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What is possible? (Video with Bruce Lipton)

Published by:
The Tapping Solution

Written by:
Nick Ortner

The other day I shared a story about how, while on stage in Australia, I helped a woman named Stephanie who couldn’t speak because of seizures she had had a few weeks back, and how I was able to help her to speak for the first time since the seizures, by tapping with her.

It was an incident that once again stretched my thinking and had me asking, “What is truly possible?”

I think the very question of, “What is possible?” is one that we should all constantly be asking ourselves. Because the truth is that we all limit ourselves, on both a conscious and more importantly a subconscious level, more than we could ever imagine.

For a long time, nobody thought they could run a 4-minute mile, and then Roger Bannister did. For a long time, nobody thought we’d be able to fly, and then the Wright Brothers did. And if you had asked me before the event in Australia whether Tapping could help somebody who hadn’t spoken in weeks to speak again, I would have said maybe, but would have had my reservations. But today, after working with Stephanie, I of course know it is possible.

The process of “personal transformation” and “personal growth” is largely a process of rewriting what we believe is possible in our own lives, with regards to our finances, our health, our relationships, and so much more.

I want to share a video with you today that I first shared during our 2011 Tapping World Summit, and which I think is one of the most eye-opening videos I’ve ever seen on the subject of “What is possible?” It’s a video that I could watch over and over again. And when we first released it in 2011, it had a HUGE response.

The video is with Dr. Bruce Lipton. The information that he shares about the reality of how our conscious and subconscious minds work is incredibly powerful. You can see it here:

Click Here to Watch This Video On YouTube

Now take a moment and ask yourself… What is possible in my life? Where do I have false subconscious beliefs that are limiting me, and which I could release?

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51 Comments on this post

  1. Ramadhan says:

    HI thanks for your messgae. No there’s no specific reason for using my right hand, I do sometimes changes hands intermittently. I’ve heard research has been done on this,? and it doesn’t matter which side you tap or which hand, it still stimluates the meridian. So just go with what feels comfortable.Nikki

  2. Diane says:

    Thank you Nick for the recording of Bruce Lipton. I heard him speak at Celebrate Your Life and he was my favorite speaker. I love this and it seems it is just what the doctor inside ordered. The part about changing the recording was a definite ahha moment for me. I have done so much work and brought so much to a conscious level and yet during moments of practical living i forget and revert back to the original programming. I do talk to myself and many times wonder what is wrong with me especially in times of frustration or outside problems that arise. Although i know everything is inside, it is still hard not to react as i always have. Emotions can still feel the same even when my mind knows better. I do believe tapping can be like accelerated reprograming of those worn out tapes that no longer serve. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Joanne Yeaton says:

    Just got diagnosed with Waldendrom’s Macroglobulinenemia, supposedly a treatable, but incurable lymphoma. Boy, did I need this video! Thanks, Nick.

  4. Maria says:

    He is fantastic, he explain everything in a unique way and while you listen to him is very easy to understand the entire process, from now on. I’ll watch this video as many times I can it is a wonderful experience. Thank you one more time Nick for all we can learn through the power of tapping.

  5. MaLa says:

    I love the way Bruce talks and what he is talking about. what an eye opener. to relate to the subconscious as an energy field around my body instead of it being inside of my brain (described as the (physical) brain paths in other teachings) is phenomenal. this approach makes the field perceptible as if I am looking at it with my inner eyes and can see it flicker in and out. when I am tapping now I can actually visualise the content of my subconscious, albeit not as a picture as we know a picture to be, but as the energy field that it is – I can relate to it in a totally different way. WOW AND WOW AGAIN.
    Thank you so very much for sharing Bruce and his wisdom with us.

  6. Angelina says:

    Thank you for sharing the video of Bruce Lipton. The various concepts that Bruce explained cleared up many questions that I had.

  7. Meredith Childress says:

    This is an amazing video! Thank you for bringing it to us. I’ve been listening to Gregg Braden, but this sums it all up in a neat nutshell for me. Wonderful sense of understanding–a lightbulb moment!

  8. Jan Bernel says:

    I read Bruce’s book several years back and found it to be so fascinating.
    Thanks for sharing this interview with your community.

  9. Birgit says:

    Thank you for sharing this video. It`s an eye-opener. I loved the part where Bruce Lipton talks about ourselves being programmed to go to a doctor before we can heal and thus neglecting our innate power to heal ourselves. I use EFT every day now and I am so surprised what comes up, especially limiting beliefs I thought I had long ago left behind. EFT gives me hope to change the beliefs which limit me and my health.

  10. Efstratia Attali says:

    Nick, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for this video, with Bruce Lipton!!!!!
    Now, I understand VERY WELL, the reason my life is the way it is TODAY!!!
    I understand, the reason “THE TAPPING” works……
    I am greateful to you, and all the people that work in the field, and sent you all, lots
    of LOVE. THANK YOU!!!!!

  11. Zora says:

    I have now heard Dr. Lipton speak via several different online venues, and every time I hear him speak, I feel a renewed sense of “validation”. Like most of us, I always knew that what he says is true, and indeed I have experienced the proof by healing myself of many different dis-eases and conditions. But life has a way of challenging even our most fervid beliefs and faith, and so I have also experienced the opposite – where I felt that I needed to have the assistance of medical doctors to be healed….and was quickly shocked out of that delusion!

    I am so grateful that we live in these times where science is finally TANGIBLY catching up with our spiritual knowledge that ALL is POSSIBLE – even self-healing from the most challenging conditions. Finally, we have more and more accredited professionals giving us IMPERIAL data on what I feel will free each and every one of us, if we only allow ourselves.

    Thank you once again for bringing Dr. Lipton’s liberating knowledge to us…and a million thanks for making the practice of EFT an almost mainstream thing – I think on it’s own, EFT has the potential to take humanity into the stratosphere when it comes to deep and full healing! What I call TRUE quantum healing. I have experienced it to many degrees since I began participating in your World Tapping Summits….healing some pretty ancient issues at the cellular levels.

    Many blessings to you.


  12. Nancy says:

    Brilliant! I always say that “God doesn’t make junk”…and that we each have the ability to heal ourselves. When we recondition the way we think and do things, we can overcome just about anything. And I also loved the way Bruce explains things…simple and easily understood!

  13. seph says:

    I first of all have to say thank you for saving my life and i mean that , i was so low , depressed in terrible pain morphine patches for pain and plenty of other painkillers, i was constantly worrying what to do about money , my job, my home , my health and lots more, this was just a few days ago then i started to read Nicks book and i am a quarter of the way through, i am looking at all the videos the latest email contained the stress one and i ticked every box it was as if he is talking to me personally i am in tears now not sad tears but tears that i can find a way out of this muck i have got my boots stuck in and i know i can do it i know i will understand more as i go but i also know i can do it excepting my fybromyalgia and diabetes and spinal injury i am going to manage it all and not get this depression anymore , i am so glad that there is someone who cares enough to share and i am grateful enough to listen and learn and get retrained and have a more full filling life, thank you Nick and Jessica and all your helpers and followers the angels have surely sent you, seph blessings xxx

  14. Peter says:

    Thanks for bringing this video to my attention. It makes so much sense. Very useful indeed!

  15. Penny says:

    Thank you, this was so clearly put. I am forwarding it on to others who think what I do and believe all nonsense, asking me “Where is the scientific proof?” and now here it is.

  16. Margo Jamieson says:

    Wonderful presentation by Bruce Lipton. It is surprising that so many doctors still question the body’s ability to heal in this way, although this science is not new. Lipton is certainly very clear about his dislike of the pharmaceutical companies. Brilliant man. Thanks for the video.

  17. Paul Kellay says:

    A complex subject, brilliantly and very simply explained. Eastern healing systems utitise this concept which he did not mention. In the audio, Dr. Lipton uses the term “subconscious mind” and in the prompt quetions on the screen the term unconscious mind is used. I think there is a difference between the two which was not clarified.

  18. Irma says:

    Dr. Bruce Lipton’s discussion helped me to understand how and why tapping does and can work. Now I can work with tapping with confidence.

  19. Aida Ferrarone says:

    Thank you. It is the most complete, interesting and clear description of what we are about. Wonderful!

  20. Michael says:

    Yes, thank you Nick and Dr. Bruce. I thought I was destined to fail at everything I ever do. I started consuming self help materials and going to seminars in 1996 and have yet to succeed at anything. It appears I learned to talk to the tape recorder but never learned to press the record button. Now I know the next step to take in my development.

  21. Greg Coleman says:

    As a dialysis patient & patient advocate who refuses to accept End Stage Renal Failure as “incurable” I find this video to be Scientific Validation of the fact that the “incuribility” of Kidney Failure is a myth created by the industry that profits by perpetuating this myth. I believe I will be healed, which will eliminate my need for a lifetime of Dialysis and or a lifetime of Repetitive Organ Transplants.

  22. Harry Fernandez Puerto Rico says:

    Thanks a lot nick, for bringing such a great performance as Dr. Bruce.he explains it so clear and understandably.right down to basics. such an AVATAR, Pas Universal.

  23. Noelene says:

    Thank you so much Nick for sharing this video with Dr Bruce Lipton. It helped me understand Quantum energy so much better because I wear a Quantum shield pendent, and use a Quantum Science water flask. Thanks again.
    PS, Looking forward to doing the tapping.

  24. Lorna Ottaro says:

    Wow! Bruce is a wonderful teacher. Explaining complex scientific concepts in a very simple to understand way. What I did not get is how to locate and switch the record tape recorder button in the subconcious, Bruce or shall I ask Nick? Tapping?

  25. June Denison Australia says:

    What a wonderful explanation. To make such a complex matter so easily understandable to non medical people. Thank you nick for making this lecture available to so many people. Thank you Dr. Lipton for the people friendly you explain such complex matter.

  26. yusef yagbes says:

    And the truth shall make you free.

  27. Kandi says:

    Wow, I want to own this video. I shall have to listen to it again.

  28. niranjanie singh says:

    i’ve heard and known this for a long time but not quite explained in this way. at present im practicing personal power and its exactly what Dr. Lipton spoke about in his video which has added value and better clearer understanding of the power of the mind.

  29. Marjorie Menefee says:

    This is a mind blowing video, many, many thanks!

  30. Maria says:

    I love this explanation about our limiting programs!! I´d like to share it with my spanish friends and clients. Would it be possible to publish it with the spanish subtitles? It would be great to get to more people. thank you so much!

  31. Shirley Anderson says:

    As there was no sound I had to read the subtitiles which were really funny because they turned out to portray the sound so genes were spelt jeans and so on and so on
    I foud it fascinating and would love to be sent the interview as ounf and not necesarlly viewed as well. All the same thank you and if that sould be done GREAT:

  32. lc says:

    Absolutely powerful stuff. I learned a lot here especially about the sub-conscious mind. Thanks Nick

  33. Penny Jones says:

    truly awesome – explains the mystery!!! lol

  34. Beverley says:

    Powerful clarity ~ an education to watch this! Thanks Nick for Spotlighting Bruce Lipton & his life changing work.

  35. Reet says:

    At long last it was heart warming to listen to someone who has a real ‘handle’ on what’s going on. Thank you Dr Bruce Lipton.

  36. Kerry Gleeson says:

    Thank you so much, Nick, I needed to view that today and funny life should have such synchronicity but I thoroughly connected and enjoyed a random you tube clip yesterday by Dr Bruce Lipton on roughly the same message!!! Perfect timing for me to go over this key learning and how worthy of being broadcast. I

  37. Nina Batts says:

    Thanking you for helping me to understand what I already knew , but how do I reprogram myself,? You are the first person that speaks plainly , and does not try to sell me something,

  38. ulla says:

    this is incredebly interresting..!!food for many,many thoughts thks.for the post !!

  39. Liz R says:

    So interesting! Thanks for sharing!

  40. Susan James says:

    Totally fascinating and awesome. I’m more interested than ever in how to press the record button on my tape machine, particularly to increase my psychological/emotional health in order to be a happier person…

  41. Anna says:

    Fantastic video! Very clarifing about the subconcious mind.

  42. keith says:

    For videos longer than a few (5) minutes, would really appreciate a published timeline for specific points addressed, esp when the presentation uses a “question format”, as the video with Lipton did. I don’t need to again see basic concepts, esp if I have previously heard the speaker, or read his/her material. Thanks

  43. Helga Matzko says:

    Absolutely love it. Thank you!

  44. chuck kespert says:

    a brilliant presentation

  45. Farideh says:

    Thank you Nick for this brilliant explanation .

  46. Beth W. says:

    I think I will watch this again! So much is in it that explains quantum physics in a more understandable way, this is a gem.

  47. Dr. Miki Dvir says:

    I thorally enjoyed the video. Can we have some more of Dr. Lipton’s wisdom?

  48. Patricia Griffin Australia says:

    This is brilliant and very informative I love it.
    Many Thanks

  49. Dale Burns says:

    Thank your for this teaching in layman’s language. It will help me to change my mind(s)conscious and subconscious to make a difference in my life.

  50. Margaret Munslow says:

    A fantastic presentation which has brought together and made sense a lot of the various information I have been gleaning from other sources. Would love to hear more.

  51. Ernesto says:

    I practice tapping since I’m a physician and I believe in transforming painlessness while tapping. It’s akin to acupuncture in a sense it releases endomorpine already endogenous to our body.

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