This is what the path to abundance looks like…

Wednesday Oct 22, 2014 - by

I wanted to share an inspiring story about a woman named Nancy. Over a period of twelve months, Nancy took one simple step after another toward improving her work and finances. By taking those steps, ... Read More »

The “taboo” emotion (and how to express it)

Friday Oct 17, 2014 - by

I posted that quote on Facebook a few weeks ago, and was glad to see it get attention because it’s about one of our most important, but also taboo, emotions – anger. Anger is often called the ”no ... Read More »

The Real Food Revolution by Congressman Tim Ryan

Thursday Oct 16, 2014 - by

My good friend Congressman Tim Ryan just released a fantastic new book, “The Real Food Revolution”.    This is important, important work he’s doing and I urge you, if you care about your children’s ... Read More »


Feeling Safe Expressing Anger and More

Thursday Oct 16, 2014 - by

Thought you might enjoy this short video from a live event where we explore pain, feeling safe expressing anger, old stuff we learned from our parents and more: If you had a shift or breakthrough while tapping ... Read More »

Money and Spirituality – A Common Dilemma

Friday Oct 10, 2014 - by

In January of 2010 I wrote a blog post about a necessary shift that is vitally important for many people in the world to make regarding the connection between making money and spirituality.  And with financial ... Read More »

That anger that you’re holding on to…

Friday Oct 10, 2014 - by

That anger that you’re holding on to…could be affecting your body, mind and spirit in dramatic ways.    Take 10 minutes to watch as I tap with a lovely lady in Australia on the anger in her body and how ... Read More »

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 11.01.17 AM


Wednesday Oct 1, 2014 - by

I watched this simply fantastic 72 second video the other day, and it made me think about “celebrating”. ‘Cause this kid knows how to do it right… Watch the short video here… Wasn’t that great? ... Read More »

Follow Up With Bobbie

Wednesday Sep 24, 2014 - by

If you were with us during our last Tapping World Summit, you probably remember “Bobbie,”  a brave and courageous lady who tapped through some deep pain around the memory of her father and her birthday ... Read More »


Tapping With Teenagers

Monday Sep 22, 2014 - by

I want to share a short video with you that shows the power of tapping for teenagers. It’s just 17 minutes and an excerpt from a workshop at a Hay House conference. A couple of things you might want to note ... Read More »

ACE Study and Weight Loss

Monday Sep 22, 2014 - by

I want to tell you about a fascinating research study that I came across recently… Popular culture has long told us that weight is the result of choices we make. For decades we’ve been told that having ... Read More »

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