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In the words of Pharrell Williams’ hit song “Happy”, “Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth!” I prefer to sing it as, Tap along if you feel like happiness is the truth. 😉 Cute, hey?

Who doesn’t want to feel strong, sexy and confident? I know I do; it doesn’t always happen but when it does, life works! Tapping is an easy addition to a healthy lifestyle and something doesn’t necessarily have to be wrong with you or your health to tap. As part of a healthy lifestyle it can complement your health and the way you live; tapping can be thought of as preventative medicine, as it keeps your emotions, which are always the underlying cause of all dis-ease, ‘in check’.

So, are you ready to become the strong, sexy, confident person you have always dreamed of being? Well, your time is now to step into your own power. Below is a wonderful tapping practice I created for you; start now and continue this tapping for 12 days. I look forward to hearing what positive changes you notice. Feeling more love for yourself and receiving it from others is at your fingertips, literally.


Tapping Script

Karate Chop Point – Negative.

Even though I don’t feel strong, sexy or confident right now…that’s OK; I completely love and accept myself anyway. Even though I don’t feel as confident as I’d like to be, I understand that many people feel this way, and I’m not alone. Even though confidence is a choice I make and it comes from within, I choose not to feel confident right now. Even though I should feel better about myself and the person that I am, I accept that right now I just don’t feel good about myself. And I have decided to honor who I am anyway, and the stage I’m at right now.

Tapping through the points – Negative.

I don’t feel good about myself (EB)

I should feel better about myself (SE)

I’d rather be unhappy and unhealthy (UN)

I want to feel better (C)

I see other people exuding confidence and I know I never could (CB)

I feel lazy and fat sometimes (UA)

I feel tired all the time (TH)

I feel restricted in my clothes (EB)

I feel like I could never be sexy (SE)

I don’t want people to notice me (UN)

I have no energy or time to take care of myself (C)

I don’t deserve to feel good (CB)

Feeling strong, sexy and confident would feel too different for me (UA)

Being healthy and happy is too hard (TH)


Take a deep breath now continue to the positive round.


Tapping through the points – Positive.

I deserve to feel good just like everyone else! (EB)

I can choose to feel confident right now, it’s a choice and I choose it, right now! (SE)

I am starting to feel stronger already as I begin to realize confidence comes from within! (UE)

I am starting to think what a loving person I am and people are starting to take notice! (UN)

I am turning heads as I walk down the street and it feels amazing! (C)

People are telling me how great I look and it only adds to my confidence levels! (CB)

I am beginning to look and feel strong, sexy and confident! (UA)

I deserve to look and feel strong, sexy and confident! (EB)

I am taking steps to look and feel strong, sexy and confident! (SE)

I love and accept myself and I’m starting to feel excited about myself and my potential! (UE)

I now allow myself to feel good! (UN)


Take a nice deep breath and repeat the positive round until you FEEL confident.

Take an extra step towards your personal success and begin to slowly follow these 5 health and lifestyle tips for becoming a confident person!

1. Sleep – Sleep is much more important to wellbeing than many of us realize. Do you notice when you haven’t slept well you feel a bit ‘nutty’? Well, you are. That’s why sleep deprivation is used as a torture tactic…makes sense doesn’t it? Tip Take Away – begin going to bed 15 minutes earlier than usual, until you reach 8 hours of sleep per night or more.

2. Fitness – Exercise is the queen bee. A few benefits include – more energy, fat loss, a better sex life, confidence, lower stress levels, and on and on. Isn’t that amazing? Make sure your workouts are fun and effective; enlisting help from an expert is important. Tip Take Away – do something you enjoy and be consistent. It must fit into your lifestyle for you to stick with it. Whether it’s 3x/week for 30 min or 5x/week for 45 min, start where you’re at and keep moving towards your goals with baby steps.

3. Nutrition – Food is medicine, as the saying goes. Keep your kitchen stocked with plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, healthy fats, and legumes and nuts. Keep away from too much sugar and processed foods and drink plenty of water. Tip Take Away – choose ONE of your food challenges and start there. Example, if you don’t eat enough vegetables, your goal could be to eat a salad with lunch for the next 7 days. Once that becomes a habit and easy to do, then you can move on to your next goal.

4. Stress – Stress is an ‘invisible’ health problem which means sometimes we don’t acknowledge it or find ways to remedy it. But if you follow the 4 other tips in this article, your stress level will automatically drop. To reduce your stress level instantly, take 2-5 deep breaths, this will cause an immediate relaxation response. Tip Take Away – Close your eyes and take 5 deep breaths when you feel anxious or stressed throughout the day.

5. Mindset – Think positive! Your reality is 100% determined by your thoughts, you are in control, so think great thoughts, it’s your mind and your choice. See and feel the experiences you want to have happen. Tip Take Away – Think wonderful thoughts for the next 24 hours and see how it makes you feel. Statements such as “I look and feel amazing!” or “I’m valuable to myself and others!” Choose something that resonates with you and SEE it and FEEL it.

Live Inspired,

Sonja Franzmann

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