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Complain Your Way to a Breakthrough

Complaining is both universally used and detested by pretty much everyone. Nobody likes to hear it, but we all do it in our own special way AND there is one universal truth about complaining. While you are doing it, you feel really, REALLY justified! I know I do!

Tapping has the strange ability to let us go into and examine even really negative emotions and behaviors in a way that creates great transformation and higher levels of consciousness. Yes, it is THAT powerful!


Why I LOVE Anger in Law of Attraction Work

Why would anyone love anger? Because anger is a fantastic emotion and tells us so much about how we are really feeling AND about what we are creating via the law of attraction. First you have to understand why we get angry. I can tell you exactly why you have been angry every time in your life. It was because something seemed UNFAIR to either you or someone you love. Anger is always a sense of unfairness and it always feels justified. Yes, even we feel guilty about carrying the anger, there’s that little voice that says, "but, I am right!"


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