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The majority of people out there keep looking for ways to control or change what is going on around them. They hope and wish and take all kinds of action in an attempt to change the course of their future. They pray, they vote, and they ask the Divine to intervene on their behalf. They do “risk analysis” to determine the best course of action before making decisions. They ask the advice of others because they don’t trust themselves to make decisions anymore.

If you’ve been around the new age woo-woo block before like I have, then you’re probably familiar with quite a few of the ideas, “energy work”, modalities and “camps” huddled under that umbrella.

One of the things that I love about so many of these ways of living is that they are based on positive feelings, actions, and beliefs. The single thing that I have found without exception is that no matter whether you believe it’s true or not, there are always some positive takeaways.

The Law of Attraction is no different.

Regardless of your beliefs about the origin of the messages, the truth is that there is benefit to some of the ideas that the Law of Attraction espouses. The basic premise of the Law of Attraction (or manifesting) is that your thoughts create your physical reality. Whatever you focus on (consciously or subconsciously) is what shows up in your life experience – both the good and the bad.

But, there are emphatically “anti” Law of Attraction folks out there; people who struggle to believe that they attracted all the bad things (and the “conveniently forgotten” good things) in their lives. People who can’t get on board with the Law of Attraction because they believe that what they see is Reality, and “Reality” cannot be changed.

For the most part, I agree with the “anti” Law of Attraction people.

The Law of Attraction doesn’t change True Reality.

True Reality is what is. It’s a process, a cycle. It might be likened to a physical entity that lives and breathes, grows and changes. Further, True Reality is neither good nor bad; it simply is. It is the sum total of the things, people, and events in our life experience.

Unfortunately, it’s our opinions and judgments that we apply to things, people, and events in our experience that cause us a problem. That’s what Law of Attraction addresses. That’s also what Tapping addresses.

Your Negative Opinion Is the Enemy of Your Happiness

To bring it home, here are some facts:

FACT: I have a car.
FACT: I have a job.

There are no opinions here. I have these things. That is True Reality. Not good or bad – it just is.

But this is not reality as most of us know it. As humans, we have a tendency to add an additional layer of opinion and call that “reality.”

So, if you have negative opinions about the things that make up your experience then you have created your reality to be bad. Conversely. if you believe good things about your reality then you would have created your positive reality. To be clear, it’s your opinion about your reality that creates the goodness or badness of your reality.


Let me show you how it works using my job example from above:

FACT: I have a job.
OPINION: My job sucks. My boss is a jerk. No one appreciates me. RESULT: Negative
OPINION: My job is better than the last job I had. I feel like I’m contributing. RESULT: Positive

And using the car as an example:

FACT: I have a car.
OPINION: It has the aerodynamics of a brick wall. They don’t make this model anymore that must mean it sucks. RESULT: Negative
OPINION: I love its functionality. It has a great turning radius. I got the best color for that year model. I can take it wherever I want.  RESULT: Positive

Can you see how focusing on the good aspects can help you feel more positively about your experience? Focusing on factual aspects is even better!

I Can’t Find orFocus On the Good Aspects

This is where tapping can really change not only your opinion but your whole world.

Because when you try to focus on the good but can’t, you are aware of the negative. You see all the reasons why it isn’t, or it can’t be, or you can’t have. These are the things that we tap on. Notice that problem, memory, feeling, or whatever it is that lets you know it’s not positive, it isn’t good, or you can’t have better.

Here is a sample script:

Side of the Hand/KC: Even though I can’t have anything good, I deeply and completely accept myself. (repeat 3 times)

EB: Nothing good happens.

SE: I don’t deserve goodness

UE: I’m not good enough

UN: I just wasn’t created that way.

UM: It’s such a letdown.

CB: It’s a money trap.

UB: I can’t have what I want.

UA: I can’t keep up.

TH: I just need a break.

Now you may not get enough of a shift to be making some of these more positive statements. That’s okay. Keep going. When it starts to shift you can move to more positive statements.

EB: I release this and let it go.

SE: I choose to focus on the good

UE: I release this story I tell myself

UN: It’s not always true.

UM: I can have what I want.

CB: It’s time to move on from here.

UB: Time to have the good things.

UA: Everything that I want

TH: Is on its way to me.

Do your set up phrase, I can’t have anything, I hate my job, or I hate my life – whatever it is, tapping the karate chop point. Then tap several rounds aiming at the feeling you have about the person, place, or event that “proves” to you that your affirmation or positive opinion not true. Continue in this manner until it shifts or until you get relief.

Tapping is a wonderful adjunct to Law of Attraction or manifesting work because it can eliminate the negative feelings that we focus on which makes thinking positively easier! And thinking positively and feeling good is really what it’s all about.

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