Why I LOVE Anger in Law of Attraction Work

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Why would anyone love anger?

Because anger is a fantastic emotion and tells us so much about how we are really feeling AND about what we are creating via the law of attraction.

First you have to understand why we get angry. I can tell you exactly why you have been angry every time in your life. It was because something seemed UNFAIR to either you or someone you love. Anger is always a sense of unfairness and it always feels justified. Yes, even we feel guilty about carrying the anger, there’s that little voice that says, “but, I am right!”

Many well meaning people tell us not to be angry, to “get over it” and often we are told we are “supposed to forgive”. That sounds good, but it’s not that easy in practice. This is why we can tell the same story to 10 people and get worked up each time. It is especially difficult to let go of anger when the person who wronged us is either unapologetic and/or does not even acknowledge or validate that they hurt us; that we paid a price. Sometimes, we even feel that, years later, we are still paying the price.

So sometimes anger will hold on for a really good reason! It is telling you something important! The anger is saying “this is so unfair, I was wronged!” and as Abraham-Hicks teaches, anger at someone else feels much better than depression and victim-hood. It is a rise in energy!

But there is something else there that I find FANTASTIC!

In that tirade of “this is unfair” is the next sentence that sounds like, “and I deserve better!” This is the good stuff! Your anger is telling you that YOU DESERVE BETTER!

This is why when we use Tapping to tap on anger, we honor the anger because truly it is honoring us! We honor what it tells us, that we deserve better than that, that it is justified. Voicing and validating the anger with EFT will greatly enhance releasing it because we don’t want to get to anger and then stay stuck there. And btw, it feels pretty great to just really rant about how right we are (and everyone else is wrong)…and tapping while ranting is productive!

A phenomenon I see all the time with anger is what happens when my clients work with me specifically on their worthiness and deserving issues (which are the # 1 key aspect to law of attraction work). They will suddenly show up completely freaked out. The will say “I am angry at everyone suddenly, I am not an angry person, I am yelling at my family, what’s wrong with me?!”

This is where I have them put two hands together, hold them up to heaven and begin clapping! YES! We have successfully increased the deserving set point! The crappy things in their life they used to just accept suddenly trigger anger that says, “HEY, I deserve better!” HOORAY! This is actually a breakthrough because we can tap through that anger and get to deserving and the energy of transformation and empowerment!

This is the huge upside to really validating and releasing the anger! We move back into empowerment from “disempowerment”. We move back into owning our calm, owning our power.

So this is the other important lesson in anger, it tells you that you have moved into a feeling of disempowerment. The reality is that the person present or past, has pretty much taken our power, because we are sending all our energy back there. When we tap down anger with EFT, the person who angered you becomes less important and NOW you can let it go, NOW you get to take your power back. NOW it gets easy! So, being angry at someone else means “it’s unfair, I deserve better!” which is really honoring your deserving. However what happens next is really, really bad for your deserving!

As soon as we relieve anger at someone else, we often go to the same place…”actually it was my fault, I should have known better, I should have done it differently.” (Especially if we are a very smart achiever!) This is anger directed at the self and this says something very, very different! The message in this is, “it’s all my fault, I screwed up, I am guilty, not good enough,etc and, therefore, UN-deserving.” Oh ya, this is bad! Anger at the self says “I don’t deserve” and WORSE, it says “I actually do deserve this crappy stuff in my life!” So we go from a bit of deserving to “I STINK and deserve crap”.

So what does this mean in terms of the law of attraction?

Well, stay with me, this is going to get advanced! While we are holding onto the anger at someone else we are totally focused on the unfairness of how we were wronged in an intense and emotional way. That is a perfect example of using your energy, attention and focus to attract something you do NOT want more of in your life.

Here’s what happens. The anger energetically holds on to evidence in your life that you have been wronged, that it is unfair. It’s as if you are pointing at the crap in your life and are shouting “See how much you wronged me!” This again is especially important when the person refuses to validate they wronged you. So even though the anger at someone else says, “I deserve better!” when it is stuck it holds onto patterns and evidence of unfairness in your life. When you let go of the anger, you energetically let go of the evidence you have been holding onto to “make them” validate you.

While we are holding onto anger/guilt at ourselves, cleverly disguised at seemingly sensible “I shoulda’s”, we are pushing our deserving way, way down. Again we are energetically holding onto the evidence of why we should not be “let off the hook” for that mistake. Law of attraction is always responding to your feeling of deserving and is delivering to you an exact match! So where do you want your deserving to be? Be very clear that holding onto “I should have known better” is holding onto the crappy punishment that came with that mistake.

When we use Tapping to let go of this self anger/guilt piece too, HOLY MACKEREL does our deserving skyrocket! And again, the universe will respond instantly and deliver to us new results in our life that match our new higher level of deserving. It actually does not wait! Let go of anger and miracles occur, new evidence shows up that resonates with your new higher level of deserving. I LOVE that kind of evidence!

So I LOVE ANGER because it points us SO clearly in the direction of how to massively increase our abundance! We all know exactly what we are anger about, what feels unfair to us, and now we know the HUGE upside of honoring that and moving beyond it.

And it’s not just me! According to Rhys Thomas, of the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Healing, anger is considered the most important emotion in the eastern philosophies because it frees the self from feeling stuck!

Anger properly channeled is the energy to transform your life. Wow, that is a new angle…and I couldn’t AGREE more!

So get out there and tap and RANT on that anger and everything that feels unfair! Really get nasty! As it “comes down” and you feel a more balanced perspective, you can ask yourself this important question, “What is all this anger calling me to do in my life right now?”

Just as importantly, notice how much energy is flowing through your body due to all that angertapping. This is the energy you need to put your foot down or set boundary or take a huge step up – to take the action you need to take to transform your life!

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