙂

  177. Ida Subaran says:

    Why do I yawn so much during the tapping session?
    I’d appreciate your response.

  178. faigy pollock says:

    Thank you! That was very good. One small point that was a bit hard for me was that I found it a bit too slow. I had trouble staying focoused because the pauses were a bit long.
    Thank you for everything!!!

  179. Natasha says:

    That was wonderful, its exactly what i needed. Thank you.

    If i did this everyday i’m sure i’ll get amazing results xxx

  180. Deanne says:

    Nick and Jessica I would like to thank you both. This has been totally a wonderful experience, even though my friends are not quite open to it. I feel the joy the body feels.I love it and am looking forward to learning more.

  181. Jacqueline says:

    The button to play the audio only showed up after several minutes, and took too long to start playing that I need to leave the page before hearing the audio. Sorry about that.

  182. Lisa says:

    You guys are beautiful people. thank you so much for your generosity and your concern and compassion. It is truly appreciated.

  183. Mahva Jones says:

    Thank you for this meditation. I feel better already and have bookmarked this page to return to. I truly appreciate the help you give on all aspects of life.

    May we all thrive!

  184. susannah says:

    The phrases used seemed very carefully and well chosen. It seems you hit on every single aspect that could unlock something for me. Also, it was nice to have such a long “negatives” section. I probably need to expand on my own that way. Thank you for caring to do it right.

  185. Ann says:

    Words that created – hope in my psyche – breath in my soul -and
    the magic that is a change of consciousness/conviction.
    —- Thank you

  186. Bentu Noumba says:

    Happy Belated Birthday and May You have many Blessings, Joy, Happiness,Love in your Life. Thank You for sharing…..

  187. Nancy says:

    Thanks, I needed that!! I hope I can return to this recording – think I need to do it a few more times. Don’t take it down, OK?

  188. Sheila Davis says:

    Great session. Very calming and effective. We’ll see how it works over time. Ü

  189. Celine says:

    Thank you very much for the gift and the generous blessing. Belated Happy Birthday, Jessica! God bless!

  190. Sherrie Desjardins says:

    Thank you very much. This is very helpful as is your video and all other information you have made available to us on the internet. Bless you both! Thanks again, Peace

  191. Manda says:

    Honestly and seriously…. I feel more confident and less wound up about my future …. THANK YOU ….. THANK YOU…

  192. Lee Chancellor says:

    Thank you so much, Jessica and Nick, for all the great energy you share with us! And Happy Birthday, Jessica! Much love, Lee xx

  193. Jo says:

    I really need a download of this audio on because I am going through a very, very bad time fretting over my finances. I am in the process of filing for Disability and because of an unexpected divorce, I am living on less than $500. per month. I am not able to even meet my basis needs and I fear soon I will be on the street losing what little I have. Please tell me where to get a downloadable copy, so I can put it on my MP3 player and listen to it every night before I go to bed. I ask this in desparation because I see no light at the end of the tunnel.

  194. Joy W Arnold says:

    Jessica, this meditation tapping was just what I needed for my struggle with money issues. Thank you so much.
    Joy Arnold

  195. Carol Browning says:

    I appreciate Jessica’s openness to work with this topic that is so challenging for many of us. I wept several times as I listened, realizing how stuck I have felt to change my situation. It helps to be more calm, reassured ideas on how to safely make and/or be open to having more money can come one by one. There is no need for overwhelm. It is possible, even probable, that my spiritual and financial situation will keep on improving. I am open to sharing in the abundance instead of feeling left out. What an awesome birthday gift to us, Jessica, You are truly a gift offering hope, inspiration, possibilities for many of your listeners. Thank you, and I hope you have had a great birthday, with some unexpected blessings!

  196. Geoff C - Australia says:

    Follow up to my 8:54a.m. (USA time) comment on June 15
    Noon, June 16, Australia time: did the financial tapping again. Then DID immediately contact both part time work prospects: One took my name and will contact me when she has work again (has fairly high staff turnover, because it’s not very well paid; that doesn’t bother me right now–any extra will be a great relief, and as i’m retired, my time is my own). SMS’d other prospect as I know he’s busy in real estate on Saturdays. Told him to contact me when convenient.
    Now that’s pretty darn good for me, because, guess what, I also have some telephone phobia and suffer from procrastination.
    So I definitely have taken A (ONE, or is it 2 steps?) STEP forward.
    I also know what the next single step will be: Go see an employment agency.
    I am so grateful that Nick & Jessica and their team have given me the step I needed to move at all. I have all the downloads from the Tapping Summit, but have not looked at a single thing from there–procrastination! Poor personal organization–the non-essentials get in front of the essentials.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and the top of my head, for the action injection!!!!

  197. Joan Baker says:

    This is one of the best of your releasing and regaining our power sessions. I’ve been tapping with you for about 4 years and it has helped me so very much through the death of my parents, the cancer my daughter bravely struggled through for the second time and the massive stroke my son is struggling to recover from. Naturally that brought on more financial struggles for all of us but since i’ve been tapping over my own fears and learned beliefs about money, I’m seeing that I can take back my power and make the money that has been scarce. Tonight as I tapped along with you again, I see my next step instead of the goal and the next step after that. Seems as if all the cob-webs have been brushed away. Thank you so very much.

  198. John Nobbs says:


  199. Barbara Kaczor says:

    I am so thankful for you and EFT!!!

  200. Maggie says:

    Happy Birthday Jessica! Thanks you two, this couldn’t have come at a better time!
    I feel so much better after this tapping!

  201. Elizabeth Mateo says:

    Firstly Happy Birthday Jessica. Like the other people who left their comment not seeing a play button, it is the same here. So I did not hear your lovely voice (I have heard you more than once and enjoyed them) again. I am forwarding this to my brother in case his computer shows a play button and he can benefit from it. How can I listen to this if I can’t get hold of a computer that will show the play button?

  202. Guðríður E Pálmarsdóttir says:

    Thank you Jessica, that was great, felt good. I will defenetely listen again.

  203. Alexandra Colmant says:

    Always positive, always forward moving and life enhancing.
    thank you!

  204. Marian Cooney says:

    Thank you so much Nick and Jessica that is just what I needed to do and hear I feel so much better and more in control, It’s amazing how much worrying about finances can impact our daily life. Angel hugs and blessings

  205. Carine Goyers-Martinez says:

    Just wondering if you ever thought about publishing your work in French? (website, recordings, etc…)
    You would be able to reach so much far away, so many more people.
    Maybe this is where I come to help you.

  206. Jules says:

    Thanks for sharing…. I enjoy Jessica’s tapping and her voice to follow is so tranquil. Thanks again!

  207. henry says:

    Hi Jessica it was unbeleivable listening to your tapping I am amazed it was so rerelaxing

  208. Cynthia says:

    Thank you for this amazing powerful tapping session. I used to first of all to clear financial overwhelm, then I used to clear anxiety and overwhelm in one of my personal relationship, I had so a huge shift,this was so effective that I had to share this with you.

  209. Carol Chadwick says:

    Thank you Jessica. I really enjoyed that session and look forward to the next.

  210. Rosie says:

    Thanks so very much both of you for what you have brought and given to the world.Belated extremely Happy Birthday Jessica. Sorry – only just seen and listened to this. Your guided meditations/ tapping audios always remind me that as a bit of a lapsed NLP Master Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherpaist and Certified EFT practitioner, I do have all the tools that I need; and it is very heartening to hear Nick say that sometimes he has not always applied all that he knows.

    Think maybe we all get ourselves stuck and forget to practise what we know really works and helps. And I’ve been massively beating myself up about all that and listening to this tonight has calmed me, inspired me, reminded me of the passion I feel about helping to make a real difference, rather than thinking : “I must take this corporate piece of work because it will bring in the money”. And there are some pieces of corporate work that I really, really want to do, so I am now focused on working with those whom I know want to push the boundaries – and with whom, more importantly, I know I can really be myself.

    With much love,


  211. Jaci Sivley says:

    I REALLY like this! And it came at such a wonderful time for me. I added a few words here and there to be more specific to my own current situation, but I have to say, this really spoke to me and has helped me move emotionally. I’ve done it twice now – once yesterday and just now – and am seeing how I really can change my perspective and use my current situation as a springboard for something MUCH better. I also now have a deep knowing that Spirit/the Universe has my back and that out of this situation only good can come. A year from now I’ll look back and laugh as I realize what a gift I’m in the midst of receiving. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! YOU, Jessica and Nick, are both gifts to all of us. Blessings and peace to you.

  212. Karin Anders says:

    Feeling a bit dizzy but knowing something is in progress

  213. Ann Schutte says:

    Thank you very much… I felt very warm at the end of this tapping session. I am going to do this again, it feels so good. Happy Birthday Jessica from Belgium.

  214. Melodye F says:

    This came to me right on time. I have struggled with finances all of my life. I am a 32 year old mother with no current cash flow, bad debt and dependent on a man in an unhealthy relationship. I am overwhelmed!!! However, after tapping today, I feel a sense of confidence and belief that all is working together for the greater good. I felt my tears of pain change to a smile of relief. I believe in tapping and I know it makes a difference. Thanks!

  215. Aleema says:

    Thank you for this work you do. Tapping for finances is wonderful. I really needed this. Thank you again.

  216. Purnima says:

    Happy birthday Jessica I wish you a wonderful day and thanks you all so much for your helpful work and support.
    greetings love and light from Purnima

  217. Steven says:

    Happy Birthday! Thanks for your service, and bringing this healing technique to a wider community. All the best!

  218. Helen Jones says:

    Thanks for that, Jessica. Very valuable. It helped me realise how I judge myself and how I forget to focus on my imminent success.

  219. Marie says:

    Jessica, honestly and lovingly I just have to thank you all for the gift you have presented by sharing this knowledge to me/all of us. It is a beautiful thing and it is beginning to change my life. I love doing what you do and sharing this with the people I love!
    happy Birthday Jess’.

  220. Shelly says:

    Amazing! Thank you so, so much for this beautiful and wonderful Tapping session. It made me feel so calm and I realized that we worry about the silliest little things when it could all be so simple. Thanks again Jessica and Nick for everything that you do for all the infinite souls. You are all amazing and I am so grateful to have found you. Love and blessings 🙂 x

  221. ralph says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    I am experiencing synchronicity about life being NOT an intellectual exercise. Your wonderful mediation and the focus on FEELINGS around the issues was a wonderful addition.

  222. Tammy McGee says:

    Very kind and conscientious meditation – takes the time to unwind your thinking, allow for responsible choices in bite sizes, and gives the power of action back to the individual not the situation. Moves you from the overwhelming ‘frozen zone’ of inaction to the necessary ‘thaw zone’ to make a decision about one small action. Why do we always think that the bigger the issue then the bigger and more complex the solution must be for resolution to be obtained? When the situation that is being faced came from the combination of many small actions; so it is that a series of small actions can become the solution needed for one’s highest good. We can only be responsible for our small actions.

  223. ralph says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    I am experiencing a sycronicity about life being NOT an intellectual exercise. Your wonderful medition and the focus on FEELINGS around the issus was a wonderful addition.

  224. Geoff C - Australia says:

    I cried and sniffled through the first half as it is so poignant for me at present, on top of my 44 year marriage breakdown in January. I’m 66 years old, have probably less than $10,000 worth of possessions, and $7000 worth of debt. This is my net financial position after my whole working life. Thankfully I don’t mind my own company, as I am estranged from all my four children and their famileis, and all my friends.
    I did feel benefitted by the second half and was glad I didn’t have to think of the words myself, but could just concentrate on copying them. I did this with appropriate enthusiasm and not in a flat voice.
    As I often fail to follow thru’ with things I start, I will leave this on my computer and do it again tomorrow, and hopefully the day after, ……………………….ad infinitum. That would be so good.
    I already know of two possible jobs that would suit me part time, but have procrastinated in ringing up about them.
    Hopefully, writing this to all of you (and thus myself; and I nearly didn’t leave a comment!), and now writing it in my diary for tomorrow (it’s 10.52 p.m. here now), I will make the phone calls.
    One year older Jessica, and yet you don’t look a day older! lol.

  225. Siddhartha... says:

    A Million Thanks dear… God Bless You .. !!!
    & Happy B’Day !!!

  226. Annette says:

    Hi Jessica! Happy birthday! And thank you so much for this tapping meditation! Just what I needed right now. My anxiety and overwhelm culminated yesterday so this was just perfect timing! I feel better about myself after this tapping.

  227. Rhonda says:

    Thankyou Jessica…….I am so grateful to you and Nick for your generosity and kindness. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  228. Helen says:

    Happy Birthday Jessica,
    Hope you had a lovely day and that the year ahead hold lots of love joy and peace for you.
    Keep up the good work. I agree with the comments above about your way of talking.
    May the good Lord Bless & keep you in the palm of His hand.

  229. Kavita Sharma says:

    Thank you very much Jessica. Tapping came at a time when I intend to learn accurpressure for my own being and for all those whom I know in future when I retire from work and have time to spare. You hava a very sweet voice and it relaxes immediately. I am working on my finances too so that I get spare time soon. Will tap on regular basis and hope to get more tapes from you in future. Can this tape be downloaded from anywhere?

    A very happy birthday to you!
    Thanks again.

  230. Tanya Edwards says:

    Like so many other people who have left comments, It felt like you had entered my mind, taken my personal problem and addressed it. It really felt personal, and I really feel blessed by having you and Nick and the rest of your team “on my side”., giving so much. Thank you so much. I have many brilliant ideas stuck inside my head, which I am seriously going to sit down with this weekend, write them down(my first step), look at feasability of each one, and then I’m sure the next step will become clearer. I wished you Happy Birthday on FB, have an splendiferous day!! <3

  231. Wilfredo says:

    Thank you, Jessica. Your voice is very pleasant and calming, like a voice of an angel . Best wishes to you. You’re the gift to the world.

  232. Lorene says:

    Hi Nick and Jessica,
    Happy birthday to you Jessica! Loved this session, reminded me of a simple saying: Inch by inch, it’s a sinch. That’s usually my downfall, getting too far ahead of myself. So just going to take the next step. 🙂
    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and gifts with the world, How wonderful of you. Blessings and love to you both. Lorene

  233. Jimmy Lansing says:

    Hi Jessica,
    Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful tapping session with us….Very powerful !!!

  234. Nicola says:

    If I ever needed a tapping meditation like this, it is right now. Thank you so much, I feel re-charged and ready to take on the challenges of today – one step at a time. Thanks again Jessica – Nicki (Nicola, Spain)

  235. Lindy says:

    good timing– I have been agonizing about finances, and thinking about getting a job, and one was offered to me, I start Tuesday. I have been worrying about so much connected to finances, and now that I tapped, I feel way more peaceful about it…

    Happy birthday, Jessica!!

  236. Noreen Kewin says:

    I love Jessica’s “stuff” from the World Summit & unstoppable You in Business.
    I am disappointed that the meditation simply would not play.

  237. Michelle Shaw says:

    Happy Birthday Jessica! I’m so thankful for the gifts you have shared with the world! Your work has strengthened me in so many ways!

  238. Donna says:

    Hi Jessica, thank you for that tapping session, it was amazing and exactly what I needed to hear today. 🙂

  239. Beverly Compton says:

    There was no play button as the first comment mentioned—I would like to listen—-Happy birthday Jessica–You should be very proud of yourself and your accomplishments. Beverly

  240. Bryony Haviland says:

    Thank you Jessica for your beautifully spoken words that are so simple yet so powerful. I do love your meditations – thank you again and may you have a beautiful year ahead of you.

  241. Michele says:

    Happy Birthday Jessica 🙂 Your beautiful soul shines through on this lovely meditation. Thank you both for the World Tapping Summit. I am awaiting the package eagerly.and look forward to helping others experience the benefit of tapping. There should be more of you in the world. Take good care and celebrate in style!! Love Michele (Australia)

  242. Laura Robinson says:

    This was WONDERFUL!! MAde me feel so good! Thank you so much, you are a gift to us all, Jessica… birthday blessings to you!

  243. Nora Obermayr says:

    Dear Jessica,
    Thank you for this wonderful meditation. Happy Birthday! This is something I will share with my sons. Our family has had yearss of horrendous financial problems. But this is a new day.
    I thank both you and Nick so very much.

  244. Kathy Dodd says:

    first Happy Birthday Jessica hope you have an awesome day secondly I would have like to have listened to the tapping meditation buttttttt the play button was blacked out for some reason?????????????????????????????

  245. Ronda Sturdy says:

    I thoroghly enjoyed the tapping meditation session with Jessica. I do feel better and more
    positive about my future financial situation. I also am feeling very calm.

  246. Terezia Kalkbrenner says:

    I felt so much calmer and felt like I had stepped out of my drama and was able to look at it more objectively and more compassionately not judging and being hard on myself,

  247. jacqueline Brownell says:

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday, Jessica!! It is a treat to listen to you. Please continue to work for happiness. Love!!

  248. Sheila Davis says:

    Great tapping session! Very calming.

  249. Alfreda says:

    Happy Birthday Jessica. Thank you so much for a wonderful tapping session. It covered everything I needed. You and Nick are a wonderful team.

  250. Victoria Seeley says:

    I have in the past used Chi in my past and know the Chinese meridians exist, so with my own situation I watched to see what tapping could do. When Nick (in the video I saw) did the tapping with Jessica to relieve pain, I was very happy with the speed and completeness of the removal of my pain! It is a wonderful thing, and needs to be continued just like eating, sleeping and exercise it must be done on a continual basis. And I deeply and complete accept that this must be done till I no longer can do it anymore. This is the best, easiest and most quickly rewarding exercise application I have ever seen. Next to massage, what I used to do.
    There is not enough Thanks to reward what you are teaching, but your rewards will be great! Thanks to all the Ortner’s for all the good you are doing for others.

  251. marie-josée parent says:

    I meant : Things were beginning to … (oups, sorry I’m french!)

  252. marie-josée parent says:

    This was really liberating. This were beginning to unfold and this exercice with your voice and suggested tapping was giving me more freedom to embrace what wants to be. Thank you for your great work. Profoundly appreciated.

  253. Kinga says:

    Thank you! Happy birthday Jessica!

  254. Anna Drgon says:

    Wonderful tapping session. Happy Birthday Jessica.

  255. Therese says:

    Thanks to both of you. It is always such a pleasure to listen to you Jessica.
    Love, light and blessings to both of you and your families and a very happy birthday Jessica.

  256. Robert Richard says:

    I wish you a very joyful birthday!!!!

    Listening to you on tapping for Financial issue, it give
    me a great sense of release.

    Thank you very much!

  257. Garth says:

    That was brilliant, such powerful statements with such a caring , soothing,genuine voice caused deep shifts in my consciousness , I have not tapped much before but now I’m a believer, thank you for your wisdom and guidance.

  258. Maria Purisima says:

    Jessica, you are truly an angel. I appreciate the tapping meditation. Abundant blessings onto you! Happy Birthday too!

  259. Barbara says:

    This was awesome. So appreciate you sharing this and the timing is perfect for me.
    Love all share and do for us.

  260. Linda says:

    How timely your release of this has been for me. Thank you for following your intuitive lead to make this available.

  261. Despina says:

    Happy Birthday Jessica!

    What a beautiful woman you are !
    Sharing such a Powerful Technique and The Power of Mindfull Awareness!

    As you say ” Giving Your Emotions a Voice ”
    Especially for The Women of The World Who have over many Years been Shut Down .

    Loved listening to your beautiful Strong Voice!

    Have a special and Happy Birth Day !

    With Love Admiration and Gratitude

  262. sheryl johnson says:

    thank you for a great session Jessica I really appreciate the effort you put in. Have a Happy Birthday

  263. soad says:

    hello! happy birthday jessica – your good friend [ soad ] from libya .

  264. mitra saniei says:

    thank you, thank you, thank to both of you .IT WAS AWESOME

  265. Sam says:

    You are a darling girl full of love and happiness. You have a gift that you are sharing with us and so the love grows and expands in us too. Have a wonderful day on your birthday. xxxxxx

  266. Grace says:

    Dear Jessica, and Nick,
    Thank you. That meditation was ‘spot on’ for me, bringing up feelings which I didn’t even know were there. Your voice Jessica is silky smooth – perfect for this type of work. Well done and thank you.
    Love and blessings on your work,

  267. Jose says:


    May the universe reward you for what you and your brother are doing to help others.

    God bless

  268. Helaine says:

    “happy, happy birthday jessica” !!!!!!!
    but i feel like i got the present, listening to you guide me through tapping on financial troubles. it came today like magic when i really, really needed it ! thanks so much…
    tapping really does help and it’s more relaxing to do it online with you. the music just helps me unwind, i focus on your voice and the task at hand. my whole body just says ahhh!
    have a great weekend. 🙂

  269. Jahur says:

    This is a really wonderful meditation !! . .Thank you to the Tapping Team and Jessica.
    Love, Peace and Prosperity .!!!

  270. Jill says:

    Happy Birthday-Jessica-you and Nick are blessing the World using your tremendous gifts! I released stress, yawned, and felt very peaceful after the session. My tension about about my family’s finances had my shoulders up to my ears and now I feel the Glow of God. Thank you.

  271. Marina says:

    This was quite an inspiring session. I have already tapped around this issue of money and have made some progress.
    Thank you so much for sharing this so generously with us.
    Warm regards,
    P.S My whole country (Greece) would need to be tapping right now!!!

  272. Lisa says:

    Happy Birthday Jessica, Your Special Day…Enjoy!
    Thank you for sharing your wisdom with all of us….ever so grateful!
    Love, Lisa

  273. Lisa says:

    Wow, thank you Jessica and Nick! Amazing….just the calming effect and the powerful words….the feelings afterwards….wonderful gives me goose bumps! Clearer mind set too, and just a over all positive outlook! This could not have arrived at a better time than today for Me!!! Right Place, Right Time, Right People…Amen.
    Love, Lisa

  274. Kathy says:

    Awesome how the world answers you when things like this are on your mind. Uncanny, strange, odd…can it be magnetic? Thank you and Happy BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

  275. Fiona says:

    Happy Birthday Jessica and sending much gratitude for this tapping session, I hope you keep it on the blog so that I can return everyday and practice it. The first thing that came to me While tapping was remembering how I used to be with money and work, always on it, never having a problem getting work, always got the job if I got an interview.. all that must still be there? But what happened, and is it important for me to figure that out? My friends always say “it’s the economy” but I’m sick of blaming my circumstances on that.

  276. Carol Ann says:

    Happy Birthday, what a lovely thing to do. Make a gift for us. May Birthday Blessing rain down, around and through you.
    as ever
    Carol Ann

  277. Thanks, J, for the wonderful (and soothing!) meditation.
    This was a great production – your perfect pacing, the music, and your words.
    Happy Birthday, dear one, and yes, please keep sending us these tapping meditations.

  278. Lyn says:

    Dear Nick & Jessica, Thank you SOOOO much for everything you and all your wonderful people are doing with the Tapping. I feel so fortunate to have taken part in the Summit and know that you were sent to me in a time of desperate emotional need. I did do the tapping and found so much relief and Freedom from my anxiety. Jessica your voice is amazingly soothing and I’ve just listened to you on anxiety and overwhelm. I have 2 friends now who are very interested in learning about you. Thank you so much , you do restore our faith in human compassion towards each other. Love Lyn

  279. sharon says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  280. Sue says:

    Happy birthday to you. The tapping meditation is sooo timely. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Hats off to all of you for your hard work.

  281. Barbara says:

    This tapping session was so spiritual for me it did let go of a lot of resentment I had to my problems of my past with money. Thank you so much.

  282. Preethi says:

    Happy Birthday Jessica. I enjoyed this and all you did at the Tapping World Summit. You are really the best at getting the best out of all the people you interview. Thank you again and have a lovely day!

  283. Anna Womack says:

    Thank you Jessica for a wonderful session. You are truly amazing with the tapping. Wonderful tapping with you. I really do get great results with tapping. Thanks again.
    God Bless you,
    Anna Womack

  284. Frauke says:

    Hello Jessica,
    first a very happy birthday to you. Thank you so very much for this tapping meditation. I am experiencing a slow time in my business and started to get very anxious. Your meditation came at the perfect time! I already feel better but I will continue doing it daily until things turn around. Thank you so much for this huge gift.I hope you will receive in the same generous way that you give, especially today on your birthday!
    All my best to you!

  285. Barbara says:

    This came at the most perfect moment for me, and I will return to it as needed to get me through this extremely difficult time. Thank you Jessica and Nick from the bottom of my heart. I look forward to learning Nick’s story, although it can’t possibly be worse than mine.

  286. Pam says:

    It’s neat and I’m smiling. The deep breath points were truly relaxing. I felt a weight lifting.
    Thank you.

  287. Sheila says:

    I agree Jessica, you have a special gift!

    Thank you so much for sharing it! & Happy Birthday!! 🙂

  288. Sandra says:

    Happy Birthday! Thank you Jessica for your grace and generosity. This tapping meditation was the best 16 minutes I have spent in a very long time.

  289. Jan says:

    I can’t tell you timely this video was! Such a great reminder to slow down, put one foot in front of the other, and go through all the steps! I am so grateful, as I know many are as well. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful information, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JESSICA!!!!

  290. loreta ellul says:

    thank you for your lesson , it was great to tapping with you and i’m sure let my children to tapping too . love and light.

  291. Inga Schneider-Gardner says:

    Happy Birthday Jessica. Have a wonderful year. God Bless you abundantly.
    I needed this so badly. I’ve been spending too much time being fearful and anxious about lack of money. You helped me get rid of the negative emotions I’ve carried around for years, especially in the area of finances. I am now open to all possibilities and I am filled with peace and with gratitude that all things are possible with tapping. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    Sending you and yours love and light.

    Thanks so much for all that you do. Even though I get busy, I often open these and immediately become so grateful for the nurturing I get from tapping! (I have not been diligent about our 40 days…so, please, keep these coming!)

  293. Sandra says:

    I feel calm and centered after doing the tapping. I have a lot of stress around money just now. In fact, I’ve never been able to earn more than the minimum wage, even since qualifying as a Reflexologist!!!! I am hopeful that your new audio around finances will remove whatever beliefs I must have hiding deep in my sub-conscious. Thank you so much.

  294. Steph says:

    Thank you Jessica!

  295. Ingrid says:

    Happy Birthday, Jessica, may you have many wonderful surprises today.
    Thank you for your gift of Tapping, it is very helpful.

  296. John says:

    Thanks Jessica. This meditation helped me to do my first proper tapping and you made it easy.
    Your voice is so beautiful and flowing. That helped too. And yes I can get perspective on my financial problems and I get the step at a time idea. It will help me. I feel relaxed.
    Happy birthday. This is great service that you provide to so many on your birthday. I wish you and Nick and your team a wonderful year ahead.

  297. Jacqui says:

    Happy birthday Jessica! Thanks, this was just what I needed, perfect timing. Will do it often.

  298. Judith says:

    Jessica, I appreciate the direct, simple manner you present tapping. As a Focusing, Psychosyntheses teacher I find your work very helpful.

  299. Elif says:

    It was wonderful
    Thank you Jesica and your team
    I love all of you
    You are like angel

  300. Brian says:

    good one….good timing….thanks

  301. Lia says:

    Thank you so much for whan you are doing! Once I was lucky to find out the first letter from you in my mailbox! And i like this meditation! It inspires!

    P.S. Happy Birthday Jessika! 😉

  302. Saartje says:

    Thank you so much, this felt so alive in my belly/stomach area. There’s life there now. Energy is flowing. Beautiful. This came at the perfect moment. This morning I just wrote some judgements about money on a peace of paper and than in the evening this one came along. Love the universe.

  303. Nina says:

    thank you thank you thank you. this was perfect. beautiful. and so timely.

    I hope you have a beautiful birthday!

  304. Paulina Sarquah says:

    Thank you Jessica and Nick
    I felt a greate relife, relaxed and quite comfortable.
    I even ask my housebond to choin me while I was tapping.
    He felt amazed to.
    So onces again thanks to both of you
    Best regards

  305. Betty Cutchins-Sexton says:

    Really liked the session today. Thank you

  306. Sue Merritt says:

    Thank you!!! This Tapping audio was perfect timing for me!

  307. Malathie says:

    Great! as usual. Thanks Jessica:)

  308. Mary says:

    This was an excellent tapping exercise and Jessica did a wonderful job. So many of us are struggling these days with finances and this was a great relief to tap along with. Thanks Jessica and well done.

  309. Selaasie says:

    Many Thanks for hosting me on the Tapping Solution webinar; I enjoyed it so much. It is my conclusion that nature has an abundance of knowlege, presented in varying forms to suit different people of different cultures and backgrounds
    I look forward to tapping and reaping the benefits, especially in a resounding FINANCIAL way.
    Many thanks, once again.

    ps: I am yet to launch my website publicly.

  310. CJ says:

    Happy Birthday dear Jessica! May you get more than you’ve given! That was excellent! Wish it was for purchase however!!

    A quick comment: for those of you who don’t see a play button….try a different computer. There’s something missing on the one you’re using. I can see the audio button on our main computer but none appears when I’m on my laptop.

  311. Pamela says:

    Today I was overwhelmed because I have been waiting for my food stamps, which have not come this month. It is mid-month and the money I would normally spend for household needs and daily living expenses has been spent on food, leaving me a balance, as of today, of $80 to live on for the rest of this month.

    Because our state government has cut so deeply it’s human services programs, the workers at my food stamp office are so far behind that they haven’t even processed my paper work which went in in April. My anxiety has been overwhelming me. I just did the tapping for overwhelm and I am a bit more calm, but I know I shall repeat it several times until I can actually relax. Thank you for this timely message. It is just what I needed this morning! Blessings be to you Ortners and to your business The Tapping Solution and all of those it has and will continue to help heal! Namaste!

  312. Daniela says:

    I loved it, thank you!
    Uuuuuuu so much nice energy flowing!!!

  313. Diane Ziff says:

    I was having a very rough time about my finances this morning.
    I now feel much better and will listen to it again. Blessings

  314. elisa says:

    Thank you very much, although I am still struggling with feelings of guilt about money, and I hear myself saying often: money is the root of all evil ! It is probably part of my system by now and I
    don’t know how to get rid of it. But I’ll keep tapping, thank you.

  315. Mark Newell says:

    Happy birthday! Thank you for giving me a present on your birthday. I know you and your methods are good because I have tried them and they give me at least hope so far, and just the fact that you give them away without fear but with love or above proves you are on the right paths, where I am following with my money and time, and love. More I can’t do yet, but anticipate being and giving higher if God wills and the creek don’t rise.
    I chose to transcribe the entire broadcast and add love or above, focus on specifics about financial independence verbiage, verbiage on choice which is my gift from God, and gratitude for your expert direction and intuition to give it away today so I and others could take it.
    Thanks again and my blessings to you and your brother, and all tappers and voicers.
    Mark Newell

  316. Marjorie says:

    Thanks to you all for sharing. This came right on time. All the best.

  317. jaime ward says:

    May the glorious Universe bless you, dear Jessica, with a most joyful birthday.
    How wonderful of you to share knowledge with us all.

  318. Fred says:

    Hi Nick,
    Life has been amazing since I started tapping during the Summit, thank you so much. You actually addressed my answer to the survey question with “The Next Step and the Next Step” but I definitely could use more direction about finances! Since the summit I have literally tapped on everything (got the DVD and book, thank you!) even stuff I didn’t think were issues just because they came up during tapping. A particularly dramatic one has to do with a physical condition (prolapse) that prevented me from running for almost 12 years now. I was tapping trying to remember all the events around the time the problem first came up, almost immediately a possible cause came to mind that was not the cause I had always thought it was. After I tapped, I felt I had cleared it but was afraid to test it – what if it didn’t work?! I did have a tremendous urge to go buy running shoes and I did. I gingerly tested it while walking my dog. From time to time I have tried but lasted no more than a few steps. This time I succeeded. Yesterday we went to for nice run/walk with no problems at all. I’ve jumped rope too up to 100 jumps, no problem. It’s hard to believe the cause was totally emotional and that by holding on to the emotion I was manifesting physical symptoms. I feel a deep relaxation of my entire pelvic area as a result of my “letting go!” I could go on about other areas and issues in my life, substantial and minor ones about which tapping has greatly improved. Thank you so much all your efforts and for sharing. You are kind and generous.

  319. Phyllis says:

    To Jessica….What a blessing and wonderful thing you did. You GAVE a gift on YOUR Birthday…..many more 2 you….

  320. Isabella says:

    Wonderful start for me! This is my first try at tapping and
    I became restfully aware and inspired within a few short minutes.
    The other amazing moment was the encouraging
    tapping focus on finances, which, has been the main topic of my life,
    conversation and bewilderment. Today, I feel hope!
    Thank you every so much and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOO! 🙂

  321. Dr. Larry Quell says:

    HAPPY B DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Bless you,
    Dr. Larry

  322. Phyllis says:

    This came at a good time for me. My husband and I are both 52 years old. We both made more money when we were 35. We are probably at 40% of the income we used to make. Today I was completely disgusted. The younger people at my husbands job are making double his salary. We are unable to live in a place we WANT to live. We are constantly spinning oir wheels about what can be done to make progress. Thanks for the tapping, at least I can say for at least now my stress level went down from an 8 to a 4. Its good to have a tapping “community”, Its like having a buddy to push me to go to the gym. I hope to get more of these tapping sessions. Sometimes its hard to stay motivated. Thank u 4 2day..

  323. Nasim Rabbani says:

    Thank you for all the help you are giving us, I have a very big problem with lonely ness ,this tapping sasion about finance sound and feels so good,is it possible to have one about loneliness.
    May God bless you all always .


  324. sharon says:

    I began this session completely overwhelmed, crying and suffering from my lack of power. I ended the session feeling hopeful and tearful, but in a reliefed way, knowing that I do have power and all will be well. I am grateful for this wonderful gift and I am grateful for my dear friend, Jane, who directed me to this session today.

  325. Karen K says:

    Fantastic. The best I’ve heard. I’d love to be able to download it to keep with my Tapping Summit formulas I purchased. This is a keeper.
    Any chance of us being able to download this?
    Jessica, you are excellent. A great interviewer and very professional. I never get tired of listening to you on the Summit tapes.

    Happy birthday!

  326. Mary says:

    Happy Birthday Jessica! And may you have 1,000 more (grins)–You bring great, great value to this troubled world of ours.
    The exercise was like a lush oasis in a blistering hot desert. Just wonderful.
    I especially liked how the affirmations are actually new concepts that are so *healthy*—so necessary to help nullify all the ‘failure’ programming so many of us have.
    May God richly reward you for helping humans, and keep up the great work you do—

  327. H.Bell says:

    I really enjoyed the session but am unable to describe what is going on with me.

  328. Jo says:

    I really liked this recording as well as the one Jessica did on the very last day of the 2012 Tapping Summit presentations. Her voice is very calming and the background music is not too distracting. I just wish I could either download a copy or know where to find it for purchase. It would mean so much to me.
    Happy Birthday, Jessica! Wishing you many more.

  329. Alara says:

    I have been tapping around money issues, but today the ‘dam burst’ and a flood of emotion and tears poured out and something significant has shifted. Thank you, Nick and Jessica; what you are offering is of great value to me.

  330. H.Bell says:

    I enjoyed the session. I feel different but am unable to discribe it.

  331. janet mclean says:



  332. Sweety says:

    Thank you so very much! I love how energy works! everyone’s saying the same things – perfect timing, perfect words!!!! Deep gratitude to you all!

  333. Lee Anne says:

    Haippy Birthday Jessica from NH…..loved this meditation. I shared tapping with a person that suffers with severe anxiety, and he is doing it each and every day and feeling so much better…Thank you guys for all that you do !!

  334. Hey guys,

    I’m sorry – but I find no “Play” button – where did you hide it….??? 🙂


  335. Hassi Outi says:

    Great exercise! Thank you so much, and Happy Birthday to Jessica!

  336. Milton says:

    Thank you so much. This Tap was exactly what I needed in this moment in time. I was so totally worried about money and I feel this was God sent! even though the circumstances are still the same my state of mind has shifted which should allow some money to flow my way. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Milton

  337. Gerard says:

    Happy birthday and thank you for the meditation. Much appreciated. I see great potential with tapping.

  338. Monika says:

    Hi Jessica,
    happy birthday!
    May every cell be blessed with golden light to empower your heartflower grow into infinity!
    With sunny greetings from Germany,


  339. Susan Fisch says:

    Hi Jessica. Thank you for your generosity. This is an amzing tapping session. I felt throughout that you were talking to me personally, addressing every point I’m dealing with. How did you know? Thank you so much for this. It is an extremely healing tool.
    I too am fairly new to tapping. The world summit was my first experience. I don’t know if anyone else experiences this, but it is stated everywhere I’ve read that it doesn’t matter which side you tap on, left or right. And yet, since I carefully observe my emotions within my body, I find that different emotions arise in different places, depending on whether I tap on the right side or the left side. Has anyone else experienced this? Has any kind of study been done on it? I’m curious, and to me, it is significant. Not that it changes anything, I keep tapping on the side that is more intense until it reduces, then I tap on the other side until it balances. I stop when both sides are fairly calm.
    Thanks again.

  340. Mike Kresloff says:

    Very relaxing process, thanks Jennifer, Nick and all others!

  341. Janet says:

    Yes, to grow spiritually and financially, all with compassion! Thank You!

  342. margaita says:

    HappyI birthday Jessica and wishing you a very long life and happy one. I was felt so so full of hope and joy after this exercise .Thank you.

  343. Gloria says:

    I feel empowered and grounded. Thank you. I would like to pass it on to my colleagues.

  344. Laura Buit says:

    I love this tap meditation! I felt a huge weight off my shoulders and feel empowered after doing it! Thank you guys so much for sharing! Love, peace, harmony and balance to all!

  345. Cathy says:

    Happy Birthday Jessica.

  346. Helen says:

    Did you write that just for me, Jessica? It certainly felt like you did . . . and your timing couldn’t have been better either! Thank you–I’ll be using that lots over the coming days. I feel more positive already. Bless you.

  347. Sarah says:

    Happy Birthday Jessica and thanks for a great TAPPING MEDITATION

  348. Russ says:

    Happy Birthday Jessica. I’m not sure who received more after reading the many comments and compliments. Your words and delivery were perfect for me, touching on some very powerful emotions. Wondering if you could offer this as a download. I would LOVE to put this on my MP3 and tap it often over the next week or so, especially at night as I fall asleep. That would be my sign that my tapping is working! 🙂

  349. passion says:

    Happy Birthday Jessica!!! I love the session it works I tapp every day and nite its helps me open my eyes and feelings to a whole new out look on life Thank You and Nick sooooo much!

  350. Alayna McKee says:

    Loved it!

  351. DiAnna says:

    There it is! IT finally showed up. Thanks

  352. DiAnna says:

    I don’t see any link or “play” button. There are others who have commented that also cannot see a play button. But evidently, others have been able to hear this.

    I would love to hear it.


  353. Thank you. I found the tapping session very enlightening. It was great to see how I reacted to the tapping and noticed a change in my feelings from the beginning to the finish. When we finished I felt emotional and joyful. It was a beautiful experience for me.

  354. Lorraine says:

    That was awesome and just what I needed as I am in the process of starting something new! Must remember see the big picture but focus on the NEXT STEP & PATIENCE. Thank you sooo much!

  355. jill maschmeyer says:

    Happy Birthday, always a pleasure to here your voice,have a outstanding BIRHTDAY!!!

  356. Bariera says:

    Simply fantastic.vvhelpful. Thankyou

  357. Michelle says:

    Hi Nick and Jessica,
    Things were a mess only 5 yrs ago? That gives me hope. I have been a caretaker for about ten yrs for a spouse who is chronically ill. In just trying to keep things together, I am exhausted from all the emotional, mental and financial stress. Different people have come into my life and taught me different concepts that helped me be prepared for tapping when it came along. As i write this, i recall that it seemed to begin when I realized that so many of my decisions were based on fear and I decided to change that. I am in the position of needing to work full-time and am basically uneducated. I ache to have to leave my children who are still fairly young. Fear and needing to be in control hasn’t served me well and tapping is helping me learn to have faith and take things one step at a time. I know things will work out. Thank you for all you do!!! You have been such a blessing to me. I want to really get good at EFT to be able to educate others.

  358. lin says:

    Jessica a very Happy Birthday to you! Wishing you the best that life can bring!
    Thank you so much for continuing to provide us with these wonderful & helpful sessions.

  359. Elisa says:

    Thanks a lot!It has been such a relief!!I feel much lighter!

  360. Sharon says:

    Gratitude ~ Tears flowed deep seeded feelings from childhood. A new “Being” ~ beginning.

  361. Carolyn says:

    Thank you for this Jessica, couldnt have come at a better time for me! I have been really stressed about my finances over the last couple of months after being made redundant.
    While tapping along with you I could feel my aura lifting and I feel so much calmer and POSITIVE!!
    Thanks a million! Oh and wishing you very many happy returrns – have a great birthday!
    Love n Light, Carolyn

  362. Pam says:

    Thank you. Tapping gives so many benefits. Thanks for all you share. An App is such a good idea.

  363. Candy says:

    Happy Birthday Jessica. This was just the perfect tape for me. I am in despair because I keep spending money I don’t have and can barely cope anymore. I drink every night to keep my anxiety at bay which is also spending tons of money I don’t have and also destroying my health and increasing my anxiety even further when the effects of the alcohol wears off. I will do this exercise several times daily. Thank you

  364. Hannah says:

    After tapping to this i realized that i was relaxed enough to feel the difference from before and after tapping. Thanks, didn’t realize how uptight i was before. Will use again from the download. Thanks, Jessica.

  365. Kayla Leary says:

    This was a great pick me up. I have been spending a lot of my time today focusing on my finances and this was just the boost i needed. I now feel relaxed and centered and i can go on and enjoy the rest of my day without this looming stress. Thanks Jessica and happy birthday:-P

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    I thought it was a wonderful round. It took in a lot of my questions. It has helped me in the past and it will continue to do so.

  367. Barry says:

    WOW thanks

  368. ermira says:

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    thank you for a really useful tapping sequence. Just what I needed at the moment. I feel better already. I will pass it on.

  370. I love that session, thank you Jessica! and Nick too for all your wonderful work!

    I live in Hudson, MA…..If you are looking for any employees for your business , please consider me! 🙂 I am passionate and a good worker and have numerous skills of different kinds..

    Thank you,
    Marion Webster

  371. Angelika says:

    Thank you for bringing your inspiring idea into this tapping session. Thank you for your gift.

  372. ROBERTA BARTON says:

    Wow. This came just at the right time for me and my finances. I was becoming fearful of having enough to be independent and not have to depend on my children to get along. This was very helpful. Thank you.

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    I Love This!!!!!!. The back ground music is so good. This is much needed for me right now. Thankyou for doing what you do. The world is in need of this! Connie

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    I can’t find a play button to play Jessica’s “Tapping Meditation for
    Financial Anxiety and Overwhelm”. Where is it located? I tried clicking on several things, none of them saying “Play” or similar word.

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    It is interesting to notice that I had hidden emotions controlling my feelings about money and abundance although my ideas are compassionate and I know how I want to help people to their freedom this tapping helped release those doubts, fears, and helped anchor me and give me hope. Thank you , for reminding me how simple wonderful life is mean to be

  380. Elena says:

    Oops…Happy, happy birthday, Jessica!

  381. Mikki Earle says:

    EXACTLY what I needed today!…and EVERY day!!!! THANK YOU. Jessica, you are amazing! You know EXACTLY what the next statement must be. I want to download this. I want to re-play it over and over again..tapping it…it feels so freeing! Thank you, again and again!!!

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    I truly appreciated this opportunity. Thank you so much for offering it. My one issue is the length of time for the tapping. After ten minutes, I was done! Is that OK? I just didn’t want to continue after that point.

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    This is a GREAT tapping session Jessica—well done! I already feel the shifts taking place and that is a good thing….AND Happy Birthday!!

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    Dear Jessica,
    I wish to thank you wholeheartedly for this wonderful, brief, effective tapping meditation on financial anxiety and overwhelm. I feel very much helped by your loving voice and the appropriateness of the sentences you suggest – subtle and so exact for me. Thank you for your loving generosity to take the time to create and broadcast this meditation, and so many other caring services.
    From the bottom of my heart, although we have never met in person, Happy Birthday. May you live beautifully healthy, abundant, joyous, ever gifted and creative.
    With my love and gratitude

  386. maria says:

    Didn´t understand where to tap,. Can someone help me out here..? 🙁

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    and also Happy Birthday!!!!

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    Thank you Jessica!

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    Thanks for the tapping for financial situations. I’m going to listen to this daily and share it with my family.

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    Kind regards

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    Phyllis Taylor

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  408. A.O.Gutierrez says:

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    “Press Play Below to Listen to Jessica’s “Tapping Meditation for
    Financial Anxiety and Overwhelm”
    but there is no play button to press.

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