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You decide you want to run a marathon, learn how to play the piano, improve your golf handicap, speak Italian – what do you need to do? Well, we all know that we need to practice those things. We don’t even question it. To get to do any of these things, and indeed to master any skill, takes regular, focused practice.

It’s no different with our emotional health. In this fast-paced world with so many people suffering from anxiety and depression, managing your emotional health needs to be part of your daily routine, because when we repeat even a small thing routinely, the results add up over time to produce the outcome that we want.

What is a practice?

A practice is something that is done regularly, possibly at the same time each day, and adhered to, no matter the distractions or resistance. And we do it quite simply because it yields results and is one of the most effective ways of pushing against ingrained beliefs, attitudes, emotions and behaviours and producing more peace, happiness, and fulfillment.

There are all manner of practices that you can do to improve your life – for instance, meditation is a practice – but here of course I want to talk about a Tapping practice. While any one round of tapping can be hugely beneficial, the most benefit comes from consistent use, and the truth is that if we don’t get into the habit of using it, then when we most need it in an emergency situation we won’t remember to use it. I say to people, “Did you tap?” And they reply, “No, I didn’t, I just didn’t think to”.

Set an Intention
It is good to use tapping throughout your day as situations arise, but I’m also going to suggest that you set an intention to make a regular practice of tapping. You need to decide how often. I suggest that daily is the optimum choice – and more often if, for example, you are seriously ill. Then decide when you are going to do it (e.g. before breakfast, in the evening), and for how long. Be realistic. Don’t opt for something that is going to be impossible for you to do – make it easy to succeed!

Measure Progress

Put a chart on the wall with the days of the week that you have assigned for your practice – preferably every day if you want to make the most progress. Tick off after you have done each session. If you don’t do this it’s amazing how easy it is to go “unconscious” and for several days to slip by before you’ve noticed you’re not doing it. This way the empty spaces serve as a reminder!

If you don’t do it, why not?

Here’s the crunch. You may find that you’ve set the intention, you think it’s a great idea, you want the benefit, but you’re not doing the tapping. Don’t think you are alone in this. I have had countless clients, who though immensely enthusiastic about the beneficial effects of tapping, tell me, “I only tapped a couple of times last week”. And sometimes I find I miss out on regular tapping for myself despite being an ardent tapper.

What is your explanation?

    • I didn’t have the time
    • I didn’t know what to tap on
    • I didn’t think of it/I forgot
    • ?

And then what do you do? If you’re like most other people, you beat yourself up. But in fact the part of us that doesn’t tap, that doesn’t adhere to the practice, is the very part of us that needs love!

I believe that a lot of the time the reason we don’t do the things that serve us best is because we don’t think we are worthy or good enough – we may even be punishing ourselves by withholding what is good for us, so bring love to yourself instead of judgement.

Tapping is love in action

I see tapping as a way in which we bring love to ourselves. When we tap, we are caring for ourselves, looking after our emotional health and honouring how we feel by being present to ourselves as we tap. In our society it is common to deal with how we feel by distracting, but this doesn’t resolve anything – and often gives us another problem!

What all of us really want is to feel loved and loving, accepted and accepting. Engaging in a regular tapping practice is a way to bring a continual flow of love and acceptance to yourself, which can lead to the deep healing and profound transformation that you seek.

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Margaret Munoz

Margaret Munoz has been a passionate advocate of tapping for the past 13 years and has taught it to thousands of people through her books “The Power of Tapping” and “Create Prosperity” as well as workshops, speaking engagements and private clients. Tapping has been of profound importance in her own journey of healing from anxiety […]




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