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Ep 84 – Being Knocked Back (Into Yourself) with Mike Watts

Monday May 18, 2020 - by

Am I being true to myself? This is a question that we should constantly be asking ourselves. In today’s episode, Jessica has a candid conversation with her good friend and 7 figure entrepreneur, Mike Watts, ... Read More »

Ep 83 – Be More With Less

Wednesday Mar 4, 2020 - by

Our lives can seem so overwhelming, and oftentimes, the more choices that we have, the more stress that we feel. Today we’re going to take a step back and look at how making little changes can give you BIG ... Read More »

Ep 82 – Finding Clarity in a Hectic World with Yanik Silver

Tuesday Jan 21, 2020 - by

Are you in a position where you feel like you are lacking clarity in your life? Maybe you want to make a change, but you’re not exactly sure what the change looks like. Join me, as I talk with my friend, ... Read More »

Ep 81 – Setting Boundaries Will Set You Free with Nancy Levin

Thursday Jan 2, 2020 - by

Boundaries can be defined as the limits that we set around what we will or will not do, will or will not tolerate, and will or will not accept. This is what we’re talking about in today’s episode, which is ... Read More »

Ep 80 – The 3 M’s: Meditation, Mindfulness and Manifesting

Thursday Dec 19, 2019 - by

The 3 M’s: meditation, mindfulness, and manifesting – a trifecta in a meditation technique being taught by today’s guest, Emily Fletcher. Her transformative daily practice can help you remove stress ... Read More »

Ep 79 – Awaken Your Chakra Energy in Today’s World

Thursday Dec 5, 2019 - by

Our chakras hold “programs” that we’ve inherited from our family system. These old, unbalanced “scripts” or beliefs can be cleared and shifted to a new energy of vitality and prosperity. Even if you ... Read More »

Ep 78 – Navigating the Healthcare System with Ease and Clarity

Thursday Nov 21, 2019 - by

I’m sure many of us have been in the situation where we are sitting at the doctor’s office as they explain our options to move forward from a health challenge, and just feel overwhelmingly confused. ... Read More »

Ep 77 – The Link Between the Sun and Your Health with Linda Geddes

Monday Sep 30, 2019 - by

We explore the new science of sunlight and how it shapes our bodies and minds. Our biology is set up to work in partnership with the sun yet in this day in age, we are inside more than ever. Through ... Read More »

Ep 76 – Overcoming Anxiety and Fatigue with Kelly Brogan, MD

Thursday Sep 19, 2019 - by

Learn the surprising path beyond anxiety and fatigue to reclaim your health and vitality. Kelly Brogan, MD shares the latest research and the path she discovered that has helped thousands of people live a more ... Read More »

Ep 75 – How to Follow a Dream When You Lack Clarity

Thursday Aug 22, 2019 - by

If you’re ready to solve a problem or make a dream happen, but are having trouble getting clear…you’re about to learn something today that will make you UNSTOPPABLE! There are so many great nuggets of ... Read More »

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