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Lissa Rankin Mind Over Medicine

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The Tapping Solution

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Nick Ortner

Jessica recently sat down with NY Times best-selling author of “Mind Over Medicine,” Dr. Lissa Rankin, to talk about some revolutionary approaches to healing our bodies. In this short video conversation, you’ll learn:

– Why EFT Tapping works so well on a variety of “physical” issues.

– The vital importance of understanding the difference between our sympathetic and para-sympathetic nervous systems (and how it could be making all the difference in your healing)

– The surprising fact about how your doctor’s beliefs affect YOU!

Join Jessica and Lissa in this candid video conversation:

(and make sure to watch until the end of the video for a few good laughs)

We want to hear from you! Do you believe that your emotions and your thoughts impact your health? Do you think that you have the power to heal yourself? Comment below!

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318 Comments on this post

  1. Razia says:

    Oh YES Most Definitely, our thoughts, emotions, stress levels all affect our health. The more we are in tuned with our thoughts keeping them in Check and Really Listening to what the Body Needs we Can and Will Heal Much Faster and Completely.

  2. Nikki says:

    I do believe you can heal yourself. Its all about making money selling drugs. That is why they tell people they will have to be on drugs the rest of thier lives. I think more doctors should use eft

  3. Elizabeth Caballero says:

    I thought this was an amazing woman sitting with another amazing woman simply pouring their love onto us! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!

  4. Ruth Jeffery says:

    I absolutely believe the mind has the power to heal the body, or to make it sick under stressful conditions. It’s amazing to finally hear a medical doctor say it and to know that there is a self-administered way to activate the healing response, a way to take control of it rather than being subject to it – that knowledge is unbelievably powerful! Thank you for all the wonderful information.

  5. Rosemary Thomas says:

    Yes, I DO believe that we have the power within ourselves to heal ourselves.
    Thank you for reminding me of how powerful I am.

  6. Tara says:

    I really do feel that our bodies know exactly what to do in order to heal yourself. I just find it so frustrating that traditional medicine is not taught this and the healthcare system is set up to just put a bandaid on illness, getting you out of the doctors office as soon as possible in order to see the next patient. Insurance is so far behind with their approach to wellness and it virtually breaks the bank to find an alternative approach because it is not covered by insurance and the out of pocket expense can be astronomical.

  7. Letitia says:

    I absolutely believe that thoughts and emotions are of prime importance in our own self healing.That is why I am following all your comments and posts on theese things and The Tapping Solution,looking forward to futher studies and would love to read Mind Over Medicine.I am but a baby and knowledge of all your works and already have seen inprovments in my body.Bless you all and keep sharing.Namaste

  8. Mary Lehett says:

    Great video! Thank you! I definitely believe in the mind body connection. I am thoroughly hooked on tapping and sharing Jessica and Nick ‘a work. Thank you for your dedication and passion in your work!

  9. Mary says:

    I believe our bodies can heal themselves but we don’t know how. So many opinions about changing diet, exercise, relaxation, etc. It is different for every person and it takes a lot of energy and time to test the above changes. Then if you do find the change, how do you get off the meds safely? So many questions…

  10. Patricia Finney says:

    I met a miracle once. She had a very ferocious type of adrenal cancer and was taking a powerful drug for it that was making her feel terrible (my memory is that it was DDT but I don’t think that can be right!) One weekend she decided to stop taking the drug and die. She looked out the window and saw a row of Leylandii trees she’d always hated and decided that the last thing she would do would be to take down the ugly trees and plant something beautiful.
    You know what happened of course – she took down the trees despite being weak and skinny and then she found she no longer had the cancer. When I met her she had just got pregnant despite this being something she had been told was impossible. Lesson? You don’t know what will really relieve your stress levels.

  11. amber says:


    My thoughts become my reality

    your thoughts become your reality

    so powerful

  12. noemi says:

    as afamily therapist consalting a group of single mothers i highly recommend to listen to your body’ pay attention to your emotion and release any stress in your feelings, ‘thoghts which influence your responses with yourself and others. using the eft as THE tool to relax and calm your body and mind!

  13. Terri Eldridge says:

    I never really thought about this concept before listening to this video. I’m really enjoying this information on tapping and am anxious to try it in my daily life.

  14. Lucy says:

    It’s wonderful to listen to like-minded, enlightened human beings!

    I absolutely agree that: 1) given half a chance, our bodies know how to heal themselves and
    2) we find our power as sovereign beings in a state relaxation, intention and focus — not only for our health but for most manifestations in our life. Tapping is a preeminent method of clearing the way for attaining such states!

    Thanks to two marvelous women!

  15. Jane Carroll says:

    Absolutely! Our bodies know how to heal if we release resistance and get out of the way. I agree…Tapping is an amazing tool to do that!

  16. Lesley says:

    Yes I believe your mind is a very powerful thing. I find it hard to concentrate to the point of dealing with my pain.i hope the times I can is helping

  17. Barb says:

    Yes, I believe it is my body, my vehicle! I am the closest engineer, scientist, mother, peer and fan of me. Just listen and allow the conversation with yourself to flow!

  18. Graham says:

    Yes I believe this and have been writing about it for years now having been in the health education system for many years. The body follows the mind and using energy therapies gives you the tools to reach that part of your mind that you need to to facilitate real and lasting change. Great to see a doctor like Lessa Rankin coming out with the ideas she has as it only just reinforces the beliefs I have on the subject. Great work!

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