Nothing Can Stop You: Getting Over Your Failures with EFT

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If you’re an entrepreneur, artist, or anyone working towards major personal goals, there’s a phrase you’ve likely heard or used many times:

“Failure is not an option”

I’m going to have to disagree. Failure isn’t just an option, it’s a necessity!

When I was producing our film “The Tapping Solution”, I made so many mistakes along the way, too many to list here. Those were important steps in my development however; they refined my skills and abilities and resulted in a much better product and the person that I am today.

That doesn’t make failures any easier to deal with.

If we don’t deal with our failures and setbacks correctly, they can be crippling, putting a full stop on our progress towards our personal goals. How can we train ourselves to work past the disappointment and boost our determination?

I’m sure you know the answer: tapping.

Getting Over Failures With EFT

The reason failure can be so damaging and hurtful is because we think it confirms our worst fear – that we’re not capable of accomplishing what we set out to do. We start to think our personal goals are mere daydreams, never to become real.

That’s simply untrue.

If anything, each failure takes you one step closer to where you need to be. That is, if you have the right attitude.

If you don’t, we’re going to fix that right now.

If you’ve never tried tapping before, take a look at this video I recorded to get a quick primer on the steps. Once you’ve done that, tune into your feelings surrounding failure and rate them on a scale from 1 to 10. Then, begin tapping on your karate chop point.

  • Even though I’ve just failed, I deeply and completely love and accept myself
  • Even though I’ve just failed, I deeply and completely love and accept myself
  • Even though I’ve just failed, I deeply and completely love and accept myself

Next, begin tapping through the points.

Eyebrow: I’ve been trying so hard
Side of Eye: I’ve been doing my best
Under Eye: But things are just not working out
Under Nose: I failed
Chin Point: I got knocked down
Collar Bone: Things aren’t going my way
Under Arm: And I’m tired
Top of Head: And I don’t want to get back up again

Back to the eyebrow:

Eyebrow: I failed before
Side of Eye: And I’m scared to fail again
Under Nose: What’s the point of trying?
Under Nose: When failing is so painful
Chin Point: All these emotions around failure
Collar Bone: All this pain
Under Arm: What’s the point of trying?
Top of Head: When I might fail

Eyebrow: Easier for me to stay where I am
Side of Eye: I’m not happy
Under Eye: But I’m comfortable
Under Nose: But comfortable isn’t good enough
Chin Point: I want more
Collar Bone: But I’m scared
Under Arm: I’m scared I might fail
Top of Head: But I want more

How are you feeling? Are there any thoughts that are coming to mind? Continue tapping on them until the feelings subside, then, return to your eyebrow and repeat the statements below:

Eyebrow: Even though I’m scared I might fail,
Side of Eye: I know I deserve more
Under Eye: Every time I fail
Under Nose: I learn something
Chin Point: But it’s still really hard
Collar Bone: But that’s OK
Under Arm: I can keep trying
Top of Head: A lot of people fail

Eyebrow: And they get right back up
Side of Eye: A lot of the people I admire
Under Eye: Went through some big struggles
Under Nose: and they got right back up
Chin Point: I can inspire others
Collar Bone: I can fail
Under Arm: And keep trying
Top of Head: Every time things don’t go my way, I know it’s for a reason and it helps me improve

Eyebrow: I keep getting better
Side of Eye: And I learn something
Under Eye: I can get back up
Under Nose: And when I get back up
Chin Point: I inspire those around me to do the same
Collar Bone: Yes I’ve failed in the past
Under Arm: who hasn’t?
Top of Head: We all fail, but I get back up with enthusiasm

Eyebrow: I keep moving forward
Side of Eye: Because I know I deserve this
Under Eye: I know it’s meant to be
Under Nose: My dreams are about to come true
Chin Point: I just have to be persistent
Collar Bone: They can knock me down
Under Arm: I can get in my own way
Top of Head: But I’ll still get back up because I believe in myself

Eyebrow: Every day I’m stronger
Side of Eye: Every day I’m wiser
Under Eye: Every day I’m more powerful
Under Nose: I get knocked down
Chin Point: And sometimes I make it fun
Collar Bone: Getting back up an be fun
Under Arm: It can be adventurous
Top of Head: I might fail and that’s OK because I’ll keep moving forward

Eyebrow: I’m OK just as I am
Side of Eye: Because my dreams will come true
Under Eye: I believe in divine timing
Under Nose: I know I will fulfill my destiny
Chin Point: I choose to have faith
Collar Bone: I might fall down
Under Arm: But I will get back up again
Top of Head: And I’ll appreciate the process and love myself along the way

We’re often a lot closer to our personal goals and success than we realize, especially when we stumble or fail. With this tapping routine, you’ll be able to pick yourself up and dust yourself off and keep going should you make a mistake.

And you should; everything you’ve been waiting on is right around the corner!

Have you faced severe disappointment on your mission to reach your goals? How have you gotten over it? Discuss it with us in the comments below!

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Jessica Ortner

Jessica Ortner is a co-producer of the breakthrough documentary film on EFT / Meridian Tapping, “The Tapping Solution.” For the past eight years, Jessica has traveled the world working with and training under many of the leaders in the field of personal development. She is trained as an NLP Master Practitioner and is certified in […]




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  1. LOLO says:

    I have to do the same secuence every day? Its just that after some days i feel diferent and it feels wired to say something that doesnt bother me anymore. Of course not all the statements, but some of them.

    Thank you! 🙂

  2. Alexandra says:

    Thank you for this. I have failed. I gave up on my pursuit of being a director for a whole year if not more after my web series didn’t take off. I loved the show and didn’t understand why it wasn’t more popular. I stopped creating then I stayed at a job that wasn’t challenging or advancing me in my career. This set back my accomplishments, but boy have I learned a lot on the way! Now I don’t know if I was even supposed to be doing the things I thought I was supposed to before. Maybe I’m fine as I am.

  3. victoria says:

    I so needed this after a bad rejection yesterday that has really impacted me and thrust me back into fear
    i will get back up and not give up
    i believe in Divine timing

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