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Money: A Love Story

Wednesday Sep 25, 2013 - by

I was recently interviewed by my friend Kate Northrup to discuss my personal money story, as part of the release of her new book “Money: A Love Story.” Kate’s new book is a real breakthrough ... Read More »

Can you not complain for 24 hours?

Wednesday Sep 11, 2013 - by

Do you consider yourself a complainer? Do you feel like you’re somebody who complains a lot, or do you feel you make a conscious effort not to? And I’m talking about all forms of complaining: Do ... Read More »

What is possible? (Video with Bruce Lipton)

Thursday Aug 29, 2013 - by

The other day I shared a story about how, while on stage in Australia, I helped a woman named Stephanie who couldn’t speak because of seizures she had had a few weeks back, and how I was able to help her ... Read More »

I was stunned and so was the audience… (Tapping for Seizures)

Tuesday Aug 27, 2013 - by

Whenever I speak publicly, and demonstrate EFT  (for newbies it’s a combination of Ancient Chinese Acupressure and Modern Psychology) with a live audience, I usually start by focusing on how to use ... Read More »