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Have you ever felt that there’s something stopping you from reaching your full potential, your highest success or your maximum happiness? It could be that the closer you are to your goal, the sicker you get. It could be that something unexpectedly bad happens to you every time you are about to take your big leap. It could be that you self-sabotage yourself in any way, shape or form.

According to author Gay Hendricks, you reach your Zone of Genius when you shine in your full potential. According to me, you are in your Comfort Zone when in a conscious or unconscious way, you chose to live your life as it is, no matter how low, bad or stuck you are.

One day I realized I was self-sabotaging myself every time I tried to step into my Zone of Genius, and my weapon of choice was procrastination. I was working as a Tarot reader for an online site but I knew my way to fulfill my full potential was by helping others manifest their most impossible dreams. My way to that was going to be by having my own coaching business, writing a book and becoming a public speaker, but every time I started working on it, I ended up finding excuses to stay in my Comfort Zone which was one where I didn’t even make enough money to afford my basic monthly expenses. For example, I created a brand and website for my new business but once it was all done, instead of moving forward I decided that the name was not good and the website was not attractive so I started all over again. This is how I ended up creating 5 websites that I never used and that only served me as excuses to stay where I already was.

What was going on? Was this really a marketing problem or was it a mental one? What was stopping me from reaching my full potential? How come every time I took one step forward I ended up taking another one backwards? Why did I keep procrastinating my success, my abundance, my happiness and my fulfillment?

The only way to break my pattern had to be by finding out why I was procrastinating the life of my dreams. In the past I had already used EFT to uncover hidden limiting beliefs with great results, so I started tapping once again:

Karate chop point: Even though I’m afraid of moving out of my comfort zone into my Zone of Genius, I totally and completely love and accept myself… (Repeat 3 times)

Eyebrow: This procrastination

Side of the eyes: I don’t know why I’m doing it

Under the eye: I’m holding myself back from success

Under the Nose: I don’t know why

Chin: I don’t allow myself to shine

Collarbone: I hold myself back

Under the arm: I keep myself safe from being exposed

Head: I don’t know what it feels to be successful

Eyebrow: I don’t know what it feels to be recognized by others

Side of the eye: Because my parents never acknowledged my achievements

Under the eye: and they always ignored my successes

Under the nose: They never showed any pride in me

Chin: They always pretended my accomplishments were worthless

Collarbone: So I can’t imagine other people finding value in what I do

Under the arm: and I’m afraid they will ignore me

Head: I’m afraid I’ll never succeed

What came out to the light was the fact that my parents always ignored and underestimated my achievements, so if my own mother and father think I’m worthless, then how could others find any value in me?

I was procrastinating because I was afraid of having the same reaction from the public. I was afraid of being ignored or rejected. On the other hand, nobody can underestimate me if they don’t know me or if I’m not offering anything to them and that’s why I was self-sabotaging myself. Changing my brand and website over and over and over again was my perfect excuse not to face a possible lack of appreciation in a massive way.

Thanks to my tapping session I was able to find the root of my procrastination. I finally liberated myself from my fear of being undervalued and was able to easily move from my Comfort Zone to my Zone of Genius.

Now it’s your turn: what is holding you back from reaching your own full potential?

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Carina Rubin is a Destiny Dream Maker. After taking her own personal journey from pain to freedom, she has magically manifested her dreams for almost 20 years. Through her specialized knowledge and understanding of emotional, logical and spiritual pathways, she helps her clients release the blocks and obstacles that keep them stuck from reaching their […]




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