How to Stop Cravings Fast in 15 Minutes or Less! (With a Tap-along Video)

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When it comes to cravings, it’s helpful to get clear on why we have them in the first place. If you think about it, most of us have cravings for sugary carbohydrates. Interestingly, sugary carbohydrates help tryptophan – the “feel good hormone” — get into your brain.

And guess what? Stress depletes tryptophan, so it’s no wonder you reach for carbohydrates when you are feeling stressed!

Let’s face it, these days we’ve become so accustomed to stress, that it may be hard to recognize the connection between our cravings and the emotions or stress that brings them on.

The reality is, we often eat when we feel uncomfortable emotions, like anxiety, that we’d rather avoid.

So How Does Tapping Help With Cravings?

Tapping is effective at reducing or eliminating cravings for several reasons, but the one I want to share today is how tapping helps relieve stress. After all, if you can relieve stress, you stop the vicious cycle of tryptophan depletion that drives you to reach for those carbohydrate rich processed foods in the first place!

A study performed by Dr. Dawson Church, PhD and Dr. David Feinstein, PhD, measured cortisol levels before and after treatment.

83 participants were divided into 3 groups: the 1st group received an hour of Tapping; the 2nd group received an hour of psychotherapy (“talk” therapy); the 3rd group (control group) received no treatment.

The researchers measured cortisol levels before and after the treatment. Cortisol (which causes weight gain) was measured because it is known as the “stress hormone” of the body. As stress goes up, cortisol levels go up.

Results: The normal rate of cortisol decline is 14% over an hour. The 1st group (Tapping) demonstrated a 24% decrease in cortisol levels, while the 2nd and 3rd groups only showed the normal rate of cortisol decline. The 10% improvement in the 1st group (Tapping) is statistically significant.

Let Me Show You How Tapping For Cravings Works

Now that you know the science behind why Tapping works so well for stress and cravings, I’d love to show you how you can use Tapping yourself!

Check out this video and tap along with me – use it anytime you have a craving and notice for yourself how effective Tapping can be.

It only takes a matter of minutes to get results and speaking of results, I’d love to hear about yours! Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

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Jessica Ortner

Jessica Ortner is a co-producer of the breakthrough documentary film on EFT / Meridian Tapping, “The Tapping Solution.” For the past eight years, Jessica has traveled the world working with and training under many of the leaders in the field of personal development. She is trained as an NLP Master Practitioner and is certified in […]




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14 Responses to “How to Stop Cravings Fast in 15 Minutes or Less! (With a Tap-along Video)”

  1. carina stokes says:

    Thank you, Jessica for this inspiring video clip. Your presentation is clear and to the point and easy to follow. I shall definitely let as many people know about is as I can- I use tapping in my work as counsellor and for myself, too. It is so important that EFT gets to be known and accepted as a natural way to look after ourselves. With my best wishes, Carina

  2. Amrew says:

    Thank you for sharing this Jessica! I watched the video not because I need to lose weight but because sugar and salty foods cause my skin to break out. It also causes so many other health problems. I wanted to kick these craving for better health and this video is a tremendous help 🙂

  3. Ariella says:

    I’m looking forwards to the 7 weeks program.
    It’s my last hope for a permanent resolution to my life long weight issues.

  4. Laura Robinson says:

    Great short informative video. Sometimes I don’t know what words to say, and this helps to follow along. Btw, I went from a 7 to a 2 in 5 minutes, pretty cool. I joined the program two weeks ago, really looking forward. Thanks!

  5. sara says:

    jessica thank you so much for your tapping advice on cravings. I would attribute some of it to hormones but I know that it is a nemotional disorder. everytime i start to lose weight i somehow sabatoge myself and subconciously dont think i deserve to. it is an emotional roller coaster. i was bullyed as a child and think some of that is part of this. i need to staystrong nad true to myself. thank you again.

  6. Paula says:

    LOVE your tapping, Jessica! Thank you for sharing your insight, and compassion. You truly serve your calling! Lots of light, Paula

  7. ignacio says:

    Can I use this example for cravings for alcohol.

  8. Dean says:

    Thanks for the video. My question is: Why is it that I crave for ice cream when I don’t feel good and when I am happy and want to celebrate? What’s the physical explanation for it? Please send your reply to my email. Thanks!

  9. Mellanie Tuttle says:

    Hi. You are so cute. I love your smile, your enthusiasm and encouragement. Thank you for sharing yourself. Blessings. Mellanie

  10. Sherry says:

    Jessica, Thank you for this tapping video on cravings. Great information and exercise. Appreciate your sharing this with all of us.

  11. Bonnie says:

    Thank you Jessica. Wonderful modeling of employing EFT to a pervasive problem in our society! Your pace; your choice of precise words; your framing of the real issue behind those cravings and making poor food choices were outstanding. An excellent teaching tool!!

  12. Susan says:

    Hi Jessica,

    Great description and very clear. As an EFT practitioner, i give you more than 100% How brilliant that more and more people are aware that its so simple to heal and feel empowered with clarity. Whoo Hoo, Susan

  13. tess says:

    no video ???
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