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I wasn't sure what to expect when I tried it. I'd tried tapping before, and it seemed to work. These taping sessions are so easy to use and effective. Even the first session lowered my anxiety considerably. I tried the sleep session, and I don't even remember anything after because I was fast asleep immediately, which never happens to me. I recommend this! In fact, I sent the link to my friends and family.
I just flew without any anxiety medication for the first time in 20 years - I credit it to the fear of flying tapping I did.
I see Tapping as part of my health and wellness plan and even though I might miss days at a time, I find comfort in knowing the App is there when I need it. Tapping has helped me in so many ways.
This is a great way to start my day. I have been doing this Tapping Meditation along with the Daily Inspiration for a few months and my days are better than ever. The small things don't bother me. Thank you😍
The app was absolutely essential to my mental health as I went through the loss of a relationship in July and worked through all the emotions that came up from the past that I had never dealt with. It helped me regain my sense of self-worth and kept me calm during health scares. One of the best investments I've ever made. I signed up last February, I think.
This is one of the best apps that you will invest in. They are continuously updating the app with so many challenges and quick taps, etc. I can't say enough good things about it.
I’m an elementary school counselor, and I use the tapping app when I teach in classrooms. It brings me such great joy when we practice tapping together and I’m able to observe total peace and calm fall over the classroom. Little ones often put up their hands to tell me they woke up with a bad dream and used tapping to fall back to sleep… Instead of waking up with their parents. Kids are astounded that tapping actually works! I'm happy to be able to provide a simple tool – it’s in all of us to use!
It’s helped me with sleep, anxiety and just with releasing overall tension in the body. The Louise Hay sessions helped me with chronic neck and back pain as well. The app is a treasure trove - just go exploring and tap away
It’s early. 2 days in but I feel more relaxed and centered and grounded. I plan to use this at least twice daily. First thing in the morning and last thing before bed.

Currently doing the 5 day anxiety reduction challenge. Enjoying it. The slight heartburn and tightness in my chest opens up immediately.
I absolutely love this app, it always reminds me to take a moment and be present. I am a caregiver and this app has been a lifesaver for me. Thank you
I am able to consistently bring my blood sugar down 25+ points each time I utilize this tapping meditation! I love how I can feel my body calming itself as well as the stress leaving which means I am lowering my cortisol levels. Thank you for providing this incredible tool!
Thank you. About 7 years ago, I broke my right leg- a tibial plateau fracture. The pain was unmanageable (conventionally) and I decided I had nothing to lose by tapping. On the scale of 1-10, I was at a 15 for pain, and after tapping on YouTube with Nick Ortner, I moved down to a 3, and could sleep! It was awesome. So grateful for tapping!!
My little one has IBS problems. He’s seeing a therapist to get some help separating the mind bowel connection. She recommended this app and I have to say the results are AMAZING. I don’t know if we’ve just got lucky, I’ve been doing the bedtime session with him for nearly a week and instead of spending an hour running backwards and forwards to the loo at 10pm at night, he just goes to sleep afterwards.
My favorite stress-management app! I recommend it to all of my friends and clients!
I am so grateful for the tapping solution team. I came across this beautiful resource during the pandemic quarantine and it saved my life. Since then my journey has gone inward and I am in a different stage in my life now. I am "surfing"

I have experienced massive shifts these past 7 weeks with other techniques. I healed my inner child and I am one with myself. I feel inner peace, abundant joy. I AM empowered. I know who I AM. Thank you so much community. I see you and I honor your path. Just know this journey is beautiful and YOU ARE worthy. It doesn't stop here. I am leaving this group now to continue my path, this journey is rewarding and I am thriving. May you possess self love, inner peace, inner joy. May you be present, may you feel enough as you continue your growth path.
I found out about tapping a year ago and this app about a month ago. As a Veteran with PTSD and other issues, this app and the Ortners have been a godsend to resolving a lot of this.
Yesterday my 5yo son asked me for my phone. Went to the TS app, found the 10 min music only meditation, rated it at a 10. Then proceed to tap for 10 min. I heard many yawns while he was tapping. Then when the bell rang, he rated himself at a 1 and gave me back the phone. He said he was missing his father and wanted to tap but now he feels better. I’m so happy he gets to grow up with this tool and super impressed that he made his own tapping script.
This actually works! After a traumatic brain injury my anxiety went through the roof. Now I'm finally able to manage my stress and anxiety. Thank you!
Hi all, been a big fan of tapping for years. Ever since this app came in, I have been tapping on and off for issues. Some are deep and very helpful. Initially it was just in the outliers. After starting off with a few topics here, I began to notice, I was deep diving into the thought process without the app, that is helping me clear and realign the stronghold of traumas in the nerves. I also notice, post tapping, my body releases, going cold and ease. There have been days when I have tapped for three hours going into forgotten incidents and have healed of it. Some tapping sessions, I have cried non stop for three hours and I would tap gently right through. The reason for sharing is don’t stop and just trust yourself in the process. Trust the messages from the body too, tap it out. You will be fine.

It’s a remarkable journey. Thank you for the app and thanking grace for all the support we get through our healing journey.
Hi, from Australia. I’m here because 5 weeks ago I got Shingles in my left leg but it wasn’t diagnosed until the rash & blisters appeared seven days later. I used a walking frame at first but by the time the rash appeared I couldn’t walk at all. The pain was excruciating and I spent three nights in hospital. The pain continued at home but the medication I was on made me dizzy, wobbly and spaced out so using the walking frame became very risky. I decided to stop the pain killers and do relaxation exercises to try to cope with the pain and to be able to sleep. It didn’t work because the pain was too severe, especially at night. Then, a week ago, it suddenly dawned on me....tapping! I had done an online tapping course with Peta Stapleton some years ago and also have Jessica Ortner’s book on weight loss and Nick’s book on tapping for pain relief. I hobbled my way to the bookshelf where Nick’s book was in full view and within easy reach. Why, why hadn’t I thought of it before? I started tapping straight away and noticed a difference in the level of pain almost immediately. On the 2nd night I finally went to sleep quickly and slept well for the first time since the beginning of November, waking only at 2 a.m. and 5 a.m. I had severe pain on waking both times (I call it the post sleep pain), but a session of tapping got rid of the severity and I went back to sleep quickly. I was absolutely amazed. The next two nights were hot (we’re waiting for a new air conditioner to be installed) so, even though the pain was mild, I didn’t sleep well. However, when I woke up after short stretches of sleep, there was no severe post sleep pain like I’d been having for the previous four weeks. Again, I was amazed. I continued tapping all week and yesterday opened The Tapping Solution App which has been sitting un-touched on my iPad for goodness knows how long. I upgraded to premium and have started the 5 Day Tapping for Pain Relief Challenge and also Tapping for Neurological Pain which is perfect for the severe to excruciating nerve pain caused by Shingles. A physiotherapist comes once or twice a week and the reduced pain has made exercises easier. The day after physio used to mean more pain for a while, but not now, thanks to tapping.

Shingles is a nasty, extremely painful illness that I wouldn’t wish upon anybody. I wish I hadn’t procrastinated and had taken notice of the TV adds and been vaccinated against it. At least I have tapping and even if I might not be able to have Christmas at our house this year or go shopping for gifts, hopefully I’ll be able to put up the Christmas Tree in a week or two and get my craft supplies out to make gift cards and IOU a Gift or Lunch vouchers for my family. My daughters like to get shopping vouchers anyway and we love going out to lunch together.
“Settle Your Body” allowed me to have the most enjoyable evening out with friends last night. I’ve been almost a hermit all year because of the physical pain (and mental/emotional pain) I’ve been in. I tapped before leaving home and reminded myself one time, “I am safe. My body is safe and calm and balanced” during the performance after sitting a bit long and anxiety about being able to stand and walk started creeping in. I wasn’t totally pain free but anxiety about the pain didn’t overwhelm me. It was a really great evening.
I'm in the process of getting a dental crown. I had my first appointment last Wednesday to get the tooth prepped. The dentist left me with a live tooth and no cover on it. I had to make an emergency appointment the following day to get another dentist at the surgery to put a temporary cover on the tooth.
I'm due to get the crown on Wednesday 2nd November.
Every day I'm in a little bit more pain.
I've just woken up, 4am UK time, in agony. I've taken some paracetamol and then decided to tap out the pain. Now I know the pain relief tablets will be doing their job but after the first tapping session of day one of the 5 day pain relief challenge my pain went from 8 to 4 and now it's down to 1.
I honestly forgot how powerful tapping was. Releasing the stress in my body that was holding onto the pain.
I'm hoping to get back to sleep as I've a busy day with the kids being off on half-term. Sweet dreams everyone
I’m 2017, my daughter went through some major trauma. Little did I know it effected me. Shortly after her trauma, I began getting migraines every single day. I tired every drug in the book including Botox to no avail. Someone mentioned tapping to me and I found Nick’s book, The Tapping Solution. I did the movie technique on this trauma, and my headaches reduced in severity and frequency. I only get about 5 headaches a month now. Tapping has changed my life and has helped me to heal. My heart goes out to people effected by this tragedy. Please try tapping. You have nothing to lose.
Hey everyone. Just wanted to share some results I had with my shoulder. I had gone in for an X-ray on my shoulder after 3 months of pain and not being able to sleep very well. I was afraid of rotator cuff problems. I had never had anything hurt like this. One day I had this idea…. Do tapping on the shoulder for as many times as you need. See if the pain decreases. I had done one here and there. A little decrease but it would always come back. So I did five releases last week. With a lot of tears and tapping it decreased from 10 to 3. I can’t tell you how amazed I was. I finished doing releases on feeling unsupported today and memories popped into my mind and I am at a 0 now. Thank you so much for the tapping app. It is amazing and it’s one of the best apps out there. Many blessings.
Beautiful functional app that works! I’ve been meditating, paying thousands of dollars over the years to feel better from adrenal fatigue, hashimotos, and other symptoms. While meditation has pulled me through a deep suicidal depression to just getting through the day. I haven’t felt more whole, happy, calm, and confident that I will truly overcome my illness when I started tapping a few weeks ago.

I already knew the body could heal but still carried the cortisol that I couldn’t release in meditation or breath work like tapping has done for me. And knowing that reducing cortisol is huge in healing and being able to tap throughout the day quickly or longer tap sessions is awesome! I listen to Nick’s healing through sleep every night and I’m in the 3rd week of healing autoimmune. And I’ll listen to a micro boost to throughout the week. Oh! I also lost 3 pounds the first couple weeks without changing anything I attribute that to cortisol release. The app is so beautifully done!
I feel so much better! Tapping for stress relief is so powerful.
From Fear and Worry to Peace is my "Go To" tapping session when I'm stressed; simply amazing!!🥰
My really big breakthrough has been using Nick’s session on healing colds/upper respiratory problem using the Louise Hay affirmations. I started a really nasty cold, lots of breathing problems on Monday. I used other tapping about healing and then found this one on Wednesday. I have had such an amazing and surprising turnaround! At the end of each session I am breathing so much better and actually feel good now. It did bring up a lot of old family stuff and I’m glad to be letting that go, too.
I can’t tell you how much I love The Tapping Solution. I just did the Support Your Healing: Indigestion, Acid Reflux and more. All I can say is WOW! I have dealt with anxiety and digestive issues all my life. No medications work. And the doctors could never tell me what was causing my problems. With this tapping meditation I started out as a 10 by the end I was down to 4. The emotions welled up for sure. I feel calmer and my stomach is more settled. I can now face my day with more joy and energy and calm. Thank you to the Ortners for this app and group. It really is a life changer.
I had a post a few months ago about losing 25 lbs over the past year without trying. I had no symptoms, blood work was always good so my doctor ordered all kinds of tests. I felt scanned, x-rayed and poked everywhere but hopeful there was finally an answer. But nothing, all came back clear, negative to anything at all. Doctor said I had clean bill of health and just to watch weight and if I lost anything more to call. I really wasn’t satisfied as I wanted to know why.

I started to think it might be nerves. I started finding out a lot of women in my family seem to suffer from a nervous stomach whenever there is stress involved. There were some things going on that could be the culprit! The funny thing is I’m now at the perfect weight for my height and have been holding steady at same weight for 4 months now, that’s a positive thing.

I was so happy to see Support Your Body Mystery Illness in the App, seems I’m not alone with not knowing why something is happening. I have been doing it for the past few days and last night I couldn’t stop yawning as I tried to finish it, I think that’s a good sign. Tapping helped me through so much of this journey, I am now trying to be more consistent to reduce any stress, this App always seems to come up with the right ones at the right time. Thank you
My headache went away with this tapping meditation and my whole body relaxed. Thank you!!
Love it! Helped take away my worry right away.
This was just what I needed today! It is five below and snowing hard and I needed a pick-me-up. These Quick Taps are wonderful and I very much appreciate them. Thank you!
I discovered tapping when it was fairly new and loved it but it seemed to drop off around 2012 when life was really quite good. In 2000 I developed insomnia due to a health issue. Nobody seems to know why some of us do and others don’t but it went on for 22 years. I had not thought in all those years to tap on it. Due to a little hiccup in life that really affected me a lot more than it should have, I rediscovered tapping in 2022. Once I had managed to clear that problem, I decided to tap for sleep and oh my goodness, the most amazing sound sleep for the first time in 22 years. Even those nights when something was playing on my mind which would normally mean a sleepless night and I was getting 7 hours. Now my husband and I will tap together, anything that we feel needs help, we will find a session to do together and it really does help, sometimes on things we haven’t even really tapped on. It has also brought a new kind of togetherness into our marriage of 53 years. It works in so many ways and I cannot recommend the Tapping Solution app highly enough.

I have to add that the whole team are the most amazing support ever, a comforting word or a suggestion on what may help with a given problem. The group is awesome, so many wonderful helpful people, you do feel that everyone has your back and they are routing for you.
Has anyone tried tapping on a loved one for Alzheimer’s and Dementia? I’ve searched for the topic and haven’t come across anything. I decided to try it on my dad this weekend and had a pretty amazing experience. My dad has been diagnosed since he was 65, he’s currently 80. He hasn’t known who I am for years, I’m not even sure how long. My mom passed away this year in January from Covid pneumonia and she was his sole caregiver. We had to put him in a memory care facility for more around the clock care for his needs. That was the most difficult and heartbreaking decision to make, I’ve had to grapple and tap on the guilt of that.

Anyways, he’s had a lot of anxiety due to the disease and loss he can’t understand or express. I thought there could be no harm in trying it on him and wanted to see what would happen.

We sat, I’d brought him a snack so we ate and then while we were sitting there I asked if he could follow along with me, he couldn’t do the karate chop point but was able to tap all his fingertips together. I had him say some statements “I love and accept myself deeply and completely” and while some of his words were jumbled the intent and emotion was in what he was saying. We just did that a couple times maybe 3 then he stopped and wanted to go, so we went for a walk.

After a short walk, we sat outside in the shade to enjoy the weather. He was full and happy so it was natural for him to start to nod off.

I’d never done surrogate tapping before but as my dad napped there and I sat across from him. I connected myself, centered myself and pictured a beam of light from my heart to his. Then I started tapping on myself but visualizing and looking at him, as if I was tapping on him. I did this for 5-10 mins and then he woke up and was very alert. He needed to use the restroom so I took him back inside.

He had dinner and we walked outside some more. He was in such a good mood, enjoyed everything immensely. The food, his drink, the weather he was completely blissed out. It was such a special experience and moment.

Just to set my dads needs at this time to understand and appreciate this shift…he’s been needing assistance and guidance for most things, brushing teething, toilet and all basic things. After that little bit of tapping together and the surrogate tapping I did…he was not anxious anymore, he typically is constantly thinking like he should be doing something, going somewhere but doesn’t know what/where, etc. he’s confused and scared and trying to get home to his parents mostly who’ve been passed for decades. It’s such a horrible disease.

After he had dinner, I took him to the restroom again, and when he was done and had washed his hands he told me he wanted to brush his teeth. So I gave it to him and he brushed his teeth unassisted for 2 and half mins. He did such a great job I was amazed and watching him in awe. I told him how to cup his hand for the water to swish and spit. He asked how many times to do that…i said until you feel like you're good and done, so he did. We went out and walked some more afterwards and he was so grateful he said how good he felt. Later after another restroom need, he seemed like he wanted to shower because as he was washing his hands this time he’s going up his arms and then his head.

I asked “dad, you want to shower?” (This is usually something he stands there and someone else washes him). This time, I handed him a washcloth and soap and he did EVERYTHING, i just kept the waterhead spray on him and he washed himself entirely, multiple times, so good. He was sitting then stood, turned and used the seat to prop his leg and clean himself real well and then did the other leg. He did this all unassisted, no prompting, all by himself.

It was incredible. I helped him dry and get fresh clothes.

I put lotion on his feet and massaged his legs for him because they were dry. He was the most relaxed I’d seen him in so long. Then I laid with him and asked if I could tap on his, he said yes. I tapped on all the points on his face and head and collarbone for 20 mins straight. I talked him through letting go of stress and tension, relaxing his body. He’s got insomnia so I did some tapping on that.

When I left he was sleeping soundly. It was beautiful. The next day I came to see him again to bring more snacks and water for his room. He was napping and when I went in and was standing over him, he woke up for a moment and looked at me and said so clearly “you helped me” then he drifted off back to sleep. It was incredible.

I laid with him again and asked if I could tap on him again. He said yes, so I did a few rounds and he was still resting and napping. When I stopped he said “thank you”. He was holding and hugging my arm as I laid with him. It was such an amazing experience! I just wanted to share in case anyone else has someone they love with a similar situation. Thanks
I was introduced to tapping maybe five years ago by a counselor. I could not do it because the pain was too bad and I quit. I returned to it after seeing it on Facebook and decided to give it a good try for a good amount of time to see what would happen. Luckily I have been noticing some results in lowering my pain level that I have dealt with for 25 to 30 years now.
I have to say that I am amazed at the quality of your product! Your team has the true button on healing our world one tap at a time! I find your app improving every day! It is like waking up to a gift every morning! Your app saved my life (after having too many losses). I was in a dark hole, in screaming pain 13 months ago, (250 ish) hrs of tapping later! (It was the hardest thing that I have ever worked thru!) Now I am excited and hopeful! God bless and thank you! Oh and I believe I found my purpose too! Never too late for that! With forever appreciation!
I began listening to the Grow Younger audio every day since I received the introduction to it from Nick's email on June 25th. Less than a few days into it I actually had an entire week of morning to evening, happy, motivating energy filled days. I am 79 years old and have been working to increase my energy, health, better breathing and mood for quite some time. That week I had more sustained energy than I've had in years. I felt amazing! Then during the second week I had 3 days of exhaustion, unhappy mood, self doubt and feelings of defeat. I didn't even listen to the audio for a couple of days and said to myself, "This doesn't work! I'm giving up!" Luckily I could hear the deeper, wiser, more supportive inner voice encouraging me to keep at it. I tapped, I coaxed myself to get what I could done, I gave myself kind and supportive lectures. I listened to the Growing Younger audio and though I didn't believe a word of it, I believed it anyway! I am here to say that I'm even much younger and happier this morning than I was during that incredibly wonderful week. I've been going strong all morning and I intend to get much more done with plenty of relaxed and rejuvenating little "just hanging out awhile" respites. I love ATM! I'm thinking the 3 defeated feeling days must be part of the process. Listening to my deeper self was key to keep going. Today is July 6th, 2022. I am setting a goal of listening to the audio every day and envisioning myself at 80 on July 6, 2023 as more slender, strong, youthful, energetic and motivated. I'm seeing myself with a huge happy smile on my face looking back on the entire year at all my achievements, the steps I took to have reached my goals. And then I'm going to dance and whirl around the room with just as much grace and control as I had when I was much younger! All with the help of tapping and ATM and the community of us all here! So there! :) YAY!!!
Deep Sleep Patterning with Binaural Beats was wonderful! Went right to sleep.
I have been tapping off and on since the late 1970s. When Nick Ortner burst onto the world with the Tapping Summit, I started paying more attention and have been tapping pretty consistently ever since.I have been working through the 21 days of gratitude challenge. I am on day eight, and I can sincerely testify that I am not the same person that started this. Having gratitude for your emotions might be the best tapping script I’ve ever done. Believe me I’ve done lots and lots and lots. I have journals full of tapping scripts I have lots and lots of those summits that I purchase every year. In my mind I’m thinking that perhaps this should be the very first tapping script you do on your journey. Being grateful for all your emotions, accepting them without judgment or labels of good or bad, sort of feels like the first step. Every day more and more I embody gratitude for myself, my world, for tapping. Good is prevailing
I did it and am already benefiting from the work I've done throughout this challenge! I've joined and enjoyed many other Tapping challenges and particularly loved this one. And today's meditation was special to me: so beautiful and empowering. As Jessica said, "I continue to take this journey from anxiety to peace...", so I'll certainly repeat the whole challenge to reinforce the positive thought patterns and hopefully learn how to shift from anxiety to peace quickly. Thank you again for this transformative Tapping meditation challenge and to this supportive and loving community! I wish everyone positive outcomes - even if it's only a little shift toward positive at a time. That's how we conquer bigger goals, right? See you all soon for a new Tapping adventure.
Last night my daughter and my 7 year old grandbaby returned home to Florida after a 40 hour door to door return trip from the Philippines at 130AM. My daughter was exhausted and the little one was hyped up and had a meltdown about 230AM. I have tapped with her successfully before, so I laid down with her and she listened (not tapped) to the new Settle Your Body and brought herself down from a ten to a 7! She did it again tapping tiredly going from a six to a 4! Then she did it again listening only starting at a 4 and fell asleep halfway through! I left the music playing all night and she woke up with a bright smile! Tapping is amazing!!!
Wanted to share something that happened today while tapping...I've recently had powerful, intense experiences using a few of the tapping app meditations. They've helped expand my awareness in big ways. This morning, as I was tapping, I kept hearing a noise from an open window. Soon as I stopped tapping to listen, whatever was making that noise stopped. I'd start tapping again and then I'd hear the noise. I got up and looked out the window and saw the cutest little bird pecking away at a branch in a forsythia bush outside our window. I googled it's distinctive appearance (I'd never seen this bird before) and learned it was a Little Downy & Hairy Woodpecker -- and we all know what woodpeckers do: They tap, tap, tap!
It took away a headache I had for 9 days. I had to do the anger app twice. I woke up today with a headache. I did anger and disappointment but it's better. My neck isn't as tight and the headache is a lot better.
When I joined the EFT app and began tapping for lyme related fatigue I was in awe at how amazingly effective it was. Then after several months of feeling better and life got in the way I admit I slacked off because I felt I was cured. Within the last month or more of not tapping as I should the symptoms came back. After a recent visit to my acupuncturist she said to me ‘and why did you stop tapping’? Duh! Good question! So I’m back on a regular daily routine for the aches, pains, fears and anxiety. No quitting. I so deserve to feel good and I’m so grateful to have the tools to make it happen. I look forward to my new approach and attitude for continued good health. Thank you to the tapping team for all your support and encouragement.
Love that it's quick and easy to do. It helped me a lot. Thank you.
The app suggested a share so I'm sharing where I'm confident it won't be met with quizzical looks. I didn't know I needed this. Diagnosed and medicated, I thought well that's that, let's crack on. I've resonated with a lot of the meditations but nothing like on the level I've felt over the past five days. Not an epiphany exactly, just a realization of how I feel, and further work in this area is needed. The next step isn't necessarily self actualisation, it's just to keep on stepping. In time, that can turn into something more, but it's ok to bask in relief in between steps. Peace, love and the very best of things to everyone!
I woke up at 4:30 today and couldn't get my mind to shut down over some personal concerns related to *aging.* I'm in my 70s and live in a senior housing apartment building with 60 apartments filled with others (ages 60s, 70s, 80s). At least 75% of the others here are in poor health due to lack of exercise and poor diet (the average American diet is filled with everything that ruins one's health). I'm in very good health, have good mobility and an excellent memory and a generally upbeat mindset..........but sometimes I admit the mindset/depression in the energies here gets to me. Such was the case this a.m. when I woke up at 4:30! And I knew I had to tap. I got on the app and saw the ATM on "Getting Younger" and didn't even think about it - I just DID IT! And's a real game-changer! I'm so grateful for the app, and that particular ATM created an enormous shift in me! It's been about 2 hrs since I did that tapping meditation, and I've got all sorts of ideas as to how I'm moving forward starting TODAY. MUCH THANKS to all involved in creating that ATM!!! What a blessing!
Love and blessings to you. This class helped me so much yesterday as I deal with the challenges of osteoporosis along with severe scoliosis that led to major spinal surgery last year. It is a process but I have been so helped by tapping and it is so wonderful to hear others speak of relief with tapping as well. Keep it up, it may be a slower process than we like, but healing is happening
I found The Tapping Solution App through another post on a private Facebook page devoted to mind/body healing.Tapping has been absolutely brilliant at a time when I so needed ways to calm an overactive nervous system. I see a lot of positive stories on this site but also a lot of pain and I can relate to all of it. I have had a series of disorders - migraine, vertigo serious digestive issues and more recently tinnitus.I still have tinnitus but it is so reduced and manageable now it is not ruling my life as it and all my other maladies have at different times. I'm so grateful for Tapping as I am for all the brilliant people like Nick Jessica and Alex whose hard work brings these great modalities to a point where we all benefit.
I recently had a cancer diagnosis and have returned to tapping to stop my thoughts from going down the rabbit hole. It’s helped me remain calm. I’ve used the scripts for pre doctor visits, healing while sleeping, cancer, calm my racing mind. I even referred a friend. She is amazed by the results. She referred her 80 yr old mom. I’m so glad I found you so many years ago!
I am so happy I found EFT/Tapping solution app. It guides me through my feelings, my thoughts, the tension in my body. All the words they say are helpful and so loving. I am so thankful for that!! At the age of 49 I finally found something that I really do almost every day and that really helps me accept things and find my inner strength and give me peace
My first experience was with a counselor friend who was training in EFT and I cried bucket loads of tears and walked out of her office on a high! I felt amazing! I was 59 years old...a few weeks later I was diagnosed with cancer and for the last 8 months I have tapped through surgery, and chemotherapy and have amazed myself at how well I've handled it all! I tap every day on both the positives and negatives in life! It has literally been a life changer! Forever grateful!
Two years ago out of nowhere I had a horrible panic attack followed by debilitating anxiety and depression. A therapist had me try havening which helped and reminded me of tapping that I had heard of in passing at some point. I did some research, tried a version of tapping and hated it. Then a few weeks later my chiropractor suggested tapping when I mentioned what I was going through. I decided to look into it again and came across The Tapping Solution on Youtube. Your version was so much simpler that I gave it another shot. It helped IMMENSELY! I was shocked and so thankful. Now I tell everyone about it. It is such an invaluable tool to have. Thank you!
Wow!!! That's freaking awesome!!! I'm all tingly and relaxed! I'm glad I started this! Wish I had started sooner!!
I used to have major anxiety with public speaking & so much that I had physical issues like sweating profusely, stuttering, forgetting what I was saying and overall just wanting to die right there. The days leading up to the event were particularly harsh on my intestines and sleep. I passed up plenty of job opportunities because of it too. Then I found EFT/Tapping, and it was so effective that I enrolled in practitioner school, & took several additional trauma courses after accreditation. Now?? I speak to groups for a living, I just finished my first podcast interview and I co-host an online workshop open to the public. You can totally overcome this-doing the work is the best thing I ever did for myself.
My first test after using this one for 2 weeks; I got wound up about something that normally would have angered me, Found myself automatically calming down even before tapping! Tapped anyway!!
I'm left with pure appreciation for my body after that one tapping session. What a wonderful feeling. Tapping is so powerful.
Today marks the 500 days tapping streak for me. Tapping has become a daily habit for me. I love listening to the daily inspiration every morning and doing some tapping afterwards. I've always been stressing out about everything, and tapping has made everything easier for me. By now, I have learned to handle stress much better, and my life has improved in several areas. Thank you Ortners and the whole Tapping Solution for creating this app and improving our lives with so many tapping resources. I love that I can watch my progress, and see the numbers grow and my life change for the better. Looking forward to another 500 days. Keep tapping everyone, it really makes a difference.
I have suffered, all my life, from anxiety and depression. I went through some intense abuse as a child. All that evolved in a very difficult life - to say the least. I'm pretty shocked at how much I have helped improve my sleep this first week of tapping. I am doing a sleep challenge at night, and I'm also doing a random tapping session after I meditate each morning. I've known about EFT for decades and always dismissed it as pseudo science. I'm a recovery coach and I'm going to integrate this into my practice - referring clients to this app and making it part of daily practice to help people change their relationship with alcohol.
This app and tapping have helped me and my family and if you read the reviews and research EFT tapping has helped many people with SO many every day problems and serious traumas. It is almost unbelievable that such a simple process that costs no money can help so many different people in so many countries with so many differing issuesIf you feel like a boost of energy, in pain, sad or worse what have you got to lose why not try The Tapping Solution app and see if it helps. Suspend belief and give it a go. If you need extra help there are many good practitioners who can guide you. But eventually you’ll be able to have a tool in your life to help you through …. I’m grateful for Jessica Ortner. Nick Ortner Alex Ortner and their extended families for their tireless work and commitment over the last 5 years that allows us to celebrate this Birthday May the journey continue
I’ve been tapping since April this year. I find that it helps me in so many situations. For example, I have white coat syndrome every time I am at my doctors office. My blood pressure rises to an abnormal high number. One time it was 146/96. So I become more stressed out because I think the doctor will suggest using medication to control my blood pressure. Last doctors visit, I tapped in the examination room before the nurse took my blood pressure. It worked wonders. To my delight, my blood pressure was 127/74. Tapping really works to relieve stress. Keep tapping! And I do.
We are on a very limited pension but I would go without something if I couldn’t afford to have it and the app. Best thing we ever did March 2022.
I used the free version of the app for twelve months before I signed up for the paid version. I’ve had the paid version for four years now and wouldn’t go without it. But you can use the free version while you’re building the tapping habit. Maybe “motivate me to tap” each morning for a week or two to help overcome whatever resistance or aversion you had to doing it the first time around. It’s only a couple minutes.
It’s the best money I have ever spent! I made it a daily habit. I listen to the daily inspiration on my morning dog walk and then tap as I walk. You can do one of the quick tapping sessions, it doesn’t take long but the benefit is more than worth the effort.
The App is brilliant, I believe there are around 600 tapping meditation sessions, plus 5 Audiobooks and lots of other information, help, encouragement and advice… I have had the premium membership for over 3 years now and definitely wouldn’t be without it.
I used the free version for 4 months to ensure it wasn’t a flash in the pan for me. Just the free ones were such a benefit, I purchased the lifetime membership (via support at the website) worth every penny and no ongoing subscription. There are 100's more sessions in the paid version. You can find a list in the files at the top of the page.
I had gone in for an X-ray on my shoulder after 3 months of pain and not being able to sleep very well. I was afraid of rotator cuff problems. I had never had anything hurt like this. One day I had this idea…. Do tapping on the shoulder for as many times as you need. See if the pain decreases. I had done one here and there. A little decrease but it would always come back. So I did five releases last week. With a lot of tears and tapping it decreased from 10 to 3. I can’t tell you how amazed I was. I finished doing releases on feeling unsupported today and memories popped into my mind and I am at a 0 now. Thank you so much for the tapping app. It is amazing and it’s one of the best apps out there. Many blessings.
I just became a Premium Member. Love this app so much I want access to everything. This app is life changing. I usually tap first thing in the morning because for some reason the second I open my eyes my anxiety starts up. Especially if I have plans. So I just get up and tap it out and I’m good. Nick and Jessica have such calming ways of speaking. I also love the Tony Robbins tapping. I’ve known of his energy work for many years. Needless to say I’m truly into this app. Happy Tapping
Your tapping app is amazing. I’ve cured sprained ankles, swelling, back pain, fear, elbow pain, you name it and I’ve done it. Couldn’t and wouldn’t be without this Dr in my phone. Always with me, always relevant and always amazing. Thank you
Powerful. 3 rounds and no more craving for spiked eggnog. You had me at: I fully connect with my body now… &... I choose to feel GOOD NOW. THANK YOU! This & the sugar craving release are GOLD!
I’ve suffered with anxiety for so long. I can’t take any meds because they give me terrible side effects. I downloaded the tapping app. I’ve heard of tapping before but never tried it. I have been doing it every morning for the past 2 weeks and my anxiety is amazingly so much better. I am so impressed I would shout it from a rooftop. Going to go tap now. You have to try it. Go into it believing it works and you will have a wonderful experience.
I finally decided to purchase the app (not sure what took me so long), and I am LOVING EVERYTHING about it! I have been tapping with Jessica and Nick for over 10 years now, and I absolutely adore them! I am so happy, excited and honored to be a part of something so amazing.
Recently I upgraded from the free to the paid version of tapping solution. my BP has been pretty high of late so when I saw “tapping for high blood pressure” was available I decided to give it a try. So, somewhere between 6 &8 am my pressure dropped dramatically as you can see in the pic And what’s more it was still down 1 1/2 hours later. Having used tapping for several years and totally believe that it works I certainly wasn’t expecting the results I got. I’m so happy I took up the offer to upgrade the app. A comforting feeling to know I have this tool to address whenever the need arises. Love, love, love this app . Thank you Nick, Jessica and your crew. Yours forever A Happy Tapper
Today I am celebrating a whole year of Tapping everyday, 365 days in a row !!!Tapping has helped regain my confidence, eased my anxiety, I am no longer a grumpy old women, I look in the mirror and see happiness shining back at me, I smile more, and despite so many ongoing health issues tapping has taught me that I have so much to be grateful for. Thank You P. S. Today is also the 2nd Anniversary of my total knee replacement which is now pain free (almost)
LOVE the Feeling Blah Quick Tap!!!! I just went from feeling like something was wrong with me for my frequent "blah" spells lately to realizing that I'm not alone in this and I can lovingly accept it and move along ♥️ Thank you so much for meeting a need I wasn't even aware I had. 🙏🏽🙌🏽
I had a wonderful experience yesterday morning with tapping using the Tapping Solutions App. I’m a musician and I had to play for a really well recognized teacher in the US for teacher training (in the Suzuki Method). It’s difficult for me to perform often since I have been injured (repetitive strain injury from playing). Even though I have all the tools to treat my injuries and I have continued to perform throughout the years with lots of success, sometimes my anxiety prevents me to play at my highest level. Last week, I also had to play for the same teacher, and I did meditation and tapping before playing for her. The performance was OK (I was really nervous). Surprisingly, yesterday I woke up a lot earlier than usual, then did my Dawson Church’s eco-meditation, which I do every time I wake up, some Tapping on Confidence from the 5 day Challenge, and more meditation from the Calm app. Interestingly enough, right before my performance, I was able to do two Tapping sessions from the Tapping Solutions App: one on Fear, and a Micro boost on Courage. When I performed yesterday (online on Zoom), it was probably the best performance I ever had. In spite of being nervous, my instructor said, “what did you do differently this time? You are certainly more artistic, and this is how you need to continue playing for your students!” I responded, I worked on my anxiety. Then she said, “I know you didn’t practice a lot, but there was something you changed in your mind.” Btw, I signed up last month to become a Tapping Practitioner from the EFT Universe Training courses, and I can’t wait to help others as well in the near future! Tapping is an amazing tool folks! Keep Tapping, and your lives will be transformed as mine now!
I loved this session (From Fear and Worry to Peace)! I had intense lower back pain this morning and did not sleep well due to worrying about my aging parents. After tapping, I felt peace take over my body and my back pain almost completely disappeared. Thank you for this wonderful tapping meditation!
My 27 year old daughter has anxiety. I’ve been trying to get her to try tapping for a while. Even sent the documentary for her to watch. Well, as we were waiting for her flight recently, she opened the app in front of me and asked which one should I try? We did it together and she told me afterwards that she felt such an immediate release of pressure. Full heart from mom.
Thank you for the Fall Asleep Faster Tonight Quick Tap.. It's surprising how relaxed I feel after only two minutes.
I got introduced to tapping on my wedding day (Aug 11,2018), of all days. That story is published elsewhere. I was mostly just dabbling in it for moments I had anxiety on trips or just being in the car because of my body’s issues. I eventually was offered to join a challenge through an email from someone who supported Nick’s offerings. I think it was the 10 days of Positivity challenge. It was a promo for the Tapping Solution app and since I had the funds to invest in myself then, I got the app. It has been a huge difference in how I’m able to keep a practice of tapping and thus, healing gradually too. I then joined the summit this year and just was elated that I was able to keep up with all the content! That whole Summit I felt a calmness settle over me & my nervous system. I wanted to access & review certain interviews and tap sessions and I am still making my way to having tapping be the first thing I do after I open my eyes in the morning.

I have a lot of layered issues I am working through, but ultimately just proud of myself for continuing on. Almost a year using the app and I recently crossed-over a milestone a 400 sessions!
This app is the best route to finding your authentic life! I cannot begin to explain how it has changed my life, as I am approaching 2000 tappings in 18 months! To those of you that are new, don’t be afraid. Just keep asking questions here. There are no stupid questions besides when you ask your questions you are helping others! Just keep tapping! You cannot tap too much! Luv, hugs, prayers with lots of Glimmers(as Jennifer would say! Finally, Team Ortner is saving the world. That's fact because this app has truly saved my life! (Navy Momma in my heart forever!)
500 tapping anniversary today! The Tapping Solution App has been my best companion for a while and changes and heals me and my life with every tapping session. The premium version is one of my absolutely best investments ever! Thank you for all the passionate work behind it!
I just can’t say enough about these tapping meditations! I’ve been doing them everyday for about six weeks now and they really have helped with lessening anxiety, the pain in my body and helping me to reduce stress and help my body to relax. The first few times I tapped, I didn’t notice a huge difference, however they have a cumulative effect and the more I tap the better I feel! Most of the meditations are between 10 to 15 minutes in length which is pretty easy to fit in each day. And I find I’m tapping more than once a day because there are so many topics to choose from. I’m so very grateful to have found a tool that really does work for me!
Thank you so much for your quick taps ❤️. I love to tap everyday and they fit in perfectly when I have a very busy day 😊.
The Release Overwhelm quick tap is nothing short of amazing. I was directing a play-a professional production, and this happened in the middle of rehearsal. Between working with the actors, coordinating the dancers, supporting the designers, and integrating the technology, I had had it. I told folks I needed to take a 5 and I went outside and sat on the steps trying to figure it all out And I realized I was in complete overwhelm. I saw your mention of the new Quick Taps in an email, so I searched through them, and I found one on releasing overwhelm so I thought I'd give it a try. The change was indescribable! It's like a veil lifted, and I could clearly see the steps I need to take to get everything done. It didn't make it any easier, but it gave me clarity and I was able to move forward with much more focus and motivation. I cannot say enough about the Quick Taps.
Had a really bad episode of fear, anxiety, etc; thank goodness for tapping - I responded immediately!! Bless you😌
This is my first time doing any sort of walking meditation (Morning Momentum: A Walk to Ignite Your Day). Today's my second day. At the end of my walk I was surprised to realize how even my gait and pace feel different than usual – – stronger and more confident. And I feel that way mentally and emotionally as well. It seems like a great way to get body, soul, and mind on the same forward track.
It reduces my stress immensely! It was just what I needed. Thank you so much!
This tapping helped my child to fall asleep so I'm really happy!
The Instant Boost of Self-Love was fantastic. I am working with a therapist for help with my adult ADHD and one of the things that is so common is the negative self-talk and the frustration of why we still struggle with things we've been struggling with for decades. It leads us to tear ourselves down and beat ourselves up versus showing ourselves grace and compassion because we have a life challenge. This tapping session is such a great tool for my ADHD toolbox. I have marked it as a favorite and look forward to using it to stop those negative thoughts. It's perfect! Thank you!
I am a therapist and I've never heard of anything like this before. My Aunt introduced me to tapping and it is changing me. This truly works. I have very bad insomnia and anxiety and I never found something that worked, especially this instantly. Thank you!
I have struggled for the last three years, trying to dig myself out of the deep hole of what was diagnosed as anxiety and depression. I have tried numerous medications that only created unwanted side effects, which increased the associated anxiety. I also worked with a therapist, which did not provide the results or improvement I had hoped for. Tapping is the ONLY thing that has helped me help myself. This has helped me be in control of my destiny…..this has been a true blessing.

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