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Anniversaries, Christmas Blues and Difficult Dates

For years I HATED Decembers, as Christmas in my family had often been fraught with drama and trauma. My Mom was hospitalized in a psychiatric institution one Christmas season when I was young, and another year both she and my dog died within three days of each other during the last week in December. Another year my friend Jeff killed himself, two days before his birthday – in December! It took quite a few EFT sessions before I noticed that I actually felt quite neutral about Decembers and could even get a little into the holiday spirit, enjoy the parties and feel fine!


“I’m not good enough!” as a Cultural Phenomenon

This morning I led a tapping circle with women from around the world. The general theme was tapping on and releasing pervasive abundance issues that may be getting in our way of believing we deserve to make a good living doing what we do well, what we have been extensively trained in, and what has helped many of our clients, and others, from around the world: EFT!


Surrogate Work with an Ex-Husband

I just finished the 6th EFT session with Melinda, a woman who originally contacted me because I specialize in helping women heal from their mother wounds. After doing some substantial work on her relationship with her mother, we moved onto other relationships.


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