How Self-Love Saved my Body From Attacking Itself

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I used to be one of those millions of people in the world that dealt with an autoimmune disorder. I had a crazy immune system, devouring itself from the inside out until I found something that turned my body upside down and calmed the aggression. This allowed me to heal and maintain harmony in all aspects of my life, which included getting over that illness.

After a long inner journey, back to love, I discovered the missing keys that led me to another reality and changed my perception about myself. I found out I was a “Highly Sensitive Person” and I rejected self-love. This discovery was completely life changing!

When I found myself being a HSP, I researched and read a lot about this trait and I tried out so many strategies to help myself reduce these overwhelming and emotional reactions in my daily life.

Tapping became my daily tool to help deal with my emotions and balance my nervous system. I started tapping on any event I could recall and that changed the way I felt about myself and the world around me.

Self-love was the “cure” to heal my inner wounds from childhood from the inside out. Tapping to learn self-love released me from fear of not feeling safe in my own body and opened the door to my inner power.

I was able to let go of all the anger, resentment, frustration, blame and shame I had inside that kept me judging and punishing myself with that autoimmune disorder, As I became a loving mother with myself, taking care of myself in all aspects, I nurtured every cell of my body and symptoms began to reduce.

Tapping for self-love has helped me to accept unconditionally my traits, and faults, strengths and weaknesses, no matter what other people think about me and I started feeling comfortable and at peace with myself. I stopped wanting other people´s approval. As I started approving myself, the disapproval from others were nonsense.

It allowed me to be human so I let go of fighting against myself, and I found the compassion to accept my failures and mistakes and turned them into lessons of growth.

It led me to forgive myself and I gave myself permission to show my vulnerability leaving behind perfection at all times. I stopped pushing down my sensitivity and creativity due to the fear of being rejected, laughed at or ostracized.

Tapping and self-love, plus following the medical treatment, taking my medicine on time, changing my diet and clearing out my mind of the old emotional wounds and limiting beliefs, transforming my emotions, and the effect they had in my symptoms created a huge shift which radically altered my life.

Self-love and tapping made me became responsible for my life so I stopped playing the victim. Now, I am able to recognize I am the source of my own happiness and have the power of election to change so I am creating a whole new “Me,” with passion and faith and a deeper connection with myself.

Self-love gave me the strength to show up in the world with brilliance and I started living my life with creativity and joy. I decided to shine in the world. I let go of keeping myself down and started being seen more, writing more, lecturing and sharing what I’ve learned with others.

I keep on practicing self-love on a daily basis with tapping and other modalities I’ve adopted.

I feel now safe, nurtured, and loved beyond measure. Nothing compares to the lightness and energy I feel by expressing my true self.

KC: Even though I have this bad feeling about myself, the fear, the rejection, the anger and I can still feel it, I accept all my feelings about myself.
KC: Even though I don’t know how to love my self, and I can still see all these toxic emotions inside of me, I accept how I feel about it.
KC: Even though I don’t know how to love and accept myself I chose to learn how to do it.

Eyebrow: I refuse to love myself
Side of eye: I hate how I am
Under eye: I don’t know how to love myself
Under nose: All I want is to destroy myself
Chin: Annihilate me because
Collarbone: It’s not safe to stand out
Under arm: It’s not safe to be seen
Top of head: That’s what I’ve learned and I don’t know how to love and accept all of me

Eyebrow: I don’t accept myself
Side of eye: I’m not accepted by others either
Under eye: For whom I am
Under nose: But I still want to love myself
Chin: I need love
Collarbone: How can I get it?
Under arm: How can I start loving myself?

Top of head: I choose to love and accept myself
Eyebrow: I am open to see me in other way
Side of eye: I don’t know how to love myself but I am open
Under eye: To heal my old wounds
Under nose: Forgive myself
Chin: And honor the way I used to be
Collarbone: It’s safe to stand out and shine
Under arm: It’s safe to start loving myself and accept all of me
Top of head: I am open to start loving all of me
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