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Another mind-blowing session. I am so grateful for this Tapping World Summit.

Every presentation adds another piece of information to the puzzle I have been trying to understand for years, and each time I tap along with Jessica and the presenters I shift a little more. Today it was like all of the sessions came together and I felt (in my body, my heart and my soul) a release, and then a profound settling of understanding and clarity, like everything just clicked. Like I have an entirely new window through which I am viewing myself, the world, and the reality of nature. WOO HOO!!!!!
Michelle Mattingly, Incline Village, NV

I have to buy the complete summit. I need to listen to this and others over again!

I have today purchased the full package as I know I need to continue. So happy thanks to you all.

This was the deciding presentation (After listening to Dr. Kim D'Eramo's Day 8 presentation). I have to buy the complete summit. I need to listen to this and others over again! Thank you all!
Kandi Eden, British Columbia, Canada

Just wanted to send you a great big cyber hug and tons of appreciation for this program. It is SO important.

I've been tapping since 2001. Listening tonight to Gene Monterastelli interview was what motivated me to buy the full program. His approach was just enough different that it really resonated and has already helped me with some current anger issues! So thanks Gene! And thanks to you and Jessica and all the presenters and people who helped put this together.
Christofer Aven, Hayward, California

The tapping is brilliant. I tap with all the presentations regardless of what they are for and after feeling at a dead end I am beginning to feel light and free.

I have today purchased the full package as I know I need to continue. So happy thanks to you all.

Also, before I started tapping I would have minded making the testimonial and picture public but now I please feel free to use my comments because I feel wonderful and I don't need to hide myself away now. Thank you so much I had almost given up hope!
Janey Dudley, Nottingham, UK

The world summit is mind blowing again! So glad I invested in the gold package so I can listen to the audios again and again.

Its only day 3 and what shifts I am feeling already. I listened and tapped today on all of the day one talks on the world summit and OMG the rush of confidence I have got today is huge. I have bought the the 2016 gold package and instantly my email box is flooded with great teachers and teachings. I almost feel overwhelmed by such a gift (will tap on that ha ha ). The world summit is mind blowing again. All the teachers are amazing. I listened to Margaret Lynch about 6 times today and tapped. So glad I invested in the gold package so I can listen to the audios again and again.
Dawn Power

Now that I have upgraded, I have the amazing opportunity to refer back to the sessions at a later date. The upgrade is so worth it!

This is absolutely amazing, Nick. I just wasn't expecting the absolute relief I felt. In all three sessions, the moment we started tapping on the side of the hand, I started sobbing, and sobbing. But by the end of each session, I felt so relieved, until by the end of the third session, when I was finding the energy leaks to manifesting my best self, I think that for the first time in my life, I felt REAL JOY, REAL PEACE. I am sure that so many people will be equally blessed by this summit.
Margaret Reece

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