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Finding the Right Mate For You

Triggers for emotional pain often lie beyond what one is experiencing in the present moment. The level of intensity surrounding an incident in the present is in direct proportion to the way it is linked to the past — and nowhere is this more obvious than in the area of romantic relationships.


Life Transitions Made Easy with EFT!

Life is all about changing and learning. When we aren’t growing we can get hit with what I call the “cosmic two by four.” These types of traumas in our adult lives can look like the breakup of a relationship, being diagnosed with a frightening disease, or the loss of a job. That kind of journey into the depths of despair can also be seen as life throwing us into a full course correction. Many traditions speak of the momentous shifts coming from these traumas as a “Zen Slap” or a “Shaman’s Blow.”


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  1. isabel montejano says:

    estoy esperando el libro en español, es que ya esta traduciddo al español ? gracias

  2. Ellen says:

    Hello Alina, I enjoyed your blog and was wondering if you can possibly send me a script to attract the right type of guy into my life. I haven’t been in the searching mode for over a year now due to major health issues. I have been healing emotionally as well as physically during the dating hiatus and feel I have come to know myself much better and know what type of person I want to be with.

  3. Ian Ratowsky says:

    I’m interested in going to in intense seminar .
    Relationship ending and with training
    and counseling it could have thrived .
    She was in . I was not present .
    Never want to repeat .
    In Ecuador Back in States in 3 wks. . Tks

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